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A messy closet is a total eyesore. Organizing your closet can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you know how clothes, sheets, towels and shoes should be stored. No one enjoys looking for their things in a messy closet. In general, an organized closet brings joy to the user and a sense of relief at being able to find something you have had stored in your closet for a very long time.


You should follow a good proverb which says, "A place for everything and everything in its place." Makes sense, right? The saying endorses what everyone wants in their closets. A tidy, tangle and mess free experience when looking for clothes to wear. However, achieving this takes much more than our wishful thinking; thankfully you will only need time and not money when organizing. Below are seven mom-proven steps you can follow the next weekend you plan to get your closet cleaned up. Or better yet, do it right after you have finished reading this article!

Mess Free Closet Organizing Steps

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    Take stock of what you currently have in your closet
    For obvious reasons, you have to know what is in your closet before you can start any organizing activity. This is often said by organizing experts we've seen on TV, yet it doesn't change the fact that you will only end up taking too much time if you don't know what to do with every different thing you pull out of your closet. Your closet cannot be organized if its hiding things which you haven't used since the past administration. Unload the entire contents of your closet, and do not worry if it's a little messy at first and everything is tangling, you can fix it later. Take note of what items you see while unloading and put them behind you in sections. Unloading will help you take account of what you currently have in the closet. Once you're done unloading, clean the closet using your favorite cleaner. Now settle down and assess your unloaded items, donate or toss out any unnecessary things you will not use. You can even hold a garage sale later if you want, or just sell it in a thrift store.This step will liberate your closet from the useless things that weigh you down and crowd out the closet and anything you treasure. Adjust the shelves when necessary, once you know exactly what you are keeping. You can use towel bars affixed to doors to provide enhanced efficiency. This goes the same with putting in baskets for keeping small items from getting lost.
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    Utilize an empty wall or door space.Did you notice that empty spaces in your walls that has virtually nothing in them
    Why not put them to good use eh? Those empty wall sections and insides of doors are awesome place to put a towel bar, dowels and hooks. Just remember not to do it haphazardly as you might damage the wall paint or wallpaper. Once you add the hooks and handles, you can now put all your most-used items in them (example: scarf, towels, bags, caps and other whatnot),Just remember that it doesn't have to be an elaborate work, you can even do it yourself and save money by not hiring a repairman to do it for you. You might even have everything you might need sitting in your garage. Just remember that the hardware should be sized appropriately to bear the weight of the load you will put.
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    Put good Lighting to your Closet
    You might not notice it, but having a dim light when you put and take clothes from your closet causes so much fuzz the next time you can see your closet contents clearly. To jazz things up, put up a good fluorescent light which shows you exactly what you are doing wrong every time you use your closet. Besides, lighting is the key to finding all your items in the closet.Most people don't have enough lighting when they use closet, resulting in bad, bad state. Some homes utilize a single overhead light that is somewhat minimally helpful, while older homes do not typically has it. This is a delicate work, so consider hiring an electrician to add shelf lighting if you can't do so yourself. Hiring an electrician as you know it isn't very cheap, and its also a momentum killer. Instead, try using a stick-on screw-in battery-operated LED lights on your shelves, preferably on each side of shelf. Doing so can achieve the same results. It is easy, fast, and saves you cash.
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    Put alike items together.Imagine your bedroom closet as a desk file; would you like a disorganized desk file
    No! If the files are not organized in a comprehensive fashion, by color, style, usage, you will never accomplish any significant work. Your closet must have an organized system, it needs to provide you not only with good looks but also a splendid way of organization and get you out of your house good looking and as efficient as possible. As said, the easiest way to accomplish this is through colors, styles, uses and occasion; it speeds up any time of your outfit hunt.
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    Use Good-quality matching hangers
    having a uniform hanger makes finding garments a breeze, as it keeps your articles of clothing at the same level. Furthermore it tames the chaotic and confusing look that most closets develops into due to collection of unlike hangers.To compensate, just get rid of those dry cleaner wire hangers you have accumulated during the years. They're a pain in the eyes and is a detriment to your fine clothes, as they can make shoulder dents and tends to bend out of shape in the long run. You can also bring it back to the dry cleaner for reuse if it's still in good shape. A good hanger is plastic, wood or metal. Whatsoever you decide to choose, take note that it must be very durable to withstand the type and weight of the clothes you're intending to use it for. Blouses will need lesser strength hangers than snow clothes do anyway.
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    Conquer that top shelves.David might not be tall, but that doesn't stop him from defeating Goliath, right
    Why should you let a all top shelve stop you from having an organized closet? You can give yourself ability to access top shelves by using a rolling ladder found in most hardware stores. However if you're not really interested in using component like a rolling ladder, simply utilize a ladder instead, or a stool?They are pretty much easy to come by and are mostly inexpensive, it can make a difference on those otherwise unreachable spaces that taunts the vertical challenge. Once you gain access to the top shelve, put all items which you seldom use like skiing shoes, some tailoring kit or any other things you might think of.
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