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posted 3271 days ago

Oh my goodness I totally missed this message. I am so so sorry. Please see if the error is still happening. We did a massive upgrade and there were a few bugs for a few days. We all hang out on skype. Add me when you get a chance. "dougcollins" all lower case no spaces.

posted 3330 days ago

OMG you are amazing. The great thing is that this is a wiki. We can add to it over time but in my opinion you started a really helpful wiki. I did a few edits to make it apply for either memory card or USB cause and changed the title to reflect that:

I also did some formatting :)

ENG usually does the formatting stuff but I was so excited about the wiki you wrote I just went ahead.

btw we just upgraded to the new version of mediawiki (from 1.12 to 1.24) and we have a few bugs and formatting problems. If you run into any please let me know and I will forward to VC our main programmer.

btw. You can add me on skype "dougcollins" (all lower case). If you want to chat/brainstorm some ideas.

If you want a laugh. We shot ourselves in the foot, half our pages are deindexed because the new version of mediawiki was setting our pages to NOINDEX !! It turned out to be a conflict between an anti-spam module we were using. Anyway our seo guys say it should be back to normal in a few days. But yikes!! It is amazing how things can go wrong quickly. I would have never dreamed that could happen.

posted 3331 days ago

Wow we get wiki requests all the time. Be careful what you offer lol. What area do you want to write about? We are also doing short videos now which we find users love. I myself like to write wikis or do howto videos on problems I run into but can't seem to find much on the net about. We also have Q&A that needs answers. Let me know your interests :) Here is a question that just came in that would be a helpful wiki and I am not sure what steps can be done to try fixing it. Maybe you know. I google it and the results are not relevant which means the next guy SOL. If we made a wiki about it I think the internet would be just a little bit of a better place :)

how to fix a memory card that doesn't appear / mount as a drive via command on windows 7 or windows 8

posted 3331 days ago

Hi Doug, Thanks for reading, and improving my wiki! I like writing, and I am a bit of a nerd. I love the internet and the ability to share infinite knowledge with others. I'm the type that likes to have an answer for any question anyone has, so feel free to send article requests my way. I joined VisiHow to try and test myself and see if I could contribute to a writing community in some way. Thanks for the welcome, seems as though I have found a neighborly community, which is great.

posted 3334 days ago

Hi Shawn!!

Thanks so much for that wiki. Great job!

I will add some formatting to spice it up a little :)

Are you a Mac tech expert or did you just want to share something you had learned. We love to meet new users and understand what brought them to our site. Welcome!