Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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With current advanced high power smartphones, and the 3G, 4G implementation, and the increasing desire of parents to monitor their children's whereabouts a huge variety of spying and monitoring applications for Android OS and iOS (iPhone's) are being developed and launched on the market. These can also be used for checking up on a child but also to check up on a suspected cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend,

Spyware and security monitoring software comes in varying levels from well-known anti-virus companies, and from well-known providers also like T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Serious spyware apps typically come from smaller developers. In this wiki we cover both the larger well known companies with moderate spy capabilities and the lesser known aggressive spyware programs.


Phone tracking services from well-known providers/carriers

This option best suites parents who need to keep track of their children. Or it can be used for children to find their parents etc. Serious spy programs are covered in the next section


T-Mobile FamilyWhere

safely and finder

  • Suitable for all mobiles, and not GPS dependent.
  • It depends on their 4G network to locate the targeted family mobile and pin it to a map.
  • Kids can share with parents their location (to show how responsible they are) using the free Check-In. Kids can use any available network, to send their location, not just T-Mobile.
  • You can also schedule automated checks on target mobile. If you have a pre-defined schedule, like when kids are home after basketball practice or school, then you can set that timing to automatic check.
  • It comes with a free 30-day trial, and costs $9.99/month.
  • You can use online tracking by logging into
  • You can locate a maximum of 10 accounts (lines) on a single FamilyWhere account.

AT&T FamilyMap.png

AT&T FamilyMaps


  • Depends on the AT&T network. Sends an SMS to the person being tracked, informing him of being tracked.
  • Tracking can be done using PC or a mobile device.
  • Can be set to send an automated SMS to parents or the monitoring person to inform them of the monitored person's location.
  • Uses GPS and tower triangling to locate monitored device on map.
  • Not supported for prepaid nor for AT&T Go plans.

Sprint Family.jpg

Sprint Family Locator


  • Password protected to prevent non-authorized locating of monitored persons.
  • Utilizes satellite maps with real time interaction.
  • Automatic notification of monitored person's location on pre-defined days.

Spy App from Third Party Developers

Stealth Genie.png

Stealth Genie


  • Available for Android OS, iOS (iPhone), and BBM.
  • Record calls, both incoming and outgoing. View call history log of the monitored device.
  • View SMS, both sent and received, and redirect SMS.
  • View emails, both sent and received.
  • View Contacts and Calendar, plus the task log.
  • Alert and notify on SIM change, suspicious words, suspicious numbers.
  • Lock and wipe phone, and view installed apps.

Life 360.jpg

Life360 Family locator

life360 and life360

  • Free application, available for Android OS and iOS iPhone.
  • Locate family or monitored person's mobile on map. It works only for those invited devices.
  • Control whether to share location or not.
  • Alert if monitored device is in certain location.
  • Track a lost or even stolen device.
  • Also has a panic button, which will send a call, email, or SMS with your current GPS coordinates to everyone registered in your Life360 account.
  • Save all most frequently visited locations.

Family Tracker iphone.png

Family Tracker


  • Costs $4.99, from Google Play Store ( and it has both Android OS and iOS (iPhone) versions.
  • Sends a "Stealth Ping" to force automatic location updates to the tracked device, and is not noticeable be the user of tracked device.
  • Can track devices over the web.
  • Tablet compatible.
  • Uses any locating method available: GPS, Wi-Fi, SIM Tower triangulating.
  • No limitation of tracked devices.
  • In Pro version, you can view history data of locations on the map.

Security monitoring programs from well-known anti-virus programs

Norton Family.png

Norton Family from Norton Antivirus

  • Available for both Android OS and iOS. Premium version is available only for Android OS.
  • Monitor what websites your monitored mobile has visited (only for Android OS).
  • Activity shown for seven days (on Premium for 90 days).
  • On the Premium version, you also get the following features: Emailed activity reports for weekly and monthly spans, video monitoring (where you watch monitored online video viewing).

