Not bother your busy boyfriend

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Sometimes a guy needs to spend time with other guys, focus on work or go on a planned outing. During these times your boyfriend may need some space, especially if he has already discussed his plans with you before hand.


Many men find their girlfriends or partners annoying at times because they are constantly bothering them when they are away, which tempts guys to ignore calls or avoid contact when they are on outings. The worst thing a girl can to do is make a guy feel as if he cannot enjoy himself when he gets a chance to go out.

Making a guy feel as if his time is not valuable may leave him feeling like he has a reason to end the relationship. Follow these steps to ensure that you do not become bothersome to your boyfriend.


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    Memorize your boyfriend's schedule
    so you will know when he is free at work or not
    If you know his schedule, you will know when he is on break and available for you to call him. Knowing his schedule will keep you from bothering him during his work hours or when he is busy. Some women tend to bother their boyfriends by calling them during their work hours to talk about nothing of importance. You should not call your boyfriend when he's at work unless it's an emergency. Other activities that you should not interrupt are college courses, and sports practices. If you know that your boyfriend is fully engaged in an activity, it is best not to contact him at that time. Wait until later to talk to him about whatever is important for you to discuss. When you call too often, you begin to become bothersome to your boyfriend, especially if you know that he is busy, and you call anyway. Switch places in your mind: what if you were busy with something important and your boyfriend continued to call, even when you let him know you were busy. It would annoy you as well. It is likely to annoy anyone. If the situation continues without any sign of change, it could lead to a break up.
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    Figure out when he is available to be called
    He will be willing to share his schedule if he knows that you will respect his time. He can also let you know when your calls will be appreciated.
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    It can also be frustrating for you to show up unexpectedly and uninvited to work or an event where he needs to focus without distraction
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    Your presence may make it difficult for him to focus on the task at hand. He may be too busy to visit with you and then you will both feel bad. Even worse, popping up unannounced might make him feel that you are watching him or making sure that he is where he says he will be. The last thing a guy wants is his girlfriend, as well as his mother, checking up on him all the time. Trust in a relationship is important to a guy. Ask if he would like you to pop in for a visit and when the best time to do so would be. This way, he will be expecting your presence or a phone call from you when he is doing whatever he is doing at the time. Use common sense when figuring out when to call your boyfriend. For example, if he is going to a game in the morning, the best time to call him in the evening. Another time to avoid calling anyone is late at night when it is time to prepare to sleep. Aside from breaks in his schedule, ask your boyfriend when he has time off, or when he has some down time to talk. There may be other times he is available throughout the week.
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    Understand that your boyfriend may not want to tell you when you can call him
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    Do not take this as the sign that he is cheating, but a sign that he just wants some space to have fun or get work done. When you ask him, be sure to let him know you are only asking him about his schedule so you will not bother him by calling at a bad time. Most men will agree and let you know, but some guys will feel offended that you are asking about times to call them and about their schedule. A guy is entitled to have a little free time and the ability to do things without you. If he chooses not to tell you, do not continue to ask or beg him to tell you. Avoid arguing with him over the situation. Let it rest. In this situation you will have to determine on your own when it's a good time to call him. This works both ways. If he does not wish to share this information with you, then you also have the same opportunity not to share your schedule with him.
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    Do not be insecure about him when he is out and about doing his thing throughout the day
    If this is the reason you want to call him over and over again then you will need to deal with your insecurities before you can even think about continuing the relationship. If he has not done anything to earn your mistrust, then you need to admit that this issue is within you, and only you can fix it. If the problem lies with something that your boyfriend has done in the past, then you will need to talk to him about this situation. Continuing with these insecurities will hurt the relationship and also make him feel as if you are smothering him, which is never a good thing for a guy to experience in a relationship. To ease your fears and insecurities look to what you know about his daily activities to reassure yourself that everything is okay in the relationship. If you know his schedule then this should help you tone down your concerns about what your boyfriend is doing, and also help you to choose the best time to call him to talk. If you still feel as if you don't trust him in the relationship, then you should seriously think about why you are in a relationship with him.
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    In the relationship you will need to respect your boyfriend's time with others, whether it's family, friends or co-workers
    They are also important in his life. Many women do not realize that an easy-going woman that allows her boyfriend to have time with others, gains respect from him, and the people he is out with at the time. If adopt this behavior, he will prioritize his time to accommodate you into his schedule. Being calm and understanding in this way will gain you a lot of respect, not only with your boyfriend, but everyone else who is involved with your relationship. Respect his wishes and the things he participates in, and in turn you will gain his respect. This will strengthen your relationship.
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    Limit the amount of times you contact him in one day
    If you know that he is busy, but have the urge to call him, don't do it! Practice restraint. If you already know he is busy, this will probably end in an altercation, especially if he is busier than usual. If against your own better judgment you break down and call him, even though you know he's busy then you should not expect him to answer your phone call or text. If you call him once and he does not answer, it's a good idea to not make a second phone call. Give him a break and wait for his reply. Don't expect a reply if you send texts to him when you know he is busy, and absolutely don't send him more texts when he doesn't reply. If your boyfriend happens to answer and replies that he will call you back later, then trust that he will, and do not contact him again in thirty minutes to find out why he hasn't contacted you. If you continue this behavior you can expect to be considered an annoyance, and even labeled as "needy". If you have a hard time keeping yourself from calling and texting him, put your phone away so you won't be tempted to bother him for a while.
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    Sit down and come up with a schedule that he would like you to follow - when to call him, and when not to call him
    This can be a proposed plan between the two of you that will improve the communication within your relationship. You will also need to discuss when it is acceptable for you to show up either at his job site, or his home (if you two aren't living together), for this will help create a better bond between the two of you to continue the relationship with a better understanding of boundaries.
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Ways to Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

