Keep your boyfriend from cheating on you - 9 steps written by a boy

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Keeping your boyfriend interested so he doesn't cheat on you can be very difficult.

What if I told you there was a way to not only keep him interested, but make him crazy about you permanently?

In this article I share 9 steps that will make him crazy about you, so he is never tempted to cheat again. These steps are easily doable, and yet most women don't them.


But first you need to know the #1 killer of relationships...

This one secret is your key to keep him permanently "into" you. Once you know this secret you will become permanently irresistable to any guy.

Before we start, can I be honest with you? I want you to prepare yourself. You have been lied to.

5 Relationship Killing Lies You Need to Break Free From

  • He is not losing interest because you have been fighting lately.
  • He is not losing interest because you gained 2 or 3 pounds.
  • He is not losing interest because you are not giving him what he wants.
  • He is not losing interest because he is frustrated with your quirks.
  • He is not losing interest because you are not attractive enough.

Now are you read for the TRUTH?

I don't want you get upset so please prepare yourself.

Are you ready?

Let me start by telling you 3 hugely popular phrases you NEVER want to hear.

  1. 1
    I know you like the back of my hand.
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  2. 2
    We know each other so well there is nothing left to say.
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  3. 3
    You know me better than I know myself.
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OK. Here it is.

YOU HAVE BECOME BORING !! Don't get mad. Ask yourself it its true? After all we are all creatures of habit.

Men are adventurous.

They like the chase.

They like discovering new things about you!!

Stop being so boring! After all its no fun being boring anyway. But how?

Get ready to change into an interesting irresistable person he is crazy about. Not just for his sake, but for yourself!

9 Proven ways make him crazy about you so he doesn't cheat

Keep him Guessing

Don't give him what he wants too often.

Change your style or persona every 3 or 4 months. Become an early adopter of new styles. - Madonna example

Why did you stop flirting?

Give him space - In fact make him have some space. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Visit new places. Embrace learning and experiencing new things.

Become Relavent. - Find his top interest (fav sports team, fav sport or hobby). Read 10 min a day about it. Don't be afraid to ask questions and let him educate you. Let him watch you grow!

Find out what his Emotional "Turn Ons" are. Everyone has a certain thing that really turns them on, not just sexually but emotionally. To a degree, without knowing it you already are. That is why he was attracted to you. But now that you know him, explore what it is that really excites him. etc.

Reset your self image. Often subconsiously, when we think we are losing someone we will stop making eye contact as much, and just glances instead of that extra second of eye contact that says "we've got something special". Use eye Contact to let him know something is different.

Self Sabotage - I have made tens of millions of dollars and one of my most rewarding interests is to help others achieve success. Once I took a young man straight out of university and taught him how to make insane money. Within 2 years he self-sabotaged and his life fell apart. I have seen this behavior again and again. Without realizing it, many people will do things to ruin their relationships because they don't feel worthy, or can't self identify with a successful relationship. Hard to believe? It's true. Often we learn these subconsious limitations from our parents without realizing it. Identify and change your thinking. Start each day by telling yourself you love having a successful relationship and that is who you are.

Why do men cheat?