When your guy checks your email and text

Guys, like girls, have the tendency to check their girl's email or text messages. It is instinctive to be curious. Who isn't? But being curious beyond boundaries can be fatal to every relationship. On the other hand, both parties should allow or be able to check his or her partner's email or text messages on a regular basis. When you don't have anything to hide, trust for each other remains strong. Remember, honesty and communication are cardinal for a healthy relationship. However, if your guy is habitually checking or snooping your text or email and it makes you feel uncomfortable, it is time to have a heart to heart talk with your guy without making him feel that you are hiding something.

  1. 1
    Set the time for a sincere talk, perhaps while having a cup of coffee or after dinner
    Get ready for the conversation by asking yourself these three questions:  
    1. Are you giving him reasons to do such thing?
    2. Do you spend intimate moments with him as often as before?
    3. Are you less communicative than usual?
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  2. 2
    If you think nothing has changed
    Reassure him that you are still 100 percent committed to him. And then, let him know on how you feel. Be as honest as you can. If you are hurt by his actions, let him know.
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  3. 3
    Give him time to talk, and listen to every detail that he has to say
    Allow him to express his true feelings. Hear his intentions, doubts and get to the root of the cause on why he has to snoop around. Believe it or not, actual experience from friends can trigger your partner to do the same. When he is done talking, settle the issue.
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  4. 4
    Once you agree on the root of the issue, find the solution to extinguish it
    Doubts, suspicion or uncertainty can breach the trust. Always remind each other about the importance of trust. Let him know that he can ask you straight in case of doubt and you will do the same in case you feel uncertain. Find out the truth from each other, rather than from someone else. Accusing your partner of doing something bad is not good and it is offensive. Open communication is always the key for a serious relationship to last longer. In this way, you will help him to stop spying on you, unless he is just naturally snoopy. Do your best to keep the relationship healthy and happy.
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How to not get Located With FamilyWhere App?


FamilyWhere is a sophisticated means to track your loved ones. It is a very advantageous mobile tracking application for people who want to have peace of mind when it comes to their loved ones' safety. It works best for parents and couples. However, there are times when people don't want to be tracked, perhaps because of privacy or safety reasons. Not everyone wants to be monitored all the time. This is when the need to disappear from FamilyWhere comes into the picture. To prevent being tracked by FamilyWhere, you have to do the basic thing —- turn your phone off and remove the battery. Simply turning the phone off won't guarantee that you will not be tracked at all. This won't enable you to use your phone for a while if you really don't want to be tracked. Once you decide that it's okay for you to be tracked again, just simply place your battery back into your phone and turn it on.

On Life360, can I read messages?

Life360 chat messages-ermin.jpg

Yes, if you are referring to reading messages from your members in a Circle, you can actually read anyone's messages as long as you are part of their Circle. You can also chat one-on-one with a member in your Circle, or even with all people in a certain Circle. The only time you cannot read someone's message is when you are not part of his or her group. Likewise, someone cannot read your message if he or she is not part of your Circle. Take note that only Circle members can see each other's messages and locations. But you cannot read someone else's messages sent particularly to another member of your circle, unless the message was sent to all members of the circle.

If you are referring to getting into one's phone's inbox and read his or her messages, it is absolutely impossible. Life360 Family Locator is an app, so you are only allowed to read messages sent to you by one of your members in a particular Circle only in the app.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • More and more of those spying and tracking applications are out there every day.
  • Most of those applications are trying to target any devices' OS are out there in the market, like Android OS, iOS (iPhone), BBM (BlackBerry Mobiles), and some even target Java OS, Symbian's, etc.
  • Depending on your needs and the features you require, you can choose the app that best fits you.
  • Some are small apps for tracking only, not spying on SMS, emails, or IMs on apps like Whatsapp or Viber. Most of those are free, and you can download and try them, like MobileTracker Agent (
  • Tracking your family member, such as your kids, is okay if you are doing it to keep them safe. Tracking a wife or husband without their knowing is a tricky matter, but if you have a convincing reason, you can do it. Still, it is generally best to lay your doubts on the table and confront them, rather than sneak around and spy on them.

