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Fashion Contests have become very popular after the explosion of followers showing interest that the American Reality Show, Project Runway helped bring fashion interest into "water cooler" conversations. Many of us became "Couch" panel judges while waiting with baited breath to see who would be eliminated off the show. Michael Kors, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum made the process of judging look easy. In reality, it is a tough process of elimination with high criticism and you need to feel confident with your decisions as well as with your opinions. Judges must be impartial yet show decisive action when scoring the contestants. Drawing from their knowledge of the fashion industry can aid in the contestant process, especially when noting criticism or praise for an item created and pointing out in detail the opinion of the score. Most contestants enter to get their recognition but also to get the necessary critical assessment from leaders in their represented fields.

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In a fashion contest, a panel of judges ultimately decides who represents the current trend most dynamically. Judges base their decision on the ability, talent, and attitude of the contestant. Conversational aspects of the contestant should also be considered. Fashion is based on brand and the voice is the best representation of the brand.

There is a general theme for each category of the contest and it is up to the judges to decide who best represented the theme. Often fashion contestants over exaggerate a focal point to gain maximum attention. With the tides always changing in fashion, only a few key focal points will get picked up by the mass market of goods. It is often at these contests that fashion design warehouses scout for upcoming talent to hire in their companies. As a judge, make up a list of predetermined questions to ask each contestant during the contest. Look at the themes to point the focus of the questions. This will help you determine further the score given for that category based on the contestants answers.

In judging, experts on the contest subject must have confidence in their decision-making process. There are qualifications that the contestant and the applicant for a contest or audition must meet in order for the judges to consider them.

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The guidelines differ from one contest to another. In most instances, judges are chosen for their expertise in categories of the contest. Judging is not limited to garments in terms of fashion, but the focus of a contest may be photography, design, modeling, hair, accessories, etc. Whatever the contest is about, you need to be an expert in the subject of the contest to judge properly. In fashion - aesthetics, presentation, design and other qualities must be considered.

In judging, here are the guidelines needed in choosing the right contestant.

Criteria for judging the fashion wear

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    Most fashion industry contests include the submission of the designer's portfolio. Weigh the portfolio along with the creativity of the submission to the contest. In order to assign a high score, you as a judge should want to see more of the designer's imagination manifested in their designs.
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    The submission submitted for judging should be flawless in execution. Consider points such as if the design could be worn by the mass market of consumers. Also take into consideration of detail and the time that the designer put into the submission. With your background in the fashion industry, you will be able to note any missteps or ill executed design.
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    In contests, the resourcefulness of the contestant can be considered as a talent, if the materials used are limited or specific to the contest. This is especially true if the contest involves recyclable or unusual materials (making a bridal dress from toilet paper). It's takes a very creative designer to make something beautiful from some things that are not. In this situation, determine who best followed the theme and created a visionary design.
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    Sometimes a contestant can go too far off a theme while trying to make a statement. Assess the design execution and determine who displayed the theme best with their overall presentation. Remember to consider the model's appearance if the designer is in charge of hair and makeup as well as the pieces of clothing and accessories.
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    Judges should focus on originality, and make sure it was not an imitation of another contestant's design. Ensure that the submission is not a copy of a previous fashion red carpet trend. Depending on the theme, there should be at least two different distinctions between each contestant's creation for the contest. If the contest has a jean garment category, for example, determine who showed the best design that made you want to showcase those jeans in a red carpet event.
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Criteria for judging the presentation in a fashion show

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    The judges should consider the confidence and poise of the contestant when presenting his/her newly innovative designs. The contestant should have a good attitude when presenting his/her work and should be able to take constructive criticism toward future improvement. They should be able to explain in detail their answers to your questions.
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    Check the accuracy of the steps presented by the maker. Check whether the designer knew the correct executions in making the fashion attire. How well the garment was sewn can set apart a decent designer from a phenomenal designer. Little details or embellishments should be flawless. Can they effectively point out each step they made to create the selection with confidence?
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    Fashion designers are plentiful. They must stand out dramatically in their field of contestants and present their overall vision to the judges to be noticed. The designs may be simple but executed perfectly and if you can see their vision for future designs then they should be considered as a leading contestant.
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Questions and Answers

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What do I look for first in the dress?

The quality or fit of the dress?

The quality of the dress doesn't matter if you can't fit into it. Always look for the fit first. Once you've found your size, you can start looking at your different options and the quality between multiple dresses. That will help you narrow down your choices much faster.

Determine what type of dress looks the best on you. There are seven different types of dresses classified by the fashion and designer industry. A-line dresses are universal and the most popular design. Choose a dress that features your best physical qualities while disguising any that you are not fond of. The most important thing in determining a dress is how confident you feel wearing it. Do not choose a dress you are hesitant about, but the one that makes you feel fabulous.

Criteria for retro fashion shows and its corresponding awards?