  1. 1
    Greetings during morning and night
    You can send greetings to your boyfriend by sending him text messages such as "good morning!", "good night", "take care". This is to let him know that he is on your mind. This is also to let him feel that he is cared for, even if he was busy with something.
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    Remind him
    Be a reminder to him whether he needs it or not. You can remind him to eat, drink his medicine or do his chores. This lets him know you are thinking of him and that you are concerned for him even though he had a busy day.
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    Avoid nagging him
    If he forgot about your important date, you can tell him in a nice way. He must be responsible enough to remember commitments with you, since it was special for both of you, even if he was busy with his work or schedule. You can also remind him a week or a few days before your special day, so he can allocate time for it.
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    Wait for him to contact you
    You need to wait once in a while for his text messages, so he doesn't think you are pressing him for something.
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    Make sure you both agree when you plan a date
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    When you are setting dates for both of you, you need to seek his approval so he may join you on the agreed date. You need to consider his busy schedule so as not to jeopardize his job or alter his schedule.
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Questions and Answers

Should I send good night images to my boyfriend?

It often depends on the guy, but if your boyfriend is the type who you think would like to get a photo of you before going to bed, you should send one. If he reacts positively, you could send him another from time to time. Remember, though; it's not usually a good idea to send pictures that you would not want him to show to others because there is always a chance that he might do that, or that someone else might get a hold of his phone and see them. Also, don't overdo it by sending pictures every night.

Does asking your boyfriend whether he is busy make him feel annoyed?

Most of the guys will appreciate it if their girlfriend asks if they are busy or not because it means that their girlfriend is seeking quality time and need bonding. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will feel elated most of the time, thinking that you really care and love him.

On the contrary, if you ask that question more often, your boyfriend may sometimes feel annoyed because he might think you are constantly monitoring his every move.

The best thing to do is to give yourself and your boyfriend enough space to do your own personal things, and if you truly love each other, you'll need both of you to know that a good foundation of a strong relationship, is to fully trust and fully support each other.

