Love All over Again

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"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Some people are not lucky in love. People who tend to love very deeply are mostly left heartbroken. Many of us are crestfallen after a break-up and vow never to fall in love again.

Indeed, loving someone all over again and moving on from one person to another is a tough thing. Eventually, many people decide not to do the 'mistake' of falling in love once more, so they tend to stop loving. But love is extraordinary and it would be a supreme waste not to let yourself love or be loved again. So even after a few bruises, a lot of us try to love more than once.

If you are one of those who have been reluctant to fall in love again then this is for you.

Feed your spirit with trust and faith

If you are a believer and you have faith in morality, then this will carry you through if you have a complete trust in yourself. Try to balance the feeling of protecting your heart with the excitement of falling in love with a new person. Get your heart, mind, and soul ready for the next step in life and don't be afraid of anything.

You will be cautious in the beginning and that's quite natural because of what you have endured in the past. You might even find your new relationship scary because of the risk involved. But walk through these fears with the spirit of trust and faith in yourself and prepare your heart to fall in love again.

Be inquisitive about the new bonding

Approach your new relationship with curiosity instead of fear and trepidation. Consider it as a ride into a new adventure in your life. Explore it as a child with the sense of wonder and keep your eyes open and brains active.

Being curious never means judging. You should take all the time to get to know your new partner before you decide to give your heart away. It is not wise to trust the new person in your life straightaway either. Find out a bit more about your new love. If you take enough time, you will find out if this is just an infatuation or a love indeed. Every time you explore, you will discover new things that probably didn't seem to matter to you before.

Listen to your heart

Pascal said that the heart has its reasons which reason known nothing of. Most of us trust our hearts to make good decisions. But the truth is that hearts are easily strayed by our desires, ambitions, and weaknesses. Trusting yourself may not be the best bet to fall in love again but you do need to know your heart. Knowing yourself would only lead to making wise decisions especially in case of new relationships.

Confide with your trusted friends

Perhaps the most effective way to have the right decision will be to get your heart in line with your best friend's feedback. Share with the trusted people around you what your instincts tell you about that particular person. Know what your friends have to say about this new turn in your life. Combining your intuition with the feedback from the people you trust will eventually help you in making rational decisions ahead.

Dismiss any lingering resentments.

One of the common reason that we lose the spark is due to our bitterness with our previous experience. To feel the charm and excitement in your new relationship, you have to get over the past feelings of antipathy and animosity. Do not expect a lot from the new person in your life in the beginning.

The rule is that we get what we focus on. In other words, the more we think about our past experiences and what went wrong there, the worse it gets. If you truly want to fall in love all over again, then try shifting your attention to what you like and what good you can do to make it better.

Indeed, healing your heart after a breakup is not easy but that's the first step for moving on. It's only after healing that we can prepare our heart for someone new in our life.

Be open, positive, and hopeful

Before you plan to get into a new relationship with someone, set your intention to be open and optimistic. Be the real 'yourself' and stay authentic. There is no need to play games, be shy, or use any partner monitoring app to know the new guy in your life. People who use Xnspy or similar apps in the beginning may get derailed in the very start. Yes, using the Xnspy partner monitoring app can be your last resort if everything else fails. But being brave is the only way to embrace your new relationship. When you behave real, you are actually inviting the other person to be real too. Remember that we are not perfect, so when you're open and optimistic from the start, you create a conducive environment for an intimate connection right from the very start.

Final words

We can't unlearn what we already know. You just can't stop loving but you can prevent yourself from getting hurt. It's just a matter of time that the pain will subside and you will be left with good memories only. Keep love in your heart and fill your life with purpose. Maintain a network of friends whom you love and trust. They will support you during the troubled waters. Follow these things and you will be well on your way to falling in love again!

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