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My girlfriend laughs super hard at me when i look real serious in a corner store, search my pockets, and say "where is my blueberry bar-!" in a very worried voice..jpg

Laughter is the best medicine." Indeed, it makes you feel lighter as well as make you look younger and alluring. Women who have been in the dating circle for quite a while would opt someone, (aside from their list of characteristics) with a good sense of humor. Women don't want to be stuck in a long ride on an out of town trip with someone who doesn't verbally express much.

You may visually discriminate couples and from your subjective perspective will make you ask what made the girl want the guy. Simply put, a man's sense of humor is paramount in making a woman stick with you in a conversation. Laughter is an immense part in maintaining a girl's attention or interest.

Marilyn Monroe once said: "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything." Girls like to laugh and be regaled but most guys do it in a misguided way turning the girl away from them. A girl relishes a guy who have a sense of humor yet understand how to balance their personality from being silly and formal. In addition, having a great sense of humor makes up for feelings of inadequacy. This is true when guys think the lady's way out of their league.

How can you make a girl laugh?

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    Stay Positive
    Are you comfortable being with pessimistic people? Of course you would say no. Who would like to be with a person who constantly whines about life's problems and issues? Generally, optimists are fun to be with. They are a lot happier and more attractive. Beauty is skin deep as the saying goes. After a few minutes of interaction, it is your brain that decides whether a girl will stay long enough to know you better. How you do make a girl stick to a conversation is not just talking about yourself or regaling her with your exploits. It's how you make fun of every situation, despite problems. For instance, being caught in the rain may be a bad situation to the pessimist. But to the optimist, he sees this as an opportunity to spend time with the girl he wants longer than usual. He can make light of it by saying: "At least you both get to bathe together." You can also kick some water towards her, later making her join in the fun. You cannot control a situation, but you can control your reaction.
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    Maintain a happy disposition
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    When people get involved in conflicts early in the morning, it tends to ruin their whole day. Are you that kind of person? To shift from one emotion to another is neurotic. But to control your mood is one powerful tool to uplift yourself from a depressing situation. For instance, minutes after you meet a girl you liked so much, your boss got mad at you and scolded you big time. This does not mean that you have to bring that mood with you on your date looking sour and all. Get a chocolate bar, chew on it and sing your favorite happy song. Sugar will lift your mood and the song will remind you of happier times. You can also try deep breathing techniques to soothe your nerves.
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    Be yourself
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    If you are innately a person with a great sense of humor, chances are, you get nervous and say the wrong things in front of the girl you like. This is because you are thinking of impressing her that you forget your true self. Do not try to cover what you really are by thinking of what to say. Let the conversation run smoothly. Make sure that at the end of your date, you get to know the person a little bit better. Make sure that you were able to establish a connection by listening and appropriately responding to what she says. By doing so, you get to know what she likes and don't. Only through the conversation will you be able to see if you two have something in common. And when you see that, make sure that you let her know that you both like and dislike such things.
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    Do not make fun of disabled people.
    Bad jokes.jpg
    It may seem funny at first but relentlessly talking about someone's shortcomings is not a positive sign
    You are focusing the conversation on the person and though she may laugh with you, it doesn't mean she likes it. Some girls may mask their true feelings by laughing at your jokes. So be wary of jokes involving people. If you have to make fun of someone, make fun of yourself. This will make her think that you are a jolly person and sees light in every situation, no matter how embarrassing it may seem. Try to search for internet jokes. If it made you laugh, then most probably, your date will laugh about it, too.
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Do not worry if you can't make a girl laugh. Sometimes you need to give more time for you to connect and get comfortable. Once both of you are comfortable being talkative, humor comes naturally.

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