Save Money and Time for Hongkong Disneyland Travel

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Most people have to work hard each and everyday, but one thing that you need to make sure you do is make quality time for your family. You can plan a vacation not only to spend time with your family, but also to give yourself some sort of relaxation. Vacations do not need to be too extravagant. For a parent, spending wisely means that you also need to budget how much money you have to spend for a vacation. Read on for more tips and advice on how you can manage to save time and money for your Hong Kong Disneyland trip.

Travel Guidelines

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    Plan ahead
    This will not only save your time, but also your money. If you plan ahead, you will not end up cramming and making the wrong decisions on how you are spending your vacation. Planning ahead of time gives you the opportunity to look around the web and search for better deals on everything from hotel rooms to dining. Usually, it is best to start planning at least several months in advance. If you're planning to travel out of the country, you should also keep in mind that processing your passport is more expensive if you want it to be rushed. You can save if you will go through the normal process and release time. Even in planning ahead, however, it is sometimes best to wait for an online offer for a Disneyland package deal that includes hotel accommodations and transportation from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. Good packages usually are posted online and you need to book ahead of time to get these discounts. Airfare discounts are also often available for those who will pay early.
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    Bring your own snacks and drinks
    It is better if you bring your own food and drinks because you never know how much the price will be inside the amusement park -- usually pretty expensive. You can definitely save money if you buy your foods outside Disneyland. Even a simple bottle of water is high-priced, so why not bring your own tumbler and just get a refill as needed?
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    Wear waterproof shoes and bring a raincoat
    You never know when the weather may start its tantrums, so just be ready for it. Raincoats and umbrellas are quite pricey inside Disneyland, and you will waste a lot of valuable time if you go without and have to wait for the weather to calm down.
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    Avoid going to the shopping mall
    Your tour guide definitely will know where you can buy cheaper memorabilia. So if your purpose is to enjoy without overspending, don't go to the malls. Instead, visit a bazaar where you can buy what you want at a more affordable price.
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    Go on rides alone
    To save time and enjoy the rides inside the Disneyland, you can make the best use of your valuable time inside the park by utilizing the single lane. This may make you feel like a loner, but you and your family and/or friends will be able to ride more rides if you are willing to not ride them together. In the end, it may even save you hours of time by utilizing the fast lane.
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    Arrive early for 3-D shows
    If you want to watch 3-D shows, fall in line as early as you can, or it will be total waste of time because with the great number of people who want to watch it, arriving later to get in line will eat up more of your time.
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    Get a spot for parades early
    If you want to enjoy the parade from the best "seats," get there as early as possible! They're worth it, too. They're scheduled at 1 pm and 4 pm, so come early to get a spot with a better view for the parade, or you will end up not being able to see all the action.
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    You will probably enjoy the Tarzan Adventure
    If you are selected as a Pirates' comrades, you will get a souvenir, so be on time and show off your best acting skills.
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  • Book your travel in the off-peak season so the cost of your vacation will not be too pricey and there will be less other travelers to deal with.

Questions and Answers

Do you line up to get into Disneyland Hong Kong?

Yes, you have to line up to get into the Disneyland Hong Kong. Depending on the season of your visit, it will take you few minutes or much longer before you take your turn in the queue. If you hate to go through the hassles of standing in long lines, take the trip during off-peak season to help alleviate that issue.

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How much money we have to invest for this trip?

Hong Kong Disney land from West Bengal

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