Identify the trinity sign

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The trinity sign, or Triquetra, is an image depicting an interrelated knot, which signifies the three persons of God. The sign Triquetra is depicted as a three-part interlocking fish symbol that symbolizes the Christian's trinity. The word "trinity" is derived from the Latin noun "trinitas" meaning "three that are one." The Trinity can be described as the representation of God as one being, derived from three distinct persons that exist as co-equal entities, co-eternal communion, as the three are described as God the Father, followed by God the Son and lastly, God the Holy Spirit. Take note that these three, while having different affinities are unique in their entirety - Never confuse that, my friend. This article will identify the trinity symbol, along with the meaning of its parts and as a whole.

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Identifying the trinity sign

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    The trinity sign is fairly easy to distinguish from other worldly/secular and even Christian symbols, as stated above - it is a three-part interlocking lines that seems to form a complete and harmonious design
    All sides are co-equal in length and size, furthering the fact that they represent equal power of an all-powerful God represented in three personas. Below are other depictions of the trinity, and while the designs may be somewhat different, it depicts the same meaning.  
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    There is only one God
    1. God exists eternally in three distinctive persons.
    2. The Father is God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    3. God the Father is not God the Son, the Son is not the God the Father, the Father is not God the Spirit, etc.
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God the Father

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    God the Father is attributed with the commencement of all life, and the fountain as well as wellspring of things that is on earth
    In regards to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and in relation to us united, along with his Son, Father is the proper title for God, and does not merely identify what he is like. While John the Apostle records, in the words of God Himself, it will be eternal life to understand the Father, the just, true almighty God, and Christ Jesus whom he has sent. To determine how this confession of faith from the God as well as Father of Jesus Christ, he has implied that Trinitarianism needs fuller evidence from Bible, and the actual wisdom which can be given from the Holy Spirit.
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God the Son

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    Christians believe there's a personal Almighty God, the Creator and Ruler of the universe, a God who's infinite and eternal while being unchangeable
    So once the Christian says that Christ Jesus is also God, or when he says that he believes in the particular "deity of Christ," he shows that that same person, who from history is known as Christ of Nazareth, before He came down from Heaven to be man, from just about all eternity as infinite, eternal and unchangeable, The Almighty, the second person on the holy Trinity.  
    1. The deity of Jesus Christ is regarded as a vital doctrine and it is a key non-negotiable opinion within Christianity. Often known as the divinity of Jesus Christ, this doctrine firmly asserts that Jesus Christ was and is God incarnate. The apostle Paul furthered this by saying that the full fullness of deity dwells bodily.
    2. Jesus, God's only begotten Son, is a person with two natures, being Divine and Human. This is known as the Hypostatic Union.
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God the Holy Spirit

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    The Bible clearly signifies the Holy Character as possessing divine capabilities and exercising divine power
    From the fourth century, nearly all people agree that the Spirit is also divine. While viewed together, passages through the Old and New Testaments depict this Holy Spirit as being a divine person comparable to the Father and also the Son. Thus, the Holy Spirit is understood to be one of these three personalities on the triune God, known to be the Trinity.  
    1. The words that are used to describe the divine characteristics of God, like His being eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, can also be applied to the Holy Spirit.
      Holy SPirit.jpg
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The Trinity

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    God is a trinity made up of three persons
    God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Father is a different person than the Son; the Son is a different person than the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is an altogether different person than the Father. They absolutely are not three gods, and they never are three beings. They are generally three distinct persons; however, they are a single God. Each one has a will, ability to speak, to love, and so forth. They are in complete harmony with each other, and these are demonstrations of their person-hood. They are in perfect harmony, composed of one substance. They are co-eternal, coequal, as well as co-powerful. If any on the list of three is removed, there is no God.
    Trinity table.PNG
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    To understand the term Trinitarianism, God is believed to be three persons in one essence, nature, or being
    These three terms can be seen often as identifiable, but it may help to understand what exactly each means separately. Theological explanations of the Trinity, which originated and were developed in the early church, included using certain Greek terms that are included in the original manuscripts pertaining to the original meaning and reference.
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A brief history of Trinity

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    The doctrine of the Trinity was formally developed from the early church in a reaction to errant teaching about the nature of God as obtained in Arianism
    Arianism attempted to protect monotheism (the belief in a God) by denying the entire deity of Jesus, a belief the majority of Christians held right now. Arianism taught that Jesus Christ was divine, but he was a lesser deity versus the Father. To affirm the Church's stance about the nature of Goodness, the Trinity seemed to be formally stated from the Nicene Creed (325 AD), as well as the later Athanasian Creed.
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    Due to these early ecumenical creeds, any departure from the Christian doctrine of the Trinity was deemed heresy
    These creeds affirm their early Christian conviction, which was that Jesus was Goodness. Arianism caused the church to dogmatically affirm what was already believed and inherent towards the earliest of Christian theology.
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    The period "Trinity", is not obtained in the Bible
    Theophilus regarding Antioch around 180 AD, first used the Greek term trias (a number of three) in reference to God, His Term, and His Knowledge. However, Tertullian 215 AD was the initial one to express this doctrine when using the Latin term, Trinitas (Trinity), speaking about the Father, Son, and Holy Heart.
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One Powerful God