Questions and Answers

What app lets you read girlfriends' text messages?

For Android users, you can download the application called Secret SMS Replicator. Every time there is an incoming message to your girlfriend's phone, a copy will be sent to your phone.

What app is free and unnoticeable to download on cheating boyfriend's phone?

A cheating boyfriend can be a major problem in a relationship. You can't be with them 24/7, so a spy app can be helpful. One app you may want to check is the "Track My Cheating Boyfriend" app.

Free ways to spy on an AT&T iPhone?

Many people are having a hard time installing and succeeding in their cellphone spy software system, especially with the AT&T network. Here are some apps to help you spy on an AT&T iPhone:

  • Mobile Spy
  • SpyBubble
  • PhoneSheriff
  • Spyera
  • SpyCalls
  • Flexispy
  • Cellcontrol
  • Mobistealth
  • PhoneBeagle

What app will let you snoop through your girlfriends text?

One cool app that you can use is the Hello Spy app. It is hard to detect and can track all text messages on your girlfriend's phone. Besides SMS, you can also track her Viber messages, and all photos that have been captured from her phone.

I want an app to spy on my boyfriend text message while laying next to him?

Spy on Your Boyfriend is a free app from Google Play that you can use to spy on your boyfriend's text messages without even picking his phone up. This application would not work in every wireless service. You should be reminded though that this is illegal in some states. Before you go ahead and make use of the app, be sure this is what you really want to do.

Will call back on 360 anti virus work for text messages?

Anyone part of the circle/group will be able to read each other's text messages. There is a more detail explanation to this on the this article, specifically on this section for Life360.

Does family where text every time you check location?

As long as the one bringing the phone will enable sharing of location, then family where will send text everytime a user checks into a location. You can also enable FamilyWhere to automatically send messages based on preset schedule.

Free programs to view children's text and calls?

For Android users, Children Tracker Beta from Google Play may be downloaded. It not only monitors calls and texts of your children, but also their browsing activities.

How to keep my phone from being located by FamilyWhere?

You can go ahead and turn off your phone when you are not using it. Your phone can only be tracked when you make or receive a call or SMS. You also have to check on your phone for any signs of eavesdropping. If your battery drains really fast and you hear unexplained noise when you are using it, consult your provider for any possible tracking or monitoring of your phone.

Is there a free app I can download on my boyfriend's phone to spy on his SMS and calls but him not know?

Google Play launched an app that can track your boyfriend's calls and SMS, and it is called Rastreador de Namorados. Translated in English, it is called Boyfriend Tracker. While it still is is illegal in most countries, tracking other people's phones is becoming a little more accepted in some places.

What app can I download in the Play Store to spy on my kids without them knowing?

Many applications have been developed to help you keep track of your kids' cellphone usage. Spying on your kids' cellphone lets you know what's up and new with them. You have lots of things to worry about your kids. The older they get, the more many kids want to push their parents out of their lives. One popular app you could download in the Play Store is Text Watcher Message Spy. In this app, you may see and check with whom your kids are sending and receiving text messages. Spying on your kids' cellphone can be very time consuming and you don't want to lose your kids' trust. You will want to make them feel you are a friend and a shoulder to cry on, and you need them to feel they can open up about their personal matters.

How to check your boyfriends text messages without taking his phone?

If you are an android user, you could try the "spy on your boyfriend" app or the "secret SMS" app. Both apps don't work on all wireless services and hence, make sure it is compatible with your device before you download it. Also, ask him for his phone. If he doesn't let you look through, may be he is conning you. If you are using an iphone, download bosspy software. Download mspy and you will have access to his IMs on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and SMSes.

