Save a Laptop from Water Damage

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A little coffee spill on your laptop may not affect it anything at all. However, if you accidentally spilled your whole cup of liquid beverage on your laptop, that would be another story and it may be fatal for your device. We have outlined below the steps on how to prevent or at least minimize the damage you will have due to a spilled liquid on your laptop.""

General Steps

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    Do not panic.
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    Cut-off power supply on your laptop.
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    Remove all accessories connected to your laptop.
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    Let it dry.
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    Remove vital parts from your laptop.
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    Clean your laptop.
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    Put back the removed parts.
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    Check for extent of damage.
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Do Not Panic

This is the most important thing that you should note. When your laptop has been spilled by liquid, you need to act fast and concise. Your prescence of mind is needed in order to save your laptop from further damage. Do not do anything that would endanger your life. Remember, liquid is a good electricity conductor, you do not want to electrocute yourself.

  • Take note - Your safety should be the top priority.

Cut-off Power Supply on Your Laptop

The next most impoortant thing that you should do is to shut-down the device and cut-off any power on iot to prevent your laptop from being short-circuited. You should be careful, the first thing that you may want to do is disconnect the charger from your laptop. Normally, you would simply unplug the A/C plug on your laptop to cut-off the power supply. This is not advisable as liquids may also be spilled on the area near the A/C adapter on your laptop. It is recommended to remove the charger plug directly from the socket as this place has the least of liquids on it (close to none under normal spillages). Next, remove your laptop battery. This is to completely turn off your device. The faster that you can remove the power and battery, the higher chances you will have of saving your laptop from damages.

  • Take note - Do not attempt to normally shut-down your laptop using the operating system's shutdown function as it mayu delay the process. Immediately remove the battery as soon as your carger has been plugged-out from the A/C outlet.

Remove all accessories connected to your laptop

After making sure that power supply is cut-off, remove all accessories attached to your laptop. These include any external mouse and keyboard, USB storage device, printer port cable and all cables and adapters attached to your device.

Let it Dry

Make sure that you remove all the spilled liquids away from your laptop You can turn it upside down to prevent liquids from going down further into your device. After turning it down and making sure that gravity has done its part to remove the liquids, you may now proceed with wiping any liquid trapped in your laptop. You can may use a lint-free cloth to clean your monitor, keyboard and all openings to your laptop that may cause water to enter into it. For hard to reach areas, you can use a Q-tip on them.

Remove Vital Parts From Your Laptop

You need to disassemble your laptop case in order to check if water has entered the internal areas of your device. Note that some drinks can be corrosive and may damage internal circuits and parts. The first thing that you want to remove is the hard drive. Check if it has any liquids on it and let it dry. Then remove all cards and drives that has signs of spillages.

  • Take note - Do not attempt to open your laptop if you are not experienced. Let a qualified person do this step if you have not yet done this before.
  • Take note - Static charge will damage your laptop. Always make sure that you properly insulate your selves from static discharge before opening the laptop case.

Clean Your Laptop

Remove any dry residue on your laptop by using a toothbrush or a lint-free cloth. Make sure that you do this gently so as not to disturb the parts from their position. You can also use a blower to help you remove the residues. If you spilled water on it, you need to rinse it with distiled water. If liquid drinks have been spilled on it, you need to let your laptop be rinsed under a faucet tom completely remove the residue on it it. Complete it by rinsing with distilled water. If the spilled liquid is oil-based, rinsing it with water alone cannot remove it. Use a denatured alcohol to remove the oils, then rinse it under tap water before finishing with the distilled water. When you are done with cleaning, let it dry naturally up to two days.

  • Take note - Do not worry, without power on them, laptop parts can sustain being wet. However do not overdo it. You should always make sure to keep things all at a minimal.
  • While drying, your laptop, put your battery, hard drive and card on a plastic bag with silica gel packs to remove all moistures stored on them. If you do not have silica gel packs, a bowl of rice will do the trick.

Put Back The Removed Parts

When drying is done, put back the parts together. Again, if you are not the one who removed the parts, have an experienced person do this for you. Double check for moisture and liquid prescence for every part inserted to your laptop.

Check For Extent of Damage

Now that your laptop has been assembled bacvk, check if there are abnormalities experienced. If there, you have the option to just make a way with it or have it fixed. If your device has not completely turned on, double check the connections and make sure that you have a working electric supply. After making sure that this is not a problem with loose connections or electric supply, bring your laptop to a service center to be checked.

Take Note

  • The steps we have indicated above are precautionary measures to prevent any further damage on your laptop due to liquid spill. If the spill has damaged it in the first place, these steps cannot do any help to fix the problem.
  • This is not a repair guide but a fail-safe recovery guide.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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