  1. 1
    Lack of romance and passion
    Lack of Romance.jpg
    Most of the time, this is what's lacking in a relationship. When relationships mature, men expect a different level of intimacy. This intimacy does not only mean kissing and holding a woman's hand, but everything there is to intimacy - meaning sex. Adults who are involved in mature relationships expect this, especially when both individuals are still young and able. For some reason, women may have difficulty fulfilling this need. They may be too tired from work or not just in the mood.
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  2. 2
    Experienced cheating from present or ex-lovers
    Experience with Cheating.jpg
    Some men cheat as a way of leveling the score in the relationship. For instance, a guy may still be with the woman who cheated him in the past, but he will grab the opportunity to cheat should the chance present itself as a way of getting back at her. This is not healthy though. Instead, it shows that the guy is immature. Furthermore, it shows that the guy is keeping tabs on mistakes within the relationship.
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  3. 3
    Man's Ego
    There are men who associate their masculinity with the number of women they maintain. If you are in such a relationship, then there's no remedy for this. It is just his nature. Although this behavior dwindles in time, as long as a man thinks and feels more masculine by having multiple partners, there is no stopping him.
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  4. 4
    Too much familiarity
    Remember, familiarity breeds contempt. When a man and a woman have been in a relationship for a long time, both get comfortable, sometimes to the point they forget the excitement of the first few years of their relationship. The woman, sometimes, falls into a routine and forgets to take care of herself. If in the past, she used to spend a day at the salon to pamper herself, now she may no longer consider this particular chore needed. Perhaps she doesn't have the time anymore for herself, and thus she appears unattractive to her partner. This is when men start to long for women who were like you in the earlier parts of the relationship.
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  5. 5
    He doesn't love you anymore
    No Love Anymore.jpg
    When the relationship lacks the usual passion and ardor like before, love goes stale, too. This is one of the major reasons that a man cheats. When he doesn't care about your feelings anymore, he will not even try to hide dating other women. You can hear it talked about with neighbors and friends, as well as observe his disinterested behavior towards you.
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What to do

What to do 58096.jpg
  1. 1
    Be adventurous in bed
    If the relationship is still new, this may be difficult for women. As such, try to be open minded. In fact, this particular aspect of the relationship is better when discussed with your boyfriend or partner. If you cannot be adventurous, at least be creative. Make him a special romantic dinner and proceed from there. Initiate the act when in bed if you feel that he's not taking any action to do so.
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  2. 2
    Do not give in to his every whim
    Because of your fear to lose him, you may give in to his every desire. This should not be the case. You should know your limits. Giving him whatever he wants, will not make him stay with you longer. Respect yourself, your boundaries, and tell him what can and cannot be done when he's with you. This way, he knows when he should stop asking favors or actions from you.
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  3. 3
    Stop controlling him
    A love relationship is not about control. It is about letting the person be himself and be accepted for being himself. As such, do not try to control his behavior or actions. Let him do what he wants, yet try to be firm and state behavior and actions that you do not like. By maintaining open communication, you will better understand each other and will benefit the relationship considerably.
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  4. 4
    Tell and show him that you appreciate him
    Men, from time to time, will show you their romantic side. You may receive some flowers on an unexpected day, without any occasion. Show that you appreciate it by calling him and thanking him. You can also think of a way to surprise him. You can bring him a homemade breakfast at work unexpectedly. This can be a common practice for both of you - surprise each other from time to time.
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  5. 5
    Let him be with the boys
    There are times that he will want to spend time with friends. He may get invited to a drinking night out with his friends. As such, this should not be a reason for your conflict. Let him be with his friends, as you will also need your friends, too. For a relationship to grow deeper, both involved individuals should learn to give and take.
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The methods mentioned here are just recommendations. It is important to get to know your partner very well through other means, like having fun together. There is no known formula for a sustainable relationship - only open communication can help you get through the ups and downs of it.

Additional Tips

  1. 1
    Do not try to watch your boyfriend
    This means that you do not trust him. If he finds out, he will tend to seek other partners even more, as your actions bespeak of the amount of trust you give.
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  2. 2
    Do not ask his friends about the details of their night out
    As mentioned above, he will think that you don't trust him. Worse, his friends will try to ask him if there is something wrong with him for you to ask around about his activities.
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Questions and Answers

How to ensure your boyfriend won't cheat anymore?

As a boy, there are lots of things that may cause us to cheat, and it is hard to say, what you girls must do to ensure that we boys won't cheat anymore. There are some things sometimes that boys want to do, but you are against of it instead of being supportive. Then it could make us boys feel mad and look for someone who can understand us. Also, boys don't want to be accused of something like cheating or whatsoever; because even though it is not true, then if the girl insists it your boyfriend might get pissed and actually do it. So to avoid it for me what you need to do is:

  • TRUST him
  • Always show him that you love him

How to pamper a man's ego?