Can someone spy on you by sending a virus through a text message or email?

Yes, this is possible. In order to prevent it, don't open suspicious links or call back on unknown numbers.

How to look at your girlfriends text messages that's not an android or ipod?

You can download mspy which works on nearly all Operating Systems. You can also download a software from on your windows PC and read the messages on the computer. However, it would be a good idea to trust your girlfriend and talk it out with her.

How to spy on boyfriends phone without needing his phone?

You can do so by downloading mspy, spy on your boyfriend or secret sms app on your android device. You can use bosspy software for iOS. If you have a windows PC, use There are professional cell phone tracking companies as well. However, it is a good idea to trust him and confront him directly with whatever issues you have. It might be your own insecurities.

Which tracking apps can I install that my girlfriend won't know about ?

You can install mspy or secret SMS for android, bosspy for iOS and you can use on a window's PC. You can also use a GPS tracker if you like. However, you might consider trusting her and talking things out with her. Also, tracking other people's phones without court orders is invasion of privacy and you might go to jail for the same.

Spy text app that you download to your phone to read your girlfriend's messages?

The common apps that are used to spy are mspy, Secret SMS, bosspy and You can use one of these. However, why not ask your girlfriend directly for the phone? If she's got nothing to hide, she'll give it to you.

T-moble familywhere does the person know there being tracked?

Yes, a person on familywhere knows that he or she is being monitored. One can also opt out of it manually and choose to not be tracked.

What can you do to spy on your mate using at&t service?

The AT&T service will be of help only if you have court orders. Otherwise, this is illegal and you'll not be able to spy using AT&T service. You can use other apps such as mspy, secret SMS, bosspy etc. You can also use

How to check your boyfriends text messages without taking his phone?

You can download and use trackers such as mspy, bosspy, Secret SMS etc. to read his text messages. There are also professional service providers who will retrieve all the messages from your boyfriend's phone. Remember, this is illegal until and unless there are court orders on your boyfriend's phone. Why not talk to him openly about how you feel?

How to spy on your boyfriends kiks (kik messenger)?

The Chatter catcher apps usually works best for spying on kiks messanger.

how can i turn off text notifications on familywhere?

Go to the alerts section of your familywhere app and turn them off.

See more questions like this: I got a notification on my Gmail that Life360 has been disconnected, I did not even know that it was on my phone

How to keep track of your boyfriends phone?

You can use apps such as mspy, GPS tracker, bosspy and also, to track your boyfriend's phone. Why don't you trust your boyfriend instead?

How do I read all my sons texts without him knowing  ?

The easier way out would be to do it when he is asleep. Other than that, use apps such as mspy, GPS tracker, bosspy and Try using kids place app as well. It doesn't always works for SMSes.

How to retrieve my boyfriends texts from his phone to my phone without downloading a app to his phone?

You can load apps such as mspy, bosspy and to serve your purpose. You can also use the "Secret SMS" app.

Ok so my boyfriends iphone has an app that he can make free calls from can i track him using the app number?

You can track him by using the chatter catcher, GPS tracker and bosspy. You'll not need the app number. If it doesn't work, try punching in the app number into these tracking apps. Also, may be you could trust your boyfriend and if you have an issue, talk it out with him...

How to track message on tmobile for free?

familywhere is the easiest way of tracking anyone on T-Mobile. You can also use or by using mspy.

How to your boyfriend's or girlfriend's message sent to your phone as well as their phone?

You can use Stealth Genie and Family360. The difference between the two applications is that Stealth Genie works one way and will functon without having your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you are monitoring them while Family360 is a two-way sharing application that will need your partner's approval. More of them on the section above that discusses about third party apps.

What spyware app can I install on my daughters phone without her knowing?

I want to install an app on my daughters phone that will send every text, picture, and video from her from her SMS and social media sites and I don't want her to be able to see the app on her phone. What app fits this? ..

How can i see messages in a cell phone without my boyfriend knowing?