This is the type of question that depends entirely on the type of person. If he is currently busy and stressed and you ask him, then yes it is possible it could annoy him. But this does not apply to all people. Most people will not be annoyed by being asked if they are busy.

What must you do if you can't get a guy out of your mind, but he does not reply to your text messages because he is busy working all the time?

You know that he is busy because of his work, so all you have to do is to understand him and be patient. Think and do the things that you want to do like shopping, cooking, baking, watch movies, singing, and dancing. While waiting for him, you can improve and enhance your skills. You may also make yourself busy to forget him for a while and focus on your work. If he told you he would be busy and can't reply, don't disturb him because it distracts him from his work - work that is better finished without your distracting him.

Since the guy is busy because of his work, just understand him and have a lot of patience. If he really likes you or you are special to him, he will find a way to contact you or send a message to you. While he is not replying to your messages, all you have to do is to make yourself busy. You can practice cooking and cook the guy's favorite food so that you can surprise him when he does visit your place, and in doing this, you have made an effort to make him happy and gain experience. Use your time for yourself, like creating a new look for yourself, go shopping, visit a museum or gallery, or focus on your own career. If you have a hobby like reading, read a book, and if you are a dancer, practice dancing and just enhance it. It is much better that you don't disturb him, and instead, spend more time for yourself.

Really good 'Goodnight Beautiful' text to send to my girlfriend?

Here are some `Goodnight, Beautiful" texts to send to your girlfriend:

  • Goodnight to my beautiful one and only love.
  • Goodnight to the most beautiful girl in my life.
  • Goodnight to my lovely and wonderful angel that was sent by our Lord.
  • Goodnight to the most beautiful flower I have ever seen.
  • Goodnight to my sunshine and lovely Girlfriend.
  • Goodnight to the most important person in my life.
  • Goodnight to my life.
  • Goodnight and have a rest because you have my heart.
  • Goodnight to the most precious and beautiful girl in my life.
  • Goodnight my beauty queen and I love you so much.

After all of the messages, add some smiley faces, and hearts, say I love you and every morning text her like, Good Morning Beautiful. All girls want and love to be called Beautiful by their man because it makes them feel they are special and loved.

That sounds really sweet. Well, you should send it to her, and you can also try to add something. Like, I miss you and I love you always take care.

Here is a list of some goodnight texts you can send to your girlfriend:

1. Goodnight Beautiful! Sweets dreams.

2. Goodnight Beautiful! l I hope I dream of you tonight.

3. Goodnight, hope your dream is as beautiful as you are.

4. Goodnight. I'll see you in my dreams

Ways to stop bothering your boyfriend but still stay connected?

There are several ways you can stay connected with your boyfriend, without bothering him. One way is by texting or calling him during break-times. If you know his break-time, like snack-time or lunch, that is the time you should message him.

You can also ask him in advance to text or call you when he is available and not too busy. That will be the time you will text him too.

You can also leave him a message and tell him that you just want to keep him updated and that you are not expecting a reply. This way, he will know your whereabouts, and you are still connected with him even if both of you are busy.

Should I text him good morning and good night everyday or should I wait for him till he contacts me?

I don't want to feel as though I'm annoying him. We have been in for 8 months now. We both are in our 20s. He is studying and says he will until April n he does not text me all day. Even if he does he just says he has to study n says bye.well about the tips on the website, he's it's the basic but it's not helping. And he's I have my own life but it seems like I m better at managing time.

Good morning and good night texts are just fine. At that time, you are not bothering him, you are just letting him know you are thinking of him. Start planning a surprise date for when he is done in April. Look for what concerts might be happening or if there is a quick trip you can take together, and then you both will have something to look forward to together.

However, if your boyfriend is always too busy to spend time with you or message you back, you might need to pull back on your contact with, or interest in him. This can be particularly challenging if you are in a long-distance relationship and he doesn't make any time for you. If he is constantly avoiding focusing his attention on you, he may simply be losing interest in you or has more interest in something or someone else.

