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This article will be on how to not bother your busy boyfriend. By this title we do not mean in general about bothering him but only pertaining to work and planned outing's that he discusses with you before hand. A lot of guys find their girlfriends or partners annoying at times by constantly bothering them when they are away which in turn makes a guy tend to ignore calls or contact when on outings. The worst thing a girl wants to do is make a guy feel as if they cannot enjoy themselves when out, this could be grounds for a break up and the lack of communication between the two parties. Follow these steps to ensure that you do not become bothersome to your boyfriend.


Step 1- memorize his schedule so that you can know when he is free at work or not. If you know his schedule then you will know when he is on break or available for you to call him. By knowing his schedule this will eliminate you from bothering him during his work hours or when he is busy. Some women tend to bother their boyfriends by calling during their work hours to basically talk about nothing important, you should not call your boyfriend during work unless it is an emergency. Besides it being work maybe your boyfriend is in college, practice or things of that nature, if you know that they are fully engaged in that activity it is best for you not to contact them at that time and instead wait till later in order to talk to them about whatever the subject is about. When you call too much you begin to become worrisome to your boyfriend for you know that he is busy but you still choose to call him while he is busy, think of it as if you were busy with something important and your boyfriend continued to call even when you let them know you were busy it would annoy you too or any person in a situation like that to happen. If the situation continue to happen like that without any type of change just as stated before it could become grounds for a break up.

Step 2- figure out when he is available to be called if you do not know his schedule for sure for he will more than likely let you know of when your calls are not a bother. Aside from bothering them through calls another way to bother them is with your presence unexpectedly when he is busy which could be the most annoying thing of all is a "pop up", most guys take it as you are watching them by popping up un announced and that you are making sure that they are at work. The last thing a guy wants is his girlfriend as his mother (in the sense of checking up all the time) in the relationship. If you are not sure when the right time to pop up or call him then it is up to you to ask him, this way he would possibly expect your presence or a phone call from you when he is doing whatever he is doing at the time. Also you can use common sense when figuring out when to call your boyfriend for example if he is going to a game that morning the best time to call him is the evening to night time for he will just be finished and more than likely preparing himself for sleep, but if you know that he has a game that morning calling that morning and late at night is not a good option at all. Aside from his breaks in his schedule ask him when is the time he would have some down time to talk throughout certain days for he will let you know about these times for which he is available.

Step 3- understand that he may not want to tell you about when you can call him, but do not take this as the sign that he is cheating but a sign that he just wants space to have fun or get work done. When you ask him be sure to let him know that you are only asking him about his schedule so that you do not bother him by calling at bad times, sometimes they will agree and let you know but some guys will feel offended that you are asking about times to call them and about their schedule. A guy is entitled to have a little free time and the ability to do things without you being present, if he doesn't want to tell you do not continue to ask and beg for him to tell you of his schedule. Also aside from asking about their time if they deny to tell do not het into an argument with him over the situation but just let the situation die down, but in this situation use common sense in order to figure out when it is a good time to call him or no call him. But also understand that if he does not wish to share this information then you will also have the same opportunity as him to not share your schedule.

Step 4- do not be insecure about him when he is out and about doing his things throughout the day. If this is the reason for you want to call him over and over again then you will need to deal with your insecurities before you can even think about continuing the relationship for you cannot continue on the relationship with your insecurities. If he has not done anything for you to feel this way then this issue is within you and only you can fix this issue. If the problem lies within something that he has done in the past then you will need to talk to him about this situation. Continuing these insecurities will hurt the relationship and also make him feel as if you are smothering him daily which is never a good thing for a guy to feel at all in the relationship. Within your insecurities and also your inability to stop calling you should look towards what you know about his daily activities to reassure you that everything is okay in the relationship. If you know his schedule then this should help you to tone down on your insecurities about what he is doing and also what time to call him to talk. If by any chance you still feel as if you do not trust him in the relationship then you should seriously think about why you are even still with this person if you have such a feeling of this sort.

Step 5- In the relationship you will need to respect his time with others whether it is family, friends or co worker for they are also important in his life as well as you. A lot of women do not realize that when you are the easy going woman that allows her boyfriend to have time with others that you also gain respect from the people whom he is out with at the time. If you do this then he will better prioritize his time with others to accommodate you also in the relationship, being cool and understanding to this gains you a lot of "cool" points with not only him but everyone else who is involved with your relationship. Respect his wishes and the things that he participates in and in turn you will gain in the relationship between the two of you in your relationship.

Step 6- Put a lid on the amount of times that you contact him in one day. If you know that he is busy but have the urge to call him JUST DONT DO IT for you already know that he is busy and this can also cause an altercation especially if he is busier than normal. If you already know that he is busy then you should not expect a reply to the phone call or text knowing this information. If you call him one time and he doesn't answer then it is a good idea to not make this first phone call a second phone call at all just give him a break and wait for his reply. Sending texts to him while he is busy will probably cause him to not reply but understand that you do not need to send him a million more text messages because he has not replied to your messages. If your boyfriend happens to answer and reply that he will call you back then trust that he will and do not contact him again in thirty minutes to know why he hasn't contacted you, this is borderline annoyance at this point and the girl can be labeled as needy. If you have a hard time keeping yourself from calling and texting him then put your phone away so you will not be tempted to bothering him for a little while.

Step 7- sit down ad come up with a schedule of which he will like for you to call him and when he does not want you to call him. This can be a proposed plan between the both of you that can make things with communication better and smoother. Aside from the communication you will also need to discuss when it is ok to show up either at his job or his home (if you two aren't living together) for this will help create a better bond between the two of you to continue the relationship with a better understanding.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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