Pampering a man's ego is as simple as not putting him down when he talks about how good he is at something or how smart he is for example. As long as you do not put him down or feel less of a man that is a way of pampering a man's ego.

Hi, I'm with this guy for 7 years now, and he has always cheated on me, he even had a child with another woman. I treat him like a king, and I love him very much, but nothing is ever good enough. Recently he started a relationship with a woman that lives very close to us, and they are also old schoolmates, please tell me what to do I am desperate?

Cheating boyfriend, I love him, but I am very hurt

Unfortunately, he is the unstoppable type that cannot be changed even if you become perfect at everything. One of the best solutions would be moving together somewhere where are so few people that everyone knows what another person is doing at any given moment. A village or a small town would be ideal for you both. Otherwise, try to live alone for a couple of months in a very busy city, far away from your home. Go out, explore new places, and meet new people. Always communicate with others, and you might notice how accurate the "Out of sight, out of mind" proverb is.

The better answer, which you may not want to hear, is just to leave him. You deserve better. Once you find someone else, your like and desire for him will evaporate.

What Can I do to remove this girl from my boyfriend life?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 10 years. There is this girl who keeps harassing my life on social media for my boyfriend. She has several tattoos of his nickname. Whenever she sees me with my boyfriend, she does nothing. But when I am alone she does all kind of nonsense. I have tried: I told him about it. I sent her a lawyer paper. I have been praying, but I know I need to pray more. I think it was caused by: I think they have some relation or used to have some relation.

This girl is obsessed with your boyfriend. Outright ask him what she means to him. If they had a long term relationship, then this could be the cause for her behavior. Maybe he was with her when he started dating you. Either way, block her from your social media. Do not tag him in any photos and keep your profiles private. Screenshot any negative harassment from her on social media as there are laws against online bullying and harassment in many countries. You should also take notes of other actions she makes towards you when you are alone so that if needed, you can file a restraining order on her. Finally, ask yourself if this guy is really worth all of this drama. If he is unwilling to help you end it then you need to end the relationship.

What will I do with this, I normally get news about my boyfriend hanging out with the girls who like him?

All about stupid girls who don't know how to have distance with my boyfriend

These girls are probably just friends. Also, you can't blame the girls if he is not telling them that he is in a relationship with you. One thing you can do is ask to meet all of them since they seem to be a big part of his life. Jealousy is a normal reaction, but the more you know about these girls, the better you will feel about him hanging out with them. Just realize that you may view the level of commitment in the relationship differently than him. Especially if you are both under that age of 25.

Can you change a cheating man?

Guy says he's faithful, but actions prove otherwise. He's convinced he'd be faithful in marriage, but he has a pattern of flirting with women and leading them on.... I have tried: I've tried being less touchy about it and less sensitive, including appearing jealous. I've just tried to appeal 'cool'. I think it was caused by: I don't know. He doesn't think I care what he does. And secondly, he's very handsome, so he easily gets attention from girls. He can't help but give it to them and flirt his way to their hearts (especially when I'm not around).

Some people flirt without even realizing that is what they are doing. They just think they are being nice, but it comes off as flirting. Other people only feel self-worth by how others respond to them such as flirting back. If you can't deal with this behavior and are going to be miserable all of the time, then it is not worth going any further into a relationship with him. He has said that he will remain faithful to you yet it appears that you do not trust that. No one wants to be in a relationship where they are looking over their shoulder all the time. Either you learn to trust him, or you end the relationship.

How can I make my boyfriend stop acting as if my emotions are fake?

