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If you are like the typical teenager, or have a hangover of it, you may have a messy room which you found no problem about until someone mature enough goes into it and asks you to clean all the piles of clothes on your bed. Keeping your room clean and organized may be hard at first but constant cleaning and arranging should do the job. A clean and organized room is appealing to the eyes and makes you find things easire and faster. We will be outlining some reminders to help you clean up your messy room.

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    Do not be a pack rat. Some people value things so much that they want to keep it for the rest of their lives
    There is nmothing wrong with that. However, keeping an eraser given by a grade two friend, or holding on to that red bulky plastic car that has no more wheels won't make your room tidier. Let go, think of the things that you have in your room that you do not currently need. If you can dispose them, if you do not want to dispose them, consider moving them to the basement. This is one of the biggest problem of people with messy rooms, they tend to hold and keep those unnecessary things.
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    Sort up your things. Arrange your things
    Give or design an order of your things. Keep those things that yuou always use close to you. Always keep this in mind, keep the things you use daily closer, arrange things according to their use, dispose unnecessary things.
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    Clean up your room. When we say clean up, we mean, get rid of all the dust, mud, and all the impurities from your room
    There should be no scrtach paper on floor, or a bottle of beer, or some loose tissue. Cleaning up your room would give you a bigger space too.
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    Make it a habit. Sorting, setting things in order and cleaning are difficult tasks
    however, if you kep doing them everyday, it would only take so much of your efforts and time and once you do it everyday, it will become part of your habit. Once it will be part of your habit, you will do it without any efforts at all.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • You can do a garrage sale from the things you do not need to get some cash from it.
  • If you need to, get yourself some organizers to help keep your room organize.
  • Ask help everytime you need to move big and heavy things.

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