I actually need a boyfriend, how do I get one?

I'm 26, radiant, passionate and I just want to be loved and to love someone

As they say, love comes at the right time. You just need to be patient. If you keep on forcing and trying hard to find one, you may end up with the wrong guy. What you can do is just enjoy life and enjoy what you have right now. You will be surprised that one day, he is already in front of you. If you become too preoccupied about this, it makes you less attractive. Just be yourself and be natural. Live life according to what you want, not based on the intention of finding someone.

How can I choose between my family's decision on going for further studies and having a great future or being with my distant boyfriend who wants to marry me?

I am 20 years old just finished high school my dad wants me to go to college. I have a boyfriend but he's far from me we do talk via the phone he loves me very much and he wants to marry me, I really want to elope but on second thought I also want to go to college. What should I do to make dad proud of me and at the same time make my boyfriend love me still even if he's far away?

Go to college. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will wait for you to finish your education. Instead of you making the sacrifice, maybe he can come to you soon. Whatever you decide, just realize that your education will be the best future for both of you and if you get married now, you may never go to college and it could become a major regret and eventually create a divide in your future relationship.

My guy's ignorance because of our distant places. Does he prefer to break up?

Respected sir, we are in a relationship since 4 years, and since 3 months he has been shifted to another place on his work perspective. Later on, I feel he is ignoring me.though I know his schedule is compact, I can't accept that he would be this much carefree to me. He is neither bothered if I'm upset, crying, sick or anything at my worse. At early days he was very caring and sweet at me. We have spoken regarding this too many times, every time he assured me, keeping me happy for the rest and repeat the same, and even doesn't want to take a break too. I'm losing confidence in being happy with my guy. Somehow he managed to make a call, some text in a day and those conversations might be for my force. He has completely ignored that we both are a couple. Please suggest me. I have tried: I tried speaking with him politely,

Stop chasing him. This will be tough to do, especially with the length of your relationship. He says that he cares for you and yet you have to call him etc. For now, just let him call you and see if the pattern changes. He may feel overwhelmed and issues you have are pressuring him to a breaking point. Wait a week and see if he contacts you. He may just need a reminder of how much he needs you in his life, even from a distance.

How can I handle this? I am worried and now thinking much about it?

I am in a long distance relationship with a man I have never met before. We met on Facebook in January this year, everything is going well, .we are going for a holiday to Spain, he lives in Ireland and me in Botswana, we communicated last on the fifteenth of March, since then he sent a message 4 days ago that he is busy and will explain later. Now I am worried because it has never happened since we met. Please help me, what can I do? Our holiday is 3 weeks away, he is 56 years and I am 39 years. I have tried: I waited for the explanation that he promised, and later send a message and he never answered. I think it was caused by: I have no idea

He may be having cold feet about meeting you in person. If the trip is paid for and you have a ticket then go and if he shows up you can ask why he never replied. Perhaps something happened with a family member and this is why he has not replied. There could be several other reasons, and since this has never happened, you should not be worried yet, because he has not called off the trip.

My boyfriend in many cases does not respond my texts or call me back. Does he wants to change the gear or What can I do?

I met my boyfriend April last year online and he lives another state. He drove 10 hours to come see me after probably 3 months. At the beginning, he used to call me in the night and if I called or texted him and did not pick up, he always called me or text me back telling me that he busy will call me later. But now I can call/ text him and never respond for some days. Or sometimes he texted back said that he is busy will call me later but he ends up calling me the following day and all these make me mad. Does he serious or just play games with me? I am already settled. Please advice me. He does not give me enough attention like before. I am foreign in his country I need support in different ways such psychological etc. I have tried: Called him, sometimes I told him I feel hurts when he is not pick up my call or when promise me that is going to call. I think it was caused by: He starts his business and also doing a part job teaching in school, maybe he busy. but some times I have many doubts thought that been busy for the whole day and does not have any chance to call me back. Sometimes I think may be he is not interested in on me.

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