Save a Relationship from a Possible Breakup

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Do you feel that your relationship is on the verge of breaking? Do you want to save it but it seems that everything you do only worsen the situation? Breakups are nothing but hurtful emotions. Yes, it may open opportunities for possible better relationships but we really cannot deny that it will hurt. A lot. If you want to save your relationship, then try these tips:


  1. 1
    Talk. There is no other better alternative than to talk it out
    Tell your partner that you feel that your relationship is spiraling down the hill and you want it saved. Express how much you want to save it and how you value the relationship and your significant one. This is gonna be hard, especially for a man, but this is the start of patching the problems.
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    Be honest
    And ask for honesty back. Say how you currently feel. Tell the things you hate about your partner. Tell him/her all her positive attitudes that you want. In return, ask for his side too. It is time to re-evaluate your relationship, lay down all the cards to see what needs to be disposed and what needs to be kept to save your relationship.
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    Be open
    When your partner tells you this or that. Accept it as it is. Let him/her finish what he/she has to say. Do not justify, do not make excuses, just look at your partner in the eye and make him/her feel that you are sincerely listening. If you keep on justifying all the things that your partner raised as issues, this may kept him/her from telling everything or worse, turn into an argument.
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    You should accept that both of you are not perfect and had, along the way, made some errors and lapse of judgment. Both of you should accept it. From acceptance, understand why both of you have done it and from there find ways or better, agree on ways to resolve future issues from surfacing back.
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  5. 5
    Make amends
    Change the bad ways to good ways. In everything you do, always consider that you have a partner who may have another say on your decision. Consult your partner's opinion on a major decision as you want to be consulted on theirs too.
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  6. 6
    After everything has been discussed, agree on the new "rules" of the relationship. Then maybe you both go on a date, or relive your first date.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • You may need to revise these instructions to suit your current scenario.
  • The thing is, both of you need to let it all out, accept both of your mistakes, and are willing to change.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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