Reverse Hair Loss Using Lavender

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Hair loss, whether mild or moderate to severe, can make some damaging effects to your self-esteem if left untreated. Studies have shown that as we age, the flow of blood will eventually thin, provided that our skin gets more tight and the scalp will eventually produce less hair. Whether you're in your prime and having some hair loss issues or just want to prevent future hair loss, this guide is definitely for you!


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    Utilize a mixing pan or bowl for the important ingredients
    Put in eight drops of rosemary oil and then eight drops of lavender oil. After that, add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
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    Mix the ingredients in a thorough manner.
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    Depending on your hair length, it should provide you with two to four rinses
    There maybe leftovers, although I suspect that you will eventually use it all up.
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    Use an eyedropper or any small sprinkler, such as the ones found in the kitchen, like a pepper container
    If you're delicate and want to concentrate on balding spots, opt for an eye dropper.
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    If there are leftovers, be sure to refrigerate the remaining solution.
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    After rinsing, be sure to place a smooth cloth around your hair, as you do not want to grease your bed sheets or pillows.
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  • Consider taking precautions by talking to a doctor so that you do not have allergic reactions to such ingredients.
  • Prevent any intake of the ingredients.
  • Prepare for long term or short term effects. Results may vary and it usually depends on your genetic make up.
  • Rosemary has been proven to encourage hair follicle growth, and as a bonus would darken your discolored gray hair.
  • Lavender amplifies rosemary and provides anti-bacterial action. It also battles dandruff, so it serves as a double edged sword.
  • Good old apple cider vinegar balances the oily build up caused by the other ingredients and makes the scalp smooth.


  • Bear in mind that this solution must not be taken two weeks before surgery, as the lavender oil might inhibit a reaction to certain medical drugs like anesthesia.
  • In case of intake, you may experience stomach spasms and constipation.
  • Anyone going through puberty might have some stunted hormone growth or hormonal imbalance if taken, in unusual cases.
  • Do not use in times of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Things You'll Need

  • A couple of Lavender essential oils
  • Bottle or cup of apple cider vinegar
  • A couple of rosemary essential oils
  • Smooth clean cloth or towel
  • Filtered water

Common Causes of Hair Loss

  1. 1
    There are cases when hair loss is a family trait. When you reach a certain age, you just lose your hair automatically. If this is the case, it is not that easy to treat it as compared to when the cause of hair loss is something that is controllable.
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