Marine Corps Combat Training Explained

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This "how to" will be about surviving MCT (Marine Combat Training ) as most recruits who are going to this training will be thinking that they have already gained the title. But they have forgotten that all the training is not over not by a long shot.

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    The Return to Reality
    The reality is that you are a Marine still in training. After boot camp training, you will embark on your second part of training in the MCT. You will arrive at MCT after arriving home from boot camp for about a week of which during that time you get a taste of freedom and your pride is through the roof. This is sometimes a bad thing for most new Marines for they lose the sense of discipline they get so early in their career and then they return home. Please remember that there is still a lot to be done to instill your discipline back into your body because MCT is not a vacation and you will work hard every day with no time off. Think of MCT as Phase IIII in your training. Early Marines get into a lot of trouble by coming to MCT not knowing that their training is not fully complete and believing that they actually have authority over the Sergeants who run the training. Just be careful to not be one of those Marines.
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    Back to the Squad Bay
    Well...well....well....looks familiar? Yes, you are back in a squad bay now depending on whether or not your class has females. Your squad bay will be very small compared to your boot camp squad bay. The difference between this squad bay experience and your boot camp one is that there is no quarter deck for you to be ITd but do not take that for granted. You are a Marine and you can still be disciplined in other ways. If you are the Marine who believes that just because you have the title of Marine, you cannot be disciplined, then you need to throw that theory out of your head ASAP because there are always ways to get a Marine back in line whether you are in training or you have made it to the fleet. Another difference is that you and your rack mate will not be the best of friends by force unlike boot camp. Your rack mate experience will be totally different from boot camp. You will be friends because you want to, not because you are forced to be friends. Also, you will notice that if your platoon has females, the squad bays are divided by a hallway on the deck to separate the guys from the girls. Do not try to be that Marine who tried to go into the other side of the deck where the girls are staying. You will be punished and put back in training for doing such an act. So keep your hormones together and have a cool head on the subject.
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    The Marines from boot camp
    If you picked up MCT training at the right time, you will notice that you will be put back into training with the fellow recruits whom you went to boot camp with, making this either a good or bad experience. If you have a Marine with you whom you completed boot camp with and didn't get along with, then stay away from them and do not start any issues with that person to the best of your ability. During MCT training, you will have a bit more freedom from the Instructors than you did while in boot camp which may lead to Marines acting up a bit and then causing fights,and provoking issues (due to lack of supervision) which can cause to be a problem. In the Marines Corps, it is a fact that if there are junior Marines who are without supervision, expect that anything can happen. So be sure to keep your distance from the bad apples instead of being the bad apple. There will also be trash talk and also challenges to other Marines while in MCT as all the Marines are fresh, new and full of pride- which may show to either be a good thing or a big mistake so be careful of those marines also while in training.
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    Combat Instructors
    The Instructors during MCT will be 95% more laid back than the Drill Instructors but don't take them lightly as they can do a complete 180 degrees and get into the mode that you will not want them to see them during training. I can share that in my experience, my Instructors were my friends and role models due to the fact that they let you know that they aren't perfect... giving you a feel that you as a Marine can achieve anything using them as your inspiration. The numbers of Instructors vary while in training. You may have either 3 or 4, either male or females or a combination of both which brings quite an issue for the male Junior Marines. While in training, take control of your hormones as your Instructors (for the males) may be a female who will act, dress and do the same things as you will do while in training.The female instructors may be doing something that is revealing or provocative but understand that they are your fellow Marines, so don't get any ideas. I have seen Juniors at my level get in extreme trouble for not knowing their boundaries. In the end, treat your instructors with respect and know how to balance from being too friendly with them and keeping it professional throughout your training.
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    Your training will be similar to your second phase in boot camp because you will once again visit the range. All safety measures still apply and things you learned in boot camp. Here you will also be scored but it will be not as serious as boot camp. In a nutshell, ensure that you hit something on the targets and you will be just fine. Morning PT sessions will be the same as boot camp which should be manageable because you have just completed boot camp and are in shape. Understand that the atmosphere will be the same as boot camp training due to the fact that you will not have any freedom and you will be doing the same thing as you did while in boot camp ALL TOGETHER. MCT is basically a 30 day version of BWT with a mixture of the rifle range, so get ready to embark on a great journey. You will spend most of your time away from your squad bay so do not get too comfortable while you are there at all for you will spend your 1st week and your last 3 days there unfortunately.
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    Now, this is the most important part of MCT, do not by any means sneak in any kind of electronic device during your training. Cell phone calls will be available to Marines at least once or twice a week. So please be patient because if you are caught with gadgets, you will have pushed back all your training and it can happen that you may have to wait weeks for another class to pick up where you left off in training. So it's not a good idea. I have actually seen a Marine get caught with a phone the last week of training to be put back in in training for two months for this violation. So be smart and be careful and surrender all electronics when prompted to do so by your instructors.
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Questions and Answers

Can you call home during MCT?

  • When the Marine Corps recruits arrive at the Recruit Depot, one of the first things that they do is that they are allowed to make a phone call to their home. The call should be nothing spontaneous. Actually, it is scripted. For example, when fresh recruits arrive at the infamous Parris Island, the following monologue should be verbalized, to the letter, by the recruit on the phone, to his parents:
    • I have arrived safely at Parris Island.
    • Please do not send any food or bulky items.
    • I will contact you in three to five days via postcard with my new mailing address.
    • Thank you for your support.
    • Goodbye for now.
  • Aside from the above words, they should say nothing more. The parents cannot ask questions and should just listen.
  • After this first phone call, the parents should not expect another call soon in the near future, while their kid is at boot camp. This is a situation wherein "No news is good news". The parents only get a phone call if something has happened to their child which is alarming or needs their attention or opinion. So, if you do not get a phone call, it means that your kid is adjusting well to boot camp life.
  • Examples of reasons wherein the parents will get an unexpected phone call are injury, illness, failure to pass physical fitness tests, failure in swimming or vision tests, etc.
  • Another form of contact between the recruit and his parents is through mail. In approximately 10-14 days after they leave home, mail with a form letter stating their permanent Marine Corps mailing address will be sent to the parents' mailbox. No matter where your kid will be assigned in the future, his mailing address never changes, except if he becomes ill or injured, when he will be assigned to the Medical Rehabilitation Platoon or MRP. In this case, the recruit will be assigned the MRP mailing address temporarily.

MCT is Marine Combat Training and is totally different from Boot Camp, now to address the question yes you will have the ability to call home on numerous occasions while in MCT. You can choose to either call from your phone when you receive your device from your Instructors or can call from another phone when this option is available.

Do people get sick at usmc mct?

Yes, at MCT people do get sick but when you are sick at MCT there are a number of days you can remain on light duty before you are pushed back in training and the magic number is 3 so if you are sick for more than 3 days you can be opted to be dropped back in training.

Do you have to get shots in marine combat training?

No, while in MCT you will not have to have any shots taken while you are in this type of training upon arrival, but you will get shots when you arrive at boot camp training.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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