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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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Want to see wife's texts and emails and whatever she is up to?

I have been married for 21 years and last summer my wife started hanging out with a couple of her younger female co workers. Ever since, she gets nervous when she gets text messages. The Co workers transferred to different cities. If my wife is on the phone (text messaging) and I walk in, she hurries and turns OFF the phone, and says, it was my sister, I will text her later! so you can see why I am nervous about what she is doing. I am not that computer smart so I need someone to help me set up some kind of app or something so I can see what her old messages are or the new ones coming in. I would like to be able to see what she is typing and see whom is she sending her messages to and what they are typing. My wife has an iPhone and I got a Galaxy 4, both carriers are Sprint. I would like to view everything from my office computer so when I am at work she feels completely safe to text whom ever and I see everything, without her knowledge. Can you help?

The very best thing you can do is have a conversation with your wife about your concerns. If she has nothing to hide, she'll be able to help you get over your fears without you having to spy on her. If she is up to something, you'll be able to directly confront her and avoid stooping to her level - sure to help you in the ensuing arguments and fights.

If you're unable or unwilling to have this conversation with your wife, you can install TheTruthSpy to her iPhone. You should be able to view her correspondence by doing so.

Wife was caught embezzling money from the business accounts, I found it, it has been going on for years, its prob over 4.5 million, how can I get access to her email account?

Wife was caught embezzling money from the business accounts, I found it, it has been going on for years, its prob over 4.5 million, how can I get access to her email account?

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I am wondering if there is an actual way to retrieve text messages both deleted incoming and out?

Need to retrieve text message conversations from my phone fast, wondering if this is where I can get it, and if there is a possible way also to get recordings from phone conversations. I have tried: I tried calling the carrier. I think it was caused by: My husband somehow got my text and conversations sent to his Gmail and I would like to see what he is looking at since it has caused issues in my marriage. It's my phone, and I have no time to waste.

He has a spy app on your phone. So he has the recorded calls if he used an app like Highster Mobile. You can also trust that he has the deleted messages because even those get sent to the Control Panel. If you have been cheating, then he has most likely caught you. But you should get in his face and ask him why he felt the need to be so invasive if you have done nothing wrong. But because he had that spy app, he has all your social media data, emails, phone calls and SMS. Since he is claiming that he has phone call recordings, he used a trusted app like OwnSpy, Spyera or Phonty.

How to install the sniffer tool on my computer to monitor text and calls on my girlfriend cell?

How to install the sniffer tool on my computer to monitor text and calls on my girlfriend cell?

Any WiFi sniffing tools will not track SMS messages. You will need to install a spy app on her phone and each spy app website has different means of installing the spy app. You will be able to monitor the SMS from your PC because the spyware website will give you a Control Panel link to access.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I think my boyfriend is either talking back with his ex or some other female and he has these weird text that comes up on his phone as just like 5 #s sent it to him. He tends to have a problem Factory Resetting his phone. He does it at least 4 maybe 5 tim

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My daughter's husband hacked her texts?

My daughter and her husband are separated. He has her old iPhone. She recently discovered that he has been able to read all her text messages. How is this possible and how can she stop this from continuing?

He has her apple ID details and she did not sign out of her Apple ID from that phone. Your daughter needs to either get that phone and sign out of the Apple Account on that phone. She needs to go into messages setting to sign out there and if FaceTime is on that phone then she also needs to sign out under that. Apple Support has an option to sign in and remove a device online and if she can remove it this way that would be great. This way she would not have to touch the phone.

How can I recover deleted SMS, as well as call details with voice, recorded call?

How can I recover deleted SMS as well as call details with voice recorded call

Phonty and OwnSpy can record calls from the phone you target with the spy app. You can record all calls or select specific phone numbers to record. Deleted SMS will be sent to the Control Panel in the original message form so they can remove all they want, but you will still be able to see the messages.

I need to find out what is going on men this is killing me?

OK I got my girl in Ohio and we are working things out but she always got excuses for everything, every time I tell her I want to go and visit she always comes with something, I can't and when we text she just let me hanging. I'm getting tired of this because I love her but I want to move on either we fix it or I need to know what really is going on. We got a 3 year old boy together, I'm just feeling like is something she is not telling me because every time she needs money she is texting me, and be more sweet than normal... I have tried: I really haven't tried anything. I just want to know if she is really waiting or what is going on so I can either work hard in things or move on without questions. I think it was caused by: I don't know but I always suspect from the guy next door of her house

It is time for a surprise visit. Hang back and do not tell her that you are there in Ohio. Take a day or two to ask her where she is etc and see if she is telling you the truth. You share a child together so you should do everything you can to repair the relationship. Once you are there you can install a spy app on her phone if you caught nothing in the first few days. If she is not cheating it is obvious that you both have communication issues. She is distancing herself and maybe being apart in a Long Distance Relationship is no longer healthy if you want the relationship to survive.

My husband use Craigslist and I caught him?

He said he never contact them but I know he deleted his texts

^^ Husband of this person asking this question. (Joking). So you have caught him on Craigslist and you definitely need to get a spy app installed on his phone. Apps like Highster Mobile will be able to retrieve the deleted messages before you installed the app as long as they have not been overwritten. Once the app is active then even if he deletes a message you will still see the original content.

My husbands email account I need to read for evidence?

I suspect my husband of cheating and I want to read his emails but I don't have his password.. . he is threatening me with violence and I'm very scared.. . I know his sister is up to something with him as she is getting money from him.. . I need some evidence of this for my solicitor. . I need some assistance in finding this as I am at the end of my rope. I am very nervous and need help.

I have tried for days to find help with no luck. I have tried: I have been on you tube to find a hack, I have tried to but programmes but my card details won't go.

I have been at my computer for days. I think it was caused by: Maybe US sites and my debit card just won't work.

I just don't know what to do

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