There will only be two ways to perform this option which will be for you to install a Spy Application onto your boyfriends phone without him knowing so that you can view the messages at a later time. Also you can look in his phone personally so that you can view the messages that he has in his phone, but these options are the more likely options you will have in this situation.

Sms to express your views with cheating girlfriend?

One easy way that you can give off the hint of your girlfriend cheating without attacking her the wrong way will be for you to express your insecurity and also facts that you have collected in regards to her cheating on you at this current time. It is important that you do not attack her but yet try to get her to sympathize with you which can at times work perfectly when getting her to either confess or treat you better in the relationship.

How do i hide life 360 application and turn off all notifications when tracking in my circle?

One way that you can hide the application on a persons phone will be for you open up the app menu>>>press the menu button>>>select hide applications and from there select the life 360 application. This will hide the application but it will not stop your application from tracking your whereabouts.

How can I look at my fiance text messages and calls without him knowing?

One way to view this information will be for you to gain access to his online account through his phone carrier, all of his details from texts, calls and even voicemails can be retrieved from this online access information.

Can mobistealth monitor kik messages?

No, this software will only track the messages in bytes rather than getting you the full message details because it is an application that uses data rather than the standard texting options on your phone.

App to spy on your boyfriend girlfriend is cheating?

There are many applications you can use in order to spy on your girlfriends messages but the main point you will need to focus on is the ability to gain possession of her phone so that you will be able to download the application:

Cell Phone Spy

Are the main known applications but you will first need to gain access to her device in order to download these apps from either the app store or their website (just add .com at the end of each app).

Is there an app to check my boyfriends call log?

Well there are surely lots of application that is available online in order for you to check your boyfriends call log. But not all of them are free other requires for purchase. Either way you can try these applications if you are using an Android Phone or device.

How can i see if my girl is cheating i want her messages to come to my phone download free from playstore?

There are free spy apps in your app store but some are fake and some cannot manipulate messages. However, there are apps available that can spy on your significant other`s phone perfectly. Mobile Spy is a good software and app that can manipulate one`s phone. You will need to pay for it monthly though. You can check it out here:

Apps on android that lets you look at other peoples text messages?

Apps such as \"Children Tracker\" and \"Mobile Hidden Camera\" will help you do the needful. These apps let you look into all areas of other people`s phones. However, remember that you will be violating someone else`s privacy. You can download the apps from here -

Familywhere will not authorize on my phone app?

This because it is not allowed on all devices depending on the version you are downloading, if you were to provide the model of your device I could point you in the direction where you could in fact find an application to use in order to perform this action.

What android apps really let you see your boyfriends text?

SMSTracker is an application that is located in your android market, the trick to using this application is that you will need to have his phone in order to download the application and monitor the application from your device in order to read the messages.

Android app that tracks text messages and calls without person knowing?

SMSTracker is the best application in the android market that will allow you to trace the person without them knowing that you are tracking their device. The only issue with this application is that you will need to download the application for tracking directly to their device in order for you to being tracking successfully.

On google play a app that let you look at someone else text messages without being by their phone?

There currently is no application that will allow you to track their device without having access to their phone. In the Playstore there are a number of applications that you can use but they will require you to download the application to the persons device.

Free monitoring at&t text messaging and calls?

There are many application in the application store that will allow you to track a persons messages ad call details but you will first need to let me know what device you have in order to guide you to the application that you can download. Also you will need to download the application to the device in order for you to be able to track their details.

An android app to read my girlfriends text messages on a verizon phone?

The service of the person does not matter but the device is that is important in order for me to give you an application to download. You can download the application SMSTracker on their device if they are using an android based device. This application can track any type of phone details but it first must be downloaded to the device for use.

Is there a app I can use to track my girlfriend's sprint text messages without her knowing?

Yes, there is an application you can use which will be the application called SMS Tracker which is located in the Google Playstore. But understand that you will need to download and also set up this application on the target phone you are wishing to track.