Criteria for retro fashion shows and its corresponding awards

Retro fashion shows are looking for the best representation of the time period specified. For example, you may receive an award for the best bell-bottoms from a 1970's contest. Steam Punk contests are becoming more popular where there are awards for best outfit, fashion accessory, furniture, and hair. Pick several theme awards that represent the time period. The 60's, for instance, could have a best in eye makeup award.

The major categories in judging fashion?

What are the major categories that a judge will look at in judging fashion for example, official wear, evening wear, beach wear, and what do you look at when judging this categories. Thanks.

Each fashion contest will have different criteria. All categories should be looking for a designer with the best overall concept of fashion design. Judges will be looking for how well a garment is made, if the design concept was executed accurately, if the design is unique and has the judges wanting more from the designer.

For each individual category, look for the uniqueness of something like eyeglass, options in beach wear or a new color choice or dress cut for evening wear. Hair and makeup of the models can make or break a design so those are important to consider when judging each category.

I need criteria about summer wear and fitted jeans for pageant night?

Criteria summer wear and fitted jeans for beauty pageant

Summer wear consists of clothing like sundresses, shorts, and resort wear. For fitted jeans you need to consider the body type of the model and have jeans that accentuate the model's best attributes, while concealing ones that are not as flattering. The color of the jeans is also important as well as any patchwork designs or other embellishments such as studs.

What principles can I follow when judging at a fashion show?

What actually matters when considering the best performers at the fashion show/

The guidelines listed here should be considered when considering the best of a fashion show. Confidence will be the one universal thing you will want to look for in the contestant.

What is your career and what does fashion mean to you?

How do you benefit from fashion?

If this was a question presented to you for an answer, explain how fashion impacts everything in your daily life from not just the outfit you choose but also items you purchase for your home. Are you someone that switches your makeup choices each season for the newest trendy eye shadow color or lipstick? Do you gravitate more towards modern fashion or like to keep several classic pieces that never go out of style like a good A-line, black dress or a Chesterfield sofa.

What are the things we should consider in judging a modeling contest?

Like, how they walk or what, how they wear it and how they walk with it.

  • Confidence
  • Presentation
  • Appearance

These are the main criteria in judging a modeling contest. Consider how the cut of the design they are featuring works and if it emphasizes the model's best features. Is their hair complimenting their outfit? When they walk down the runway, you should feel they own the stage.

I want to be a fashion judge, so how can I get started, what should I have in mind?

I am about becoming a fashion show judge in Africa, so I need tips

Take courses offered in fashion so you can gain knowledge on the subject. Go to fashion shows and observe and listen the judges. Start a blog or vlog about fashion so you can become relevant in the industry. See if you can intern with a fashion designer or contribute fashion articles to a major fashion publication. If you build your notoriety in the fashion industry you will be sought out instead of the one seeking out a seat on a judging panel.



  • View their portfolio of previous work
  • Assess how well they present themselves when speaking
  • Do they make you want to see more of their ideas

There are more criteria explained in the VisiHow article above. Judge based on your knowledge and do not try to imitate another judge. Each of you is chosen so your individual expertise works as one cohesive judging panel.

Looking for Selection parameters of Models for a Fashion show /Ramp walk?

Selection parameters or eligibility characters of Fashion Models for a Ramp show or fashion Show. Guidelines needed for judge choosing the right fashion contestant.

The parameters are listed in the VisiHow article on this page and in some of the answers in the QNA section. When it comes to choosing the models as a designer you first need to choose your storyboard vision. If you see all models wearing braids and dark hair then you need to choose models that work with your theme. If you want a pixie hair cut, then you will need to either find models that have short hair or are willing to wear a wig for that event.

What are the criteria for judging in best in cocktail dress and tuxedo?

What are the criteria in best in tuxedo, cocktail dress and casual?

Fit, design, and accessories are what you will judge immediately. Then determine if the designer has made you want to wear that outfit or incorporate pieces of it into your wardrobe. Finally, did the model appear confident in the outfit? Like a restaurant critic assesses the chef and waiter, you should assess the total package from the design of the outfit to how the model portrays the outfit.

What should be my criteria in judging production number, denim attire, creative attire, casual attire and long gown?

This is in connection of our event, Search for Ms. GKK Upper Lamcaliaf.

Score each selection independently based on quality and presentation. Consider at the end who had the best overall presentation of the designs with little to no error in creating the attire. There may be a few contestants that put all their focus into the long gown yet through together items for the other categories. Someone like this should not be a winner. Look for the person that showed focus for all categories in the contest and was consistent throughout.

How can we judge the fantasy attire?

We are having a pageant. One of the criteria for judging is the fantasy attire

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Actually I am to prepare a short speech on my western and Chinese fusion dress and I don't know how to start it. Can you please help?

I am to prepare for my fashion show in school.. I have tried: I have just managed to get the dress, that is it.. I think it was caused by: Our class teacher selected me for the ramp

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