Understand Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Understand and Explore Skyhold

The first time you come to Skyhold, your ultimate home base in Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will likely be overwhelmed by the myriad of options that are immediately laid before you. You have a map that technically shows where everything is, but the castle has multiple floors, basements, and a wide variety of areas that are packed into every nook and cranny. You can of course explore and spend a great deal of time becoming intimately familiar with it all, but if you are looking for a quicker way to see everything Skyhold has to offer then look no further than this guide. There are some spoilers in this guide, but it is kept to a minimum.

This Skyhold guide is broken up into the following segments:

  • An explanation of the first version (Fledgling Skyhold) of Skyhold, where most of the castle is still closed off
  • The complete and ever expanding version of Skyhold with an overview map that labels and shows each area
  • A breakdown of each individual section of the castle and what, or who, is found there
  • Some final tips and notes about what you can do in or with Skyhold

Fledgling Skyhold

When you arrive at Skyhold for the very first time you will find it to be expansive and full of places to explore, but it is also very limited. The castle is continually under construction throughout the game and shortly after you first arrive the majority of the castle opens up to you, but when you first get there you are missing quite a few rooms and options. The only areas you have access to when you first arrive are:

  • The Courtyard
  • The Throne Room
  • The War Room
  • The Garden
  • The Undercroft
  • The Battlements
  • The Training Grounds

Everything else will open up after you do any event, even if it just leaving the castle to go somewhere for a short while or judging a prisoner during one of those specific events. It doesn't take long for Skyhold to open up and once it does can you find everything described in the next two sections.

Overview of Skyhold

This is a map of Skyhold Castle and all of the major areas in it. Since the castle has multiple floors some of the areas seem to overlap, but in the next section that explains each area individually you can see what floor it is on and where it is in relation to other nearby areas, while also explaining what can be found in each area. Look at this map for a general overview of the area:

DragonAgeInquisition Skyhold Map.jpg

Note - If the map is too small to read in your browser, simply click on the image and it will let you open it up larger in higher resolution. This is done through right clicking on it or left clicking on it until it opens as just the image.

Skyhold by Individual Section

Throne Room

DAI Throne Room.jpg

Fast Travel Point: Yes

Companions: Varric and Vivienne

Facilities: Throne

This is the central point of your castle and as scaffoldings are taken down, rooms open up and agents of in the Inquisition fill your castle you will find it is a room you are always travelling through. Other than two companions and a convenient fast travel stone, this is also where you go to judge prisoners (a quest marker will pop up on the throne itself whenever this is available). There are also a few named NPCs here, like the Dwarven architect who deals with the mosaic tiles you collect. This area does have two floors and on the second floor is where you can find Vivienne's area.

War Room

DAI War Room.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: War Table

The War Room is where you go to travel, send agents on missions, and discuss story based missions with Leliana, Cullen, Cassandra and Josephine. There isn't much more to do there, but it is a very important room and is located directly off of the Throne Room.


DAI Garden.jpg

Fast Travel Point: Yes

Companions: None

Facilities: Flower Pots

  • Upgrade-able area

The Garden is an area you should constantly visit between your adventures. Located off the Throne Room, this area has flower pots that allow you to plant seeds of any plant you've found along your way. You can't get seeds until you've unlocked the Garden and all it requires is that you harvest a plant like normal, and there will be a small chance that you will get a seed with it. Initially there are three flower pots you can use to plant seeds, rare and common plants, and you can come back periodically to harvest them. This area can be upgraded. You can upgrade the garden or turn the garden into a chantry. The chantry upgrade will give you gold periodically, while the garden upgrade will add three additional flower pots. On top of all of this there are some named NPCs who are exclusively found here.


DAI Library.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: Dorian and Solas

Facilities: Research Table

The Library will at first look like a massive circular room with three different floors, but the top floor is separated from the rest since it is the Rookery. The 1st floor is Solas' room and it has doors to Throne Room, the second floor, and out to the Guard Tower and Battlements. The 2nd floor has the actual library, which has several readable scrolls and books on top of the research table, Dorian, and multiple named NPCs. It's an important area that is easy to spend a lot of time in.


DAI Rookery.jpg

Fast Travel Point: Yes

Companions: None

Facilities: None

At the top of library, technically the third floor of the area, is the Rookery. Here you can find Leliana, the spymaster, a fast travel point, several scrolls to read and a small battlement/balcony area that gives you a great view of the castle. This area is called the Rookery because it is where Leliana sends out birds to deliver messages, so it is filled with cages, birds and a variety of things hanging from the ceiling. There isn't much to see here, but it has some nice cosmetic touches.


DAI Quarters.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: None

Another completely cosmetic area is the Quarters. These are the personal quarters for your character and they are visually pleasant, and there are times when you may have events that take place here, but for the most part you do nothing here and can't do anything other than hang out on the balcony to look down at Skyhold from your lovely tower.