Is there a free way to see your boyfriends text messages that he has sent to others?

Yes there is a free way, but its not totally free. You can use its free trial to be able to see if it does really works and it compromise your needs. You can try going to it is also an application that will send you logs from your boyfriends phone.

Or you can go here to try and test their product since you are looking for a free. But as you can see, there is no free applications for spying someone. So to be able to use all the features of the application you will need to purchase it. Here is a quick tip if you are planning to purchase use this coupon code if you are planning to buy the stealthgenie application the code is "genie".

How can i spy on my boyfriends text messages and phone calls without him knowing?

Ive been with my boyfriend for three years and im very tired of his lying cheating ways, he says hes not anymore but everytime i turn around theres a different girl telling me something about him. i really just want to know the truth and no im not being sneaky because he knows im capable of doing this right now. i have an iphone 4s and its not jailbroken and he has an android. im very tired of all of the bs hes putting me through.

The only way to be able to track his messages would be for you to physically ain possession of his phone and download an application called SMS Tracker on his device.

This application is available through the application store for download and monitoring to be conducted on your device.

How to program a tracking device on boyfriends phone?

This depends on the kind of software you wish to track your boyfriend with. Remember, he`s still your boyfriend and not your husband, you are violating his right of privacy. He can sue you for that. You can use this program called Mobile Spy. Unfortunately, this handy software comes with a price. The good part is that this program works great by being able to check everything in your partner`s phone. You can go here to check it out:

You will have to install the same app (that you installed on your phone) on his phone in order to track him.

App to keep track of what my boyfriend likes?

Unfortunately there aren`t any application, such as to track your boyfriends like. If you two have been together for quite a long time, then I really think it is enough for you to realize his likes and dis-likes. But regarding the application there is none.

Best way to spy on bf using a free trial?

There are apps and softwares in the market that are free but do not provide you with the best tool to spy on your significant other. Be aware that spying is a violation of one`s privacy and can be punishable by law. Mobile Spy app and software has a seven day free trial and is considered as a great spy program. However, there are features that you cannot use on this trial.Download and register here:

Stealth ping an iphone?

To Stealth ping someone using your iPhone, you need to download the Family tracker app on iTunes/Google Playstore. You will need to have it installed on their phone too. All you need to do is tap the ping button and it will send a stealth ping on that person`s phone.

Is there an app that when my boyfriend gets a text or a call it will let me know?

Yes, there is an app and software that can let you see who calls or sends (you can even read it) them messages. However, it comes with a monthly fee. You can try Mobile Spy. You can download it here:

How can i track calls n text on husbands go phone for free without him knowing?

Unfortunately most applications that are used for tracking are not free and the others that quite popular are expensive. So, if you are looking to track calls and text then the most effective applications are those you need to purchase cause they don`t give it away for free.

Daniel I think my wife is cheating on me i want to be able to track her cell?

I would like to be able to know when she is not at work. the problem is she never puts her cell down. Not even to use the bathroom. She keeps it with her always. Is there some kind of stealth app that i can send as a text or something to her phone that will install itself so i can track where she has been or is going? I've heard it's true but I have not been able to find anything that allows remote installation. All of them required that you download the app to the phone. Can you help?

Most will inform you that they can remotely install a spy app, that will be hard because you will need to be able to \"infiltrate\" the system to be able to gather information from it. You can use the app and program called Mobile Spy. However, like all working spy apps/programs, you need to pay for it monthly and you will need to have it installed on your wife`s phone. You can try to \"misplace\" it and install the app. Once able to, you can access all her messages,calls, social applications and monitor where she goes. It even has the ability to record audio to know where she is. Remember, spying can violate her right to privacy and can be punishable by law. You can download and register for Mobile Spy here:

How can I track my boyfriends iphone?

My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship and i have had some suspicions of him cheating. I have an android and he has an iphone. how can i track without him knowing?