He always says he loves me, but he always cheats on me although he knows that hurts me very much.When I want to break up with him, he does not want to. He even cheated on me with my classmate that I have to see often at school. I have tried: I tried to explain my feelings to him, and I even improved my skills in the bedroom. I think it was caused by: I think because he does not believe that he is the only one I have

You are making excuses for his behavior. Stop doing this. There is nothing you have done or not done that is causing him to cheat on you. The issue is you keep staying with him and condoning his cheating ways. It does not matter if he does not want to break off the relationship with you. It is your choice whether to stay or leave, not his. He won't leave you because he emotionally hurts you over and over and you do nothing about it. Find someone that will love you and only you.

Hey I have a boyfriend I suspect he is cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. We are living together, but as times gone by, he has changed.

Am I pushing him to cheat on me? He is always tired even in bed. He doesn't even call me during the day or to come home to check on me. I'm the one who is pushing for this relationship. I'm no longer happy, but I love him. I don't to lose him; please help me.

Your description of the circumstances in his behavior can be caused by depression or stress. Is he working or going to school and feels overwhelmed? Are you both experiencing financial stress?

You will have to continue to keep this relationship together until you can speak with him and come to a resolution to solve his demeanor. Do not pressure him into telling you what is going on but instead, offer support and comfort to him. Find joy in the small things. Leave notes for him throughout the apartment of encouragement.

I caught my boyfriend cheating but I forgave him, does reverse psych work to make him stop?

The cheating went on for a month now and I caught him. With a text message. I forgave him. I managed to talk to the girl and knew everything I needed to know (hopefully) and made the girl swear not to communicate with my man again. Then tonight, I woke up from sleeping, it's 1 am and I called my boyfriend to ask why he is still on Facebook. I called him but the line was busy. Tried calling the girl and it was also busy. The moment I messaged them telephone line instantly became available. I asked him and he made sure to insist that nothing was going on anymore. So I became calm. But what should I do now? Does reverse psychology work so he'd realize the mistake he's doing now? And how do I do it? In my situation, I already caught them and talked to both parties. Forgave both of them. But this instance made me suspect something is still going on so I want to know what to do or if reverse psych work and how to make my man realize that he should stop what he is doing if he is still doing it. I have tried: I tried being really nice to him. I wasn't always getting mad anymore. I think it was caused by: I think it was because I was with him all the time or we have been fighting a lot lately. But the reason of the fights was all along (I didn't know it back then) because of the girl. The reasons we're fighting is when he's going MIA and all that which I eventually knew that he was with her.

The other girl is not the cause of your unraveling relationship. In fact, you can't blame her at all. Your boyfriend will not change other than get better at deception and keeping you in the dark. It is great that you have forgiven and now is the time for acceptance and moving on.

Am not sure if my boyfriend love me at the same time l know he loves me but l feel like he is cheating on me could it be true .he doesn't want to loose me no matter what?

I am not sure if my boyfriend is cheating or not sometimes he acts so weired and at the same time he looks like he doesn't want to loose me am a good girl he know .yesterdaynl told him if you continue cheating am going to leave you but he said(l won't cheat you baby l promise)should l believe me him does it seem like he loves me ...l love him so much too. It's different because we are in a long distance relationship and everything is just different because l and him are totally different from people in here situations can never be the same the can be slightly alike but different. I have tried: I told him if he is cheating am going to break up with him and he said he won't cheat and promised. I think it was caused by: I think firstly it's because l have not been supporting him that much in his music career l wanted him to do school first then later music but he want music first ..secondly l think l was really too much on him am actually kind of obsessed thirdly l think being in a long distance relationship forced him to do so

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I think my ole man wants to cheat and trying to his best to find the woman to cheat on me with?

