Pick a Hairstyle to Suit Your Face Shape

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A flattering hairstyle can vastly improve a person's overall appearance. It's important that you find a hairstyle that suits you the best. When you have the occasion to dress up, put as much effort into your hairstyle, as you do choosing a dress and shoes, and applying your makeup. There are some hairstyles that look good on certain people, but not on others, and you might wonder why. It's simple - different hairstyles work differently depending on the shape of the face.

There are five basic face shapes, and knowing what yours is, will help you choose the ideal hairstyle for you. Use the following as a guideline the next time you get your hair done. A great hairstyle is one that emphasizes the good features of a person and minimizes the not-so-great ones.

Why not invite a friend over and have some fun with this. Both of you can tie or brush your hair away from your face, and compare your face shape with the ones below. If no friend is available, again, brush your hair away from your face and take a photo of yourself and use that. Either way, you'll have a better idea what styles will suite the shape of your face, and which styles to steer clear of.

Choosing the Hairstyle That Looks Perfect on You

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    If you have an oval face, you have the ideal face shape, since there is a balance. Lucky you, because just about any hair color will look good on you, whether it's copper, chocolate, bold red, or platinum Blond. As for the styling and cut, almost anything will work for you too as well.
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    People with this face shape have strong features and bone-structure. The cheekbones, jaws and brow bone are all equally aligned and of a similar width. A perfect 'do for you is one that will soften these features. The hair should be kept below or a little longer than the jaw. A haircut or a style that stops at your jaw will accentuate your square jaw line. Do not go for bobs, blunt haircuts and bangs cut straight across. Side-swept bangs and layered waves are a much better choice.
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    The best hairstyle for a diamond-shaped face is one that highlights the jaw line. Avoid wearing your hair too long, or wearing a center part - without bangs, as these will only accentuate the features you're trying to camouflage. Bangs will do the trick, for it will shorten the look of your face, and hide a too narrow forehead. Side-swept bangs also look good with a diamond-shaped face. When it comes to length, hair that stops at the chin or jaw level is your most flattering option.
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    If you have a strong, distinct jaw line, and a narrow forehead, you have a face shaped like a triangle. It's easy to balance a triangular face with colors and cuts. Try a short haircut, which will add the illusion of width to your forehead and crown, and a darker hair dye color. Layered shags, wedge cuts and Asymmetric bobs are a few suggested styles.
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    Oblong Shape
    With the right color, cut and style, balance can be created in your oblong-shaped face, creating a more elegant look. Layers that can create a frame for your face will also look good on you, as long as you make sure the hair on the sides is full. Other styles and cuts recommended are the hair pouf, soft waves, curved under and pinned up techniques. A darker hair color can also make an oblong face look rounder; this is the effect that needs to be achieved. You need to avoid longer lengths and center parts, with make the face look even longer.
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Hair is a big part of a woman's overall look. Aside from choosing the perfect hairstyle for the shape of your face, don't' forget to keep your hair beautiful, healthy and shiny. Use hair care products specific to your needs, have your hair trimmed regularly and eat foods that nourish the hair.

Questions and Answers

Platinum blond hairstyle with a diamond face shape?

Loose hair (even when tied up) with bangs is usually the best look for diamond shape heads because it minimizes the points (forehead and chin area) and makes your face look beautiful.

Here is an example of hairstyles for diamond shaped blonds:



Hi. I have a round and kind of long face too.

I would like ideas and haircuts that will make me look better. Thanks.

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I can't find a style that suits me, I've got a square-shaped face with dark brown hair.

I want to have a style and color that suits my face.

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Difficulty choosing a hairstyle.

My face is broad and square-shaped. I'd like to know which hairstyle would suit me. Further, my hair is thin and doesn't grow much beyond shoulder length. I have tried: I've had a three-steps haircut. I think it was caused by: Not sure.

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I am very confused about my hairstyle.

Someone told me to straighten my hair, and so on. Kindly suggest a hairstyle for me? Also, my hair is not strong and not healthy.

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