IPhones are overall difficult to track because it is set to protect the user`s privacy. There are apps out there that are said to be able to spy on another person through the phone. However, for iPhones, this is difficult to use as there are usually notifications informing the user if a certain app or another device had been connected. Therefore, if you do this, there is a high likelihood that your boyfriend will find out that you are spying on him.

How to get copies of existing phone and text messages off my boyfriends phone?

In terms of existing information on a persons phone you will need to find a way to get their phone records. An application will gather information that is newly being sent on the phone but it will not be able to locate older messages on their device. Obtaining phone records is hard enough for people who are trying to get their own records so understand that this will not be easy to accomplish.

You can avail of certain softwares that allows download of these messages onto a computer. What these softwares do is convert your messages into a pdf file. If there are lots of messages, it will turn out to be several files. The typical software costs about . When you do this, this will also help free up a lot of space, which is good, because it will help your phone run much faster.

How do i look at my sons texts without him knowing?

If your son is using an iPhone, it will be difficult to have the message connected through another device, because if you do so, your son will get a notification that another device has been connected. It may help if you are the one to create his apple ID and then set up his iPhone, so you can program the phone in a way that will allow you to have the messages shown on your phone as well.

Can kik messages be monitored by cheating software?

Unfortunately, there is no software yet that could help you monitor Kik messages at this time. There are spying softwares such as xfinity Family Sense and Mspy, that could help you monitor someone else`s SMS, Facebook messages, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., but Kik is not yet supported by these softwares.

Is Spytomobile app in playstore?

No, the app has been removed from the Google Play Store. You will need to purchase and register for an account at their website here:

You can then download the app on your phone and the target phone here:

You can watch a quick startup video here:

Free trial android app to read and listen to phone calls and other peoples texts?

You can download xfinity family sense`s 60 day free trial. This software will help you monitor someone else`s SMS text messages, Facebook messages and Call history. However, listening to someone else`s phone calls is not yet supported by the app. You can get its free trial here

How can i track my girlfriends iphone without her knowing?

This is not easy to do, as iPhone is very secure when it comes to privacy. You can access, however, through Find My Iphone, especially if you know her apple ID and password. You can check this online. However, the only thing you will know is the phone`s location, but that`s about it. If you are interested to find out what types of activities are going on in the phone, you would need more complicated apps. However, based on experience, not all of those apps actually work.

Is there an app for android like hellospy?

Yes, it is call SMSTracker which can be downloaded from the Android market for free in order to spy on a persons device but you will need to download the application to the persons device.

I need Kik spy software?

There is no application that will allow you to spy on KIK messenger or even Facebook because the application on their device uses Kbs which is data so this cannot be tracked by an application. The application can only track things that are coming directly into the phone such as messages or calls, the application cannot even track emails for it uses data.

I need to read my girlfriend's text messages. I know she's been cheating on me, caught her, she promised to stop, but I believe she never stopped?

She has an Alcatel 5035e. I tried mobiledit forensic but I can't get it to connect. My girlfriend says she's done cheating but I notice HIS number is the most frequently used number on her phone. She deny's everything, of course.

What you should do is gather the evidences that will prove her infidelity (if she is)

  • Do a screenshot or take a picture of the said phone records you saw, do the same for the messages, if you can.

  • If it is true that your girlfriend is no longer cheating, you must know all passwords of her accounts (phone, email etc). If she hesitates, she`s probably hiding something

  • She must let you touch her phone (with her permission of course)

  • Ask around. Particularly people that are always around her, ask if they know her usual hang outs and the people she hangs out with often (other than you)

  • You can use a program called Mobile Spy which can infultrate her phone`s data so you can check if she is indeed cheating. Unfortunately, this comes with a monthly fee and you need to install the app on her phone as well. You can check and download the app/software here:

NOTE: Spying can be punishable by law as it invades someone`s privacy. She can use this against you.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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