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Cinnamon has been well known as a flavor-enhancer to many foods, particularly pastries and many other types of desserts. In terms of flexibility, cinnamon may be added to various types of food, not only sweets. Even Mexican food which is known to be usually spicy actually is complemented well by cinnamon. What's even better with this is aside from the enjoyable flavor that it adds to dishes, cinnamon helps cure or relieve a lot of illnesses as well. Cinnamon has been a popular pain reliever within ancient practices, tracing back to China, Sri Lanka, and Egypt in particular.

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Anatomy of Pain

An unpleasant feeling is often associated with pain, especially when the area is not numb. The damage in the body does not have to be actual all the time. In some cases, even if it's just a potential damage, there are relevant sensory pain felt as well.

Pain can also be considered as the body's own defense mechanism. It leads the body to withdraw from whatever is causing the pain, such as having the reflex to immediately pull your hand away from fire when you feel burnt. At the same time, during healing process, increase levels of pain indicate that the body is recuperating from whatever caused the pain in the first place.

Furthermore, because of pain, people are compelled to seek for consultation with the doctor. Pain is the first indication that something wrong might be going on in the body that interferes with the normal functions.

Classifications of Pain

  1. 1
    Acute Pain and Chronic Pain
    This is the type of pain classified according to onset.  
    1. Acute pain, as the word implies, occurs suddenly, often without warning. It usually last much shorter than other types of pains.
    2. Chronic Pain usually occurs longer and at times resists medical treatments and medications. Long-term illnesses are often associated here, such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.
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  2. 2
    Nociceptive Pain and Neuropathic Pain
    This is the type of pain classified according to the kind of damage that brought about the pain.  
    1. Nociceptive pain is brought about by tissue damage. Majority of pain experienced is actually caused by this.
    2. Neuropathic pain is brought about by nerve damage. Nerve damages are commonly an aftereffect of another physiological problem, such as diabetes, stroke, or infection.
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Why is Cinnamon an Effective Pain Reliever?

Cinnamon can alleviate pain mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Its component cinnamaldehyde acts as a regulator for the platelets' clumping activities. It prevents unnecessary clotting that leads to sore muscles and joints and pains all over the body. A small intake of cinnamon would then help a lot in alleviating minor aches and pains, even headaches because of better blood circulation.

Steps to Follow to Use Cinnamon as Pain Reliever

Here are steps on how to take advantage of this amazing power of cinnamon in relieving pain:

  1. 1
    1. Indulge in the sweet smell of cinnamon. This scent alone can help alleviate pain because of the relaxing aroma that it brings. Cinnamon in powder form usually has a stronger scent compared to cinnamon sticks.
    2. Headaches, especially those associated with colds and flu, are easily remedied with a spoonful of cinnamon combined with hot food or drinks. Cinnamon itself soothes the nasal passages and sinuses, which consequently leads to decongestion and alleviation of related headache.
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    Sore Throat
    1. Take sips of hot green tea or ginger tea with cinnamon. This will pamper your senses and the cinnamon would act immediately to deal with inflammations of the throat.
    2. Start your meal with hot corn soup flavored with cinnamon and enjoy the aroma as you spoon through it.
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    Body Ache
    1. Go for a massage and use cinnamon-scented body oils and candles. Not only will this bring cinnamaldehyde into action, it will also help in relaxation which usually creates a positive feeling in the body that results to less pains.
    2. Add up cinnamon into your protein shake taken after a heavy workout.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Do not rely on cinnamon alone if you know for a fact that you are experiencing pain because of a medical condition.
  • If you are taking medications, it is best to consult your doctor to check whether these medications would contraindicate with the consumption of cinnamon. Although there are not too much risks in terms of this because cinnamon is organic and just equivalent to food, it is still better to check with the doctor to ensure that there are will be no adverse reactions.
  • Persistent pain that does not get relieved with the intake of cinnamon should immediately be taken to a doctor for further diagnosis. Never self-medicate.
  • Patients with hormonal imbalance related headaches and body pains should be more cautious. There may be other forms of treatment required to alleviate pain, aside from taking cinnamon only.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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