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Some women may have a few issues when it comes to turning their guy on, or coaxing him to engage with her intimately. If you've ever had that problem, read on to find out what you can do to turn your guy on.

This 'How To' may help you to turn on your new guy, or even rekindle a flame between you and your boyfriend or husband. It's not unusual for women to lose the ability to turn their man on after being with them for a long period of time. If you're still interested in your man, it's not too late to add a bit of fuel to the fire. It isn't actually that difficult to turn a man on. Follow these steps to re-ignite the flame, or light the flame in the case of a brand new relationship. These suggestions are not intended for poachers going after someone else's man, although they will work, so please use this guide wisely and respectfully.


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    Use your body language to flirt with the guy
    This is your most powerful weapon for trying to turn on a man. Your body speaks volumes. Body language is often more honest than words, words that are not always necessary. The way you toss your hair, move your hips, lean over to hear his quiet words, touch his arm - all these things are very useful when trying to turn on a man. Using your body as a way to communicate desire can get a man hot and bothered way faster than words. Although you may not even need talk at all, words are also effective, and a combination of the two things will probably work best.  
    1. Men are very aroused by eyes. A gaze, a glance, a smile hiding behind your eyes all these things will turn a guy on effectively. There is definitely a technique to this. Hold his eyes just a moment longer than necessary, but don't stare so long, that he becomes uncomfortable or worse, afraid. Glance at your man, catch his eye, and hold the gaze for just a little bit longer than you normally would. If you feel uncomfortable, then so will he. The gaze is sexy because it shows that you are not shy or afraid to look at him. So much emotion can be communicated through the eyes.
    2. Be brazen, and show your body entirely. This has nothing to do with taking your clothes off, although that would probably work, but has more to do with sending an invitation to your man that he may admire your body entirely. Don't cross your arms or legs - just let your body be open in a beautiful display for him to admire. There is nothing wrong with your guy staring, for he is just admiring everything before him. If you cross your arms or legs then you are hiding the masterpiece from his view. Think of crossing your arms as putting a sheet over a great painting, let him become aroused by you without hindrance.
    3. Tease him by the way you touch your own body. Play with your hair, touch your skin, lick or bite your lips all these things will get his attention, and increase your sexuality in his mind. Make him want to be the one touching your soft skin, your silky hair kissing your lips..
    4. Play with your accessories in front of him. If you have a necklace on, play with your necklace near your cleavage to get him to look in that direction. Playing with a scarf or undoing one of the buttons on your blouse will work, but make sure they are subtle things; sensual things not too obvious.
    5. Make physical contact with the guy, even if you just brush up against him or touch his hand gently in conversation. It's very arousing for a man to feel your skin touching his skin. If you are sitting together, or out for dinner, letting your leg wander into his space, just grazing his let with yours, or touching his leg. Sometimes, when you do this just for a moment, and then take move away again, it because a bit of a tease, and tantalizing. It will make him crave more touches from you. Just make sure, this is what you want. It is never right to do things like this if you aren't serious.
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    Whisper suggestive, romantic or loving things to him
    This will get his mind racing and his blood boiling. Be flirty, even dirty, but make sure he's the kind of guy who responds to dirty...some do not. If you are in public, whisper what you'd like to do to him, and what you'd like him to do to you. That should work nicely. If you are already in a private place, you can say all those things as loud as you want, but probably best not to frighten him by shouting. Taking a bit dirty to him might excite him a side of you he hasn't seen. If you don't think he's the 'dirty talk' kind of guy, just be sweet and romantic. Regardless of what you say make sure that you say flirty or dirty, mean what you say. It won't work if the things you're telling him you'd like to do to him, you actually wouldn't. Be honest. Don't promise anything you really don't want to do. When talking dirty, there are certain things you should consider:  
    1. Start small. Keep the dirty talk to a minimum at first. Say a few things, but going too far, too fast will feel a bit silly to both of you. When you flirt with him, make sure to keep it fun and not too serious. Leave room to increase the intensity when you are talking dirty. Give him a little taste to keep him wanting more and more. Also, you won't have invested too much if you realize he's not really into it.
    2. When talking dirty to him, keep eye contact to let him to feel know that you are sincere and you are serious. He wants to know that the things you're telling him, will actually happen.
    3. When talking dirty to him, use a soft voice. Sometimes, a whisper will get you more attention than a shout. A gentle voice will intrigue him more than if you use your regular voice. It will seem like a fantasy is being offered to him.
    4. If you tease while you're talking dirty, he will probably tease you, and flirt back. The comments, and looks and dirty talk will move back and forth between you. Treat it as game; a light-hearted fun way to seduce your guy.
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    Be confident when you are flirting with your man
    Confidence is a powerful aphrodisiac for a man and a woman. If you are unsure of yourself in the dirty talk department, it's probably best not to do it. He will know you are unsure, and it will feel more embarrassing for him, than erotic. Technically, flirting and talking dirty are pretty courageous acts, and you will not have to demonstrate your confidence to him, as your actions will speak for you. Confidence with your own sexuality, makes a man think you are confident in every other area of your life. Men are very susceptible to flirting. But more than this being about snagging a guy, it's important to rekindle something you may have lost with your man. Sometimes, after flirting with your man, you can hold him off for a while longer. This will make him desire you even more. Brazen. Bold. Confident. If you're going to use flirting, and talking dirty to get the guy, you need to be those things when you do it. It may be important to remember that if a man knows they can have you any time they want, it's less interesting than if there is a bit of a challenge.
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    Kissing can turn a guy on instantly if done the right way
    If you aren't a good kisser, or you don't have much experience, it may not be your best tool to start a fire. Some people jump to the French kiss, but the French kiss takes a lot of practice to perfect. Some people don't like to have a tongue in their mouth at the beginning of a kiss. It's something to work up to. Anything you need to know about the lovemaking skills of your partner, you can learn in the kiss. If the lips are cold and tight, the lovemaking will likely be the same. If the lips are soft, and the kiss is gentle, becoming more and more intense - passionate, that's what people look for in kissing. It's foreplay...a sign of things to come. People always believe a kiss leads to sex, and it usually does. Many prostitutes will not kiss their customers, as they find kissing more intimate than making love, and they don't want to be completely intimate with their clients. Try not to be too forceful in your kissing, as it can be a bit of a turn off. Instead, try to match his kissing, like a dance. When you both feel the kiss buzz through your bodies igniting some kind of beautiful electricity you're doing it right.
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Questions and Answers

How can I turn a guy on through text?

He likes to use SMS and Facebook messages to flirt. How can I flirt back and make him want me?. I have tried: I have tried sending him gif's and emoji.. I think it was caused by: We are both very busy so I want to turn him on while we are online.

GIF images and emoji icons will have no effect on your partner. You will have to turn on your imagination and everything from your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic perception to describe a situation that would excite his senses in full. Try to go in as much detail as possible and leave some space for imagination by either asking a question or offering him to continue. Flirt can manifest a lot of its facets: from superficial and innocuous to something wild and indomitable. Ask him about his most secret fantasies. Share yours. Tell him how you would like to spend an evening in a small cafe and then in a room. Show your feelings and passion with minutiae. Men love reading details, and everything you write might be even "felt" by them. Always remember that you can "suddenly touch his hand with yours" (no emotion) or "in a measured but assured manner reach out for the book behind his shoulder, as he is ensconced relaxed on the divan, and drop the book inadvertently only to slide your fingertips along his forearm and cease your motion only to discover how puissant his arms are" (the man will ask to go on). Develop your thought, play with emotion like fire, and make him feel its heat.

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