DAI Undercroft.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: Crafting Stations and Skyhold Customization Station

This small area is directly off of the Throne Room and it is mainly where you craft weapons or armor and modify them. There is also a Skyhold Customization Station here that lets you change a variety of cosmetic aspects of Skyhold, like the banners, windows, the throne and a few other options. The majority of those cosmetic options are unlocked via items that are all over the world. Initially you cannot do Rune Crafting here, which is how you attach runes to weapons or create new runes, but pretty early on you can use the war table to unlock that option through a mission called Acquire the Arcanist.


DAI Kitchen.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: None

The Kitchens are a purely cosmetic area that is merely a room that bridges the gap between the Vault and the Stables. It does have some NPCs who you can eavesdrop on, which leads to some talking points with Cole, but otherwise there isn't much to see there.


DAI Vault.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: Collection Storage

The Vault is accessible from the Throne Room, to right and down the stairs before you enter Josephine's area (before the War Room), or through the Kitchens. It is mostly a cosmetic area, but there is a dusty old library down there with a few books to read and an area that collects all of those weird knickknacks you find throughout the world, like the bottles you can only locate with the search tool.


DAI Tavern.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: Iron Bull, Cole, Sera

Facilities: None

This lively area has three floors, three companions, a minstrel and several named NPCs that you can converse with. Iron Bull is found on the first floor, Sera on the second floor and Cole on the third floor. However, Cole and Sera move into this area after a short period of time and are not inside when you first arrive at Skyhold. There is plenty to do at the Tavern.


DAI Stables.jpg

Fast Travel Point: Yes

Companions: Blackwall

Facilities: Merchants

This area is far more than the Stables, but is generally called that the whole area. Here you can find Blackwall, who resides in the barn next to the actual stables, and several merchants outside who sell a variety of items. Some of these merchants will move in here after certain events, but you can always buy new mounts here at a bulletin board right next to the horses. From here you can go to the Courtyard, the Battlements and the Kitchens.


DAI Courtyard.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: None

  • Upgrade-able area

What can you do at the Courtyard? Nothing unfortunately. This is where the infirmary is, the main gate and a few NPCs. Mainly this is just a junction that leads to several other areas, like the Tavern, Training Grounds or the Stables, but it is upgrade-able. You can turn the Courtyard into a focused infirmary or a practice yard. This upgrade costs quite a few resources, can be done through the requisition table by the training grounds (or any requisition table), will give you +1 power for completing it and it is purely cosmetic.


DAI Dungeon.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: Prison Cells

The dungeon is a small area accessible from the training grounds/courtyard. It is a small door directly beneath the Garden and the area has quite a few cells and a single guard. There is normally nothing to be found here, because for some reason even the prisoners you judge never seem to actually show up down there (could be a bug), but sometimes a man named Lord Trifles Minutiae will show up down there, a man who has been dubbed The Quizquisition. He can show up very many places around the castle, usually after a major story event, and he will ask you questions related to the lore of Dragon Age. If you answer correctly you get a prize. This is the only reason to ever check the Dungeon.

Guard Tower

DAI Guard Tower.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: None

  • Upgrade-able area

The Guard Tower is the third and last upgrade-able area, but it is a purely cosmetic upgrade that merely gives you +1 power for completing it. Everything about the Guard Tower is purely cosmetic. It is located on the Battlements and it doesn't have any real purpose other than it should be there, functionally, and it looks nice. The two upgrade options are: a Mage tower or a Templar tower.


DAI Battlements.jpg

Fast Travel Point: No

Companions: None

Facilities: None

Like the Guard Tower, the Battlements are there just because they should be, but it is also a place where several NPCs are located and some of them are important. For instance, when it is time to pick your class specialization you can find the three NPCs responsible for that (after you unlock it on the War Table) on the south-west side of the Battlements.

Training Grounds

DAI Training Grounds.jpg

Fast Travel Point: Yes

Companions: Cassandra

Facilities: Armory and Quartermaster

The Training Grounds should really be part of the Courtyard and do feel like they are, but it is mainly the area right behind the Tavern. This is where Cassandra is training all the time and where the armory and quartermaster is. The armory is a purely cosmetic area with one or two scrolls to read, while the quartermaster's area is where you can fill requisitions and talk to a few NPCs. There isn't much to do in the area, but you can fast travel there.

Final Tips

There are three stages to Skyhold. The first stage is when you first arrive, then shortly after it will enter stage two (which is what stage most of the screenshots are in with scaffolds and construction equipment laying around), and stage three. Stage three can be reached quickly by completing one major quest after you reach Skyhold.

Other than that one note, there isn't much more to say about Skyhold. It is your home, so check it out, see what each section contains and explore it at a leisurely pace so you don't get burnt out on the wealth of content contained within those walls.


General Information:

  • Skyhold - Dragonage.wikia.com[1]


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