Remedy if You Were Not Able to Avoid High Cholesterol Dishes

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Steps to Help Reducing High Cholesterol Dishes Effects

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    Avoid drinking cold water
    If you are eating a lot of pork, which is very high in cholesterol, avoid drinking cold drinks during and after your meal. This is because it will not help the cholesterol get digested easily. Instead, it will tend to harden and make it more difficult for the body to process. This can be compared to putting cold water onto a pot filled with fat. You will see that only within seconds, the fat will harden and it is more difficult to remove it from the pot. The same thing happens inside your body. It is good to drink lots of water to cleanse your body, but keep in mind that it's best to have tap water only.
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    Drink hot tea during or after the meal
    Hot tea is a very good internal cleanser. Not only does it cleanse your body because it's hot, most tea contains a lot of antioxidants as well that will help counter the effects of cholesterol into your body. Hot tea may also help in making you feel full quite easily. Therefore, if you drink it during your meals, it will curb your appetite a bit and you will be able to control your intake unconsciously.
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    Pair up your high cholesterol dishes with green leafy vegetables
    If you really cannot suppress the craving for pork, beef, and other high cholesterol dishes, make sure that you pair it up with lots of vegetables, particularly those green leafy vegetables. It will help in flushing out the excess cholesterol from your body. At the same time, because of the fiber content of these vegetables, you will feel full rather easily and you will reduce your intake of food.
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    Get into a fruity cleanse a day or a few days after
    It is becoming very common these days to make a fruity concoction and make it into a delicious smoothie. Treat yourself into these types of drinks and you will feel that you are able to expel most of the cholesterol that you have put into your body. At the same time, these types of drink are rich in vitamins and minerals so you're doing double good things to your body.
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