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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You

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I'm a freshmen in high school and this senior in high school keeps touching my thigh. Should I tell someone?

This kid has always been kind of weird, and he is friend with my older sister who is also a senior. I just recently got assigned to be a teacher assistant with him, and I always sit on the floor, but he sits next to me, so close that his leg is on top of mine. I find a lam excuse to move over but he scorches closer. I'm scared and I don't know if should tell someone. Should I?. I have tried: I tried moving away, but he follows. At first I thought it was a joke with him tickling me, but then he straight grabbed my thigh.. I think it was caused by: I think he likes my older sister and he is always saying how we are so similar so maybe now he is starting to get feelings for me.

If you don't like his passes you need to confront him and tell him to stop. If you secretly like him then let it continue but you should still confront him and tell him what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. If after confronting him he is still making these passes then it is harassment. If you are being harassed then definitely tell your parents, a teacher or principal.

If a guy keeps touching your thighs on purpose does that mean he wants you bad?

Like yesterday I was sitting down and then he had came over there to me he was smiling and then he sat down and he front of me and he just kept touching my thighs and then he kept giving me comments

It is not usual for a man to touch a woman's thighs because the thighs are a more intimate part of the body. In fact, for years the touching a woman's thighs socially is what has been called "making a pass." The intent of this type of touching is usually to send a tactile message of sexual interest.

If you are interested in him this would be the time to ask him out on a date. He is obviously sending you signals that he finds you attractive.

He touches me. He is different with me. I don't know what is happening?

We are in the same class and we spend 7 hours a day together, he hugs me or holds my hand or rest head on my shoulders. He keeps on looking at me with a smile. He even finds me cute. He wants me to be with him everywhere. He is absolutely different with other people. He takes my hand and will keep on holding it unless I pull it away. Is he really into me or is he just a great friend?

Everything he is doing with you is something that couples do when they are dating. It could just be that he is an outgoing touchy feely type of person but this sounds more like he thinks you are dating.

I don't know whether the guy whom I like, likes me or not?

This guy is in my office, working in a different department, he has caught me looking at him several times, we sometimes make eye contact, but that lasts for a mini second. I am confused whether he likes me or not. I have tried: Making eye contact, whenever I get to know he is going to pass from my desk. I stand up so that he can see me. I think it was caused by: There is no problem as such

If there is only eye contact, then it is just curiosity more than interest in you. It is normal for us to stare back for a second when we catch someone staring at us. If he is looking for opportunities during the workday to speak with you, then he is most likely interested in you.

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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You
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Does he like me or is he taking advantage of me because he keeps touching me?

Is he taking advantage of me or does he like me? There's this guy on my co-ed soccer team. We became friends last year. This year he asked for my number, I didn't give it to him because I thought it was a joke (I realized it wasn't later). A few days later he was extremely rude to me, like he went out of his way to be rude. Then the next week he wanted to sit next to me on the bus on the way to our games and he started acting nice again and had a conversation with me. He started sitting next to me every time. Each time he sat next to me he would get really close. During different rides he rested his head on my shoulder, he laid across my lap and put his hand on my thigh and looked at me. The next week he went on a date with some girl. Is he taking advantage of me or is he into me?

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How do I know if he likes me with all of the things that have happened?

This guy, we are in the same class everyday so we spend like7 hours together. He sits next to me a lot since he moves seats to sit next to me. He then one day started to touch my thigh and I actually didn't know what to do since he caught me by surprise. Later he kept doing it on different occasions and he actually got pretty high but I snatched his hand away and then he apologized to me. When the English teacher puts a movie and turns off the light and since there are no windows, I sit in the back and so does he. He always tells me to come closer and I do. One day he started to play with my hair but then he started touching my neck. He has done this several times and he even starts to touch my face and the lower back of my neck.. He also plays a lot with my hands and he doesn't let them go. But one day I told him that I liked him a little and he said that he wanted to remain as friends because he wanted to be with another person but then I have caught him staring, so I really am confused what should I do, help me please? He actually is with me a lot but then at lunch he goes with another girl and in the class he always wants to be close to me.

He is interested in you but you need to win him fully. You need to play HOT and COLD. Give him some attention then the next time tell him... "I thought we were just friends". Then go on a date with someone else and make him jealous. Let him know if he wants you he will need to work for it. Guys don't like anything that is too easy. Right now you are easy for him because you let him touch you in more than friend ways without resistance mostly. You need to show him that others are interested in you and he better act if he intends to get you.

What if he is super weird and quirky around me?

He dances weirdly around me and is always talking to me about weird things.. I have tried: I look at him strange.. I think it was caused by: I have no idea

This is probably his personality when he is nervous. If you are interested in him then try to get to know him better and see if he relaxes around you. It is tough to say if he is interested in dating you but he does enjoy your company.

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