In a world where diverse gods literally differ in every nation, continent, village and province, how do we identify the real One? The genuine One who made the Universe as it is? If you're a Christian who believes in the Eternal and one true God, then you must know from doctrines and the scripture itself that it is God the Father, shown in perfect harmony of the holy Trinity. How magnificent is the mystery of God - one Lord in three personas.

The One True God

There are all sorts of names attributed to God found in the Bible. There are approximately 100,000 religions in the world. Gods range from wooden carved statues of different sizes to dogs and dung beetles. As far as Christians are concerned, history has proven the truthfulness of Bible and its prophecies again and again. Even the prevalence of people who don't believe in the real true God can be said to prove what the Bible says in chapter 17 verse 1 Psalm of the Bible, which says "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked."

Why Can't I See God

Many people ask that if God is real, why he won't show himself? Think about this for a while before we tackle this - if a human's mind is measured, it would be equal to a handful of water from the sea, and God's knowledge is what remains. Now can you honestly ask that question without critical analysis of this? Humans think that their knowledge of the present and the understanding of things around them enables them to question God and his realness. Christians believe that God hides himself in order for us to find Him in the right method. Answer this question - if a certain someone approached you in the street and declared to you that he is God, would you believe him? Or perhaps if you knew a famous person who seemed to have an aura of truthfulness and righteousness in him, would you dare say he is legitimate? We are ultimately sinful and low in comparison to God and as a Christian, don't think of this in a prideful mind, but rather accept it with humility. God doesn't want our observation, and doesn't need to make pitiful attempts to prove His existence. Look around you, listen to the whisper of nature, and look at the sky, as Christians believe that you can see how real God is through the visible things God created that they see every waking days of their life. He only wants our love and acceptance of what He is, He wants us to know what truth is, and that He is Love.

The Love of God

Jesus Christ urged us to think God as a loving father, the maker of all things, the ultimate creator of Heaven and Earth who is omnipotent, omniscient and non-changing. The Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is fair and holy. But His ultimate characteristic is LOVE. God's love for humanity motivates everything He does. He made us because of love, he sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ because of love, and one day when Jesus comes again He will bring us back to fellowship with him forever, because of LOVE. This is a Christian's undying hope - that one day, Jesus will come, all suffering and pain of this world will come to pass, and we can begin to form a brighter, better tomorrow.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Beware of Trinity signs that depict Christianity and the Trinity symbol in bad light,
  • When faced with a decision to identify the Trinity sign, remember the interlocking lines and its perfect balance and harmony.
  • Consult your pastor/preacher if you are still confused with the idea of Trinity.
  • There is salvation in Jesus Christ, as simple as ABC: A - Accept that you are a sinner, B - Believe in Christ Jesus, C - Confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your Life, and invite Him in your heart to be your personal savior.

Questions and Answers

Gods hands in the sky?

The trinity represents God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Some images are used to illustrate these sacred beliefs, and one of the most common images show God's hand floating in the sky. This refers to the almighty power of God the Father, who is said to watch over his children and save them from eternal condemnation. It represents the forgiving heart of the Father and his desire to be able to save everyone from sins.

God the Father is often depicted to have the following qualities:

  • He wants the best for this children all the time. This goes by the belief that based upon God the Father's time, whatever is right will happen. This is something that people may not always take positively because of worldly frustrations, but God always has reasons for everything. The bottom line is that He always has something better in store for everyone.
  • He is always there, no matter what the situation is. God the Father stands by everyone, most especially during times of trouble and challenges, when people find it most difficult to live life. He is a caring and loving Father who understands the situation of his children, even without them telling him.
  • He is forgiving, for as long as His children recognize their mistakes and desire to be better. Although he would prefer if his children would aim to do good things all the time, He would understand when they make mistakes at some point and forgive them, for as long as there is remorse and initiative to change.
  • He loves and cares for all of his children equally. Although his children have different lives and different decisions in life, everyone has the same value to God the Father.

What does the Triple Celtic Knot stand for?

There are several different types of celtic triple knots. Do they all have the same meaning?. I think it was caused by: I am thinking of getting the Trinity symbol as a tattoo.

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I have to draw the holy trinity in a different way how should I day it?

It has be about the holy trinity god father , Jesus , god of the holy spirit

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