Hi I'm been with my ole man for a year and10mos now. Everything was good at the beginning but 4months in the beginning he tried flirting with a woman who works at the store. I forgave him so I gave him a chance we'll a few months after that my sister and her friend will come over to visit me and I kinda seen a flirt in him to my sister friend but I didn't say anything so I keep inside until I know the truth. Well my daughter had a baby shower and my sister invites her friend to the shower well everything was going good until I Walk in the kitchen where I seen him kneeing down talking to her and flirting I went off but not to bad because it was my daughter baby shower but once we left and went home I went crazy on him. But stupid me I gave him another chance. Well it's been like 6 months now and he never tried cheating or flirt with anybody else that I don't know of. But just the other day went stop at the store and I had my mom with me and he went in the store well he was the only one in the store it doesn't take long to ask for a pack of cigarettes pay for them in leave well 7mins then passed and when someone else went in the store you can see the girl that's there smiling and laughing. When he came to the car you can see the guilt in his face so I went again and I told him I'm done I'm going on with my life he kept on telling me that I'm tripping and everything else. I need help because this relationship is pulling a toll on me. I never been in a relationship that I have to worried about getting cheated on or anything like that. 39yrs old and I shouldn't have to worried about that my kids loves him but even my oldest daughter tells me that she doesn't see me and him together for long because all we do now is argue. It's sad because I really love him and wanted this to work but if he's trying to cheat or talk to other woman then my life and my kids life means more than getting played by a man. I really thought it was me tripping all the time because I have a lot of issues already that I face everyday but now I know it's not me I didn't do any wrong in this relationship. I don't even talk to nobody or flirt with no one. I'm getting to old to be playing stupid games. I need help I need answers before I loose it. I think my ole man wants another relationship because he flirts and tries his best to holla at other woman. I have tried: I try to be a good ole lady for him everyday I make sure he got food cook clothes folded and clothes in the bathroom after his shower I do everything he asked me to do for him. I think it was caused by: I really don't know. Well at the beginning I got kicked out of my place so he wanted us to go stay with his cousin for a second so we can saved up and get a place together well that's when the flirting started happening when we was living with his family and his ex girlfriend kept coming to visit at his family house I guess to come see him because he was staying with me for 2 months before we moved in with his family

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I don't know y the father of my children keep on cheating and spending too much money on girls?

I just found out that he was cheating with this girl for 8yrs now me and him we have 10yrs now. And I asked him what is his tensions to ward's her. He said, "I must please give him some time to thing this through" and he was helping her for her studies. Like he did it tome. And the worse part he listen to this girl more than me. Everything she said to him, he does it with no questions. I suffer this years am hurt. Am confused! Everything I said it's true. My situation is very difficult at this time. Am lost because I have two kids now for this men. And we don't talk much. I have tried: I took him to his father.We talk I tolled him his way of this. And I have tried even to seat down with him asking does he still loves. And he said yes he still wants to be with me. Because I was ready to move on. I think it was caused by: I real don't know. Because I have done everything I thought men want I have loved him, respected him and taking Carr of him as my King. I real don't know.

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Is my boyfriend cheating me or I have a problem that I need to sort out?

I found an earing,, eyeshadow stick and also a toothpick that had lipstick on it and when I asked he said he doesn't know who left them as he does not lock his room. and I asked how come there was hair of a lady in his combs and he said that means people should not come to his place.

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Should I send screen shots to my guy of the texts of a girl I suspect is also sleeping with the man I call my boyfriend?

I noticed a new number stalking me on WhatsApp.The person was not texting me so she stalked me for a week then I was forced to text and ask her if we had met before or if we share a group.She said neither of the two but told me she had gotten my number from my boyfriend so that she can expand customer base for selling cake since she is a baker.I asked her if she new my name then she told me the this guy had told her My names.And when she also told me her names they were the names of a lady that has always been tagging this guy I call a boyfriend on every posts of hers.So this left me puzzled. I even feared to confront this guy and ask him. Its different because have never seen a situation where a guy is confusing two different girls at the same time. I have tried: I have tried to dig more data about this lady but and still failed to understand why she tags this guy.She has not been open to tell me whether she is going out with this guy. I think it was caused by: May be she also checked the guys phone and got suspicious

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