Lose Weight with Shizandra Berries By Drinking Shizandra Berry Tea' vs Infused Cherry Juice' vs By Adding Shizandra Berries to Red Wine

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A bowl of dried Shizandra berries.

Shizandra berries, also spelled schisandra, shisandra or schizandra, is also sometimes sold under the names of five flavor fruit or Dwu Wei Zi are dried berries that you can find in health food stores, gourmet stores or Asian supermarkets. The dried berry has a sour, salty and musky taste, so they are usually brewed in tea or soaked in water to remove stronger flavors. This are brewed as tea to support weight loss, immune function, blood purification and cognitive improvement. As an added bonus, Shizandra berries have also been known to improve the libido.

Shizandra berries on the vine.

Shizandra berries promote weight loss because:

  • They purify the blood and help eliminate fat from the blood and liver, helping to prevent weight gain
  • The berries have a notifying effect on the kidneys and liver, helping to regulate the metabolism and speed fat out of the system before it is store in the body
  • Shizandra combats chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver disease and chemical liver injury (from acetaminophen pain relievers) that can
  • Shizandra berries are an adaptogen that restores the body where it is weakest, thus helping all systems to work more efficiently
  • Shizandra berries enhance your energy levels, so that you feel lively even while you are on a limited calorie diet
  • Shizandra strengthens your endurance and stamina, allowing you to exercise for longer and thus lose weight faster
  • They improve cognitive function and can help prevent the foggy thinking that often comes with being on a low calorie diet.
  • They contain various antioxidants and lignin compounds that help prevent skin from sagging after weight loss
  • Shizandra berries are a source of vitamin C and Vitamin E, which is very supportive of the endocrine system and helps prevent inflammation of the organs and the yeast infections that can make you look bloated
  • They contain long-chain sugar acids called polysaccharides that provide a food source that takes a long time to burn off, which can help combat cravings and cut calories
  • Shizandra can help repair nervous systems that are damaged by diseases like Type 2 diabetes, thus enabling overweight people to exercise without pain.
  • The berries are a natural anti-depressant, which helps people on a low-calorie or more extreme diet stay in a good moo
  • The stress reduction provided by the berry keeps your blood sugar levels down by suppressing cortisol levels, which in turn helps you lose weight

Method 1: By Drinking Shizandra Berry Tea'

Shizandra Berry Tea.

According to the Chinese, drinking this tea for one hundred days will repair your health entirely. Drinking it every day, at least twice a day, can help you lose at least two pounds a week.

  1. 1
    Soak a cup of dried shizandra berries in a cup of pure distilled water overnight
    This is done to reconstitute the berries so that their bitter tannins can remove and that they can be palatable.
    Shizandra berries soaking in water.
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  2. 2
    Dump the berries in a strainer and rinse them under cool water several times
    You may also want to press the berries slightly against the mesh of the strainer to squeeze the tannins out of the juice in berries again.
    Shizandra berries help accelerate weight loss.
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  3. 3
    Place the soaked berries in a pot of boiling water and simmer for fifteen to twenty minutes to make the tea
    Do not cook them any longer than this or the berries could develop and unpleasant taste.
    You can also brew the shizandra berries in a tea pot.
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  4. 4
    Strain the resulting liquid into a jar that has a lid and drink warm or cold, at least twice a day
    You can have it over ice with a squeeze of lemon. You may also sweeten it with a bit of stevia or honey.
    Straining shizandra berries to make a weight-loss brew.
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Method 2: By Drinking Shizandra Infused Cherry Juice'

Cchd 50325.jpg

One way of getting the weight loss benefits of consuming shizandra berries every day is to infuse it with dark cherry juice. Cherry juice is also a fortifier of the blood and liver that is known for causing weight loss by regulating the metabolism. The Vitamin C in dark cherry juice can also work synergistically with the anti-inflammatory effects of the shizandra berries.

Note that cherry juice, like most juices are quite natural sweet and not ideal for diabetics to consume, so check with your doctor before drinking this decoction.

  1. 1
    Soak a cup of dried shizandra berries in a cup of pure distilled water overnight and then rinse them in cold water through a mesh strainer
    Pressing the berries gently against the metal mesh helps remove bitter tannins from the dried fruit as you are rinsing the berries.
    Shizandra berries soaking in water.
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  2. 2
    Add the rinsed shizandra berries to 1.5 liters of dark cherry juice and cap it tightly
    You can use sweet or tart cherry juice, according to your preferences.
    Use a quality brand of organic cherry juice.
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  3. 3
    Allow the mixture of shizandra berries and dark cherry source to sit for a day before straining the berries and drinking the remaining juice
    This mixture goes well with a slice of lemon over ice. Be sure to discard the berries and not use them again, as they will be too sour and bitter to consume.
    Cherry juice with lemon.
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Method 3: By Adding Shizandra Berries to Red Wine

A glass of red wine can be infused with dried Shizandra berries.

A tasty way to consume shizandra for weight loss is to make a tonic by soaking the berries in red wine. In this case, the berry actually adds a lot of flavor, especially to full-bodied sweet wines like Shiraz. Drinking four ounces of this tonic every day might result in a weight loss of two pounds a week.

  1. 1
    Add a cup of dried shizandra berries to 1.5 litres of wine and let the fruit soak in the wine for one week
    You can't go wrong using a fine Shiraz.
    Shizandra berries go well with a fine Shiraz.
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  2. 2
    Drink four ounces of the tonic at night every day until you have reached your weight loss goal
    It is recommended that you drink the mixture at night as the alcohol content could make you sleepy. Note that this regimen is not recommended for people who must stay away from alcohol.
    Drink this shizandra wine tonic every night before you go to bed to lose weight.
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Tips and Tricks

Shizandra powder.

  • See a physician before taking shizandra berries as a tea or in any other form as it may not agree with people who suffer from heartburn or problems with their esophagus
  • If you do find fresh shizandra berries in a market, be aware that they are too sour and salty for most people to tolerate as a fresh food and that they are likely being sold for people to dry at home in an oven or in a dehydrator
  • Powdered shizandra tea is available at a supermarket but it is not as effective for weight loss a making the tea fresh from the dried berries every one or two days

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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