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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I have forgotten my password for my Lenovo tablet. What should I do now?

I want to change the password now.

There are only a couple of things you can try to do to unlock your Lenovo tablet at this point. First, enter the wrong password up to 20 times until your tablet asks for your Google account information. When it asks, enter the information; your tablet will unlock to allow you to change or remove the password. If you don't remember your Google account information, you can try to recover it at this Google website. If you can't recover your password, your tablet doesn't ask for your information, or you never signed into a Google account on your tablet in the first place, you will need to perform a Factory Reset to unlock your tablet. This method will delete all of your data. To learn how to perform a proper Factory Reset, read through and follow the steps in this great VisiHow article. After the reset is complete, be sure to sign your device into a Google account to which you know the information and to write down the password that you choose to set so you always have it available to you if you forget it again.

My wife has recently purchased a Lenovo A-Series TAB2 A8-50, but has forgotten her password, "Can you help"?

Unable to "OPEN" her Tablet as it will go "OFF" in a very short time, and we have tried in "Many" times a password believed to be correct, but the same answer appears- INCORRECT PASS_WORD".'

Install the Lenovo Smart Assistant on your PC and connect your tablet to the PC. Run a restore check with the PC program which will hard reset your device but this should restore any OS issues causing the boot loop.

I recently bought a Lenovo tab3 7 essential. Now I forgot my pattern unlock and can't unlock it. Can you please help me out?

I recently bought a Lenovo tab3 7 essential. Now I forgot my pattern unlock and can't unlock it. Can you please help me out. I don't want to lose my data and I don't have a Google account on my tablet. I have tried: Tried to do a factory reset but the options which I saw on the net were not there in my tablet. I think it was caused by: I put a pattern which I myself couldn't remember and now I am suffering.

This YouTube Tutorial how to hard reset your Lenovo Tab 3 7 Essential. Without a Google Account, you will lose all of your data. You need a Google Account on Android so that you can backup Contacts and not just to bypass a pattern lock. Set one up because with Android 5.0 OS and higher a Google Account is required even after a hard reset.

I have a Lenovo tablet and had just changed my initial passcode from numbers to pattern and promptly forgot it?

I have Kaspersky (paid for) security and had hoped to be able to unlock my device using this account, accessing it via my laptop. I appear unable to do this. I have signed into a Google account using my device, however, I can simply keep trying forever in groups of 5 to find the code and there is nothing appearing to help in any way. Kaspersky offers phone technical help, but they are now closed and reopen tomorrow at 8 AM. Are they my only hope of not losing precious information from my laptop? If not, how do I reset my tablet when I cannot get into it?

It would be best to wait for Kaspersky. If you used them as your security, your Google Account will not work because it is a third party app providing the security. Your Google Account will not have the code. To use your Google Account, you would do is click forgot password/pattern after several attempts. Then use your Google Account credentials to bypass security. If it is the Kaspersky, they will give you a one-time code once you prove who you are with them.

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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I bought a Lenovo tablet from someone but they neglected to tell me the password how can I do a factory?

How can I reset the Lenovo tablet to original condition and every time I try to get online it says Reset, authentication failed

This does not have to do with resetting the tablet. It is about your WiFi connection. Go into Settings and then WiFi/Network Connections. Under Advanced, see if it is configured for WEP, then change it to WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption. Reset your router and then try to connect the WiFi again. A hard reset of the tablet will not fix this. You did not mention what Lenovo tablet you have but now the Android 6 OS has WPS along with newer routers have a WPS button. You have to find in the Advanced setting on WiFi the WPS Push. Tap that while pushing the button on the router. I had to do this with my Moto X Play for stable WiFi right after I purchased.

My Lenovo Tab A7 giving me trouble whilst I try to access Google play through a WiFi connection?

Good morning. please assist since I am trying to access Google play through WiFi. My WiFi seems to be connected albeit with two black arrows facing up and down.. . When I try to access my Google play with a password that was recently changed it says incorrect. please assist since I need to update some apps and add new ones. The WiFi connection reads connected but has two arrows facing up and down.

I can't access my Google Plays stores to update applications.

Google password reads incorrect and does not accept changed ones

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How can I get a Lenovo yoga back into a normal startup from safe mode without use of touchpad or mouse?

At first, I was restarting in safe mode because I'm trying to eliminate an issue with iTunes, when I restarted I couldn't get in with my usual PIN - and didn't know my password - NOW I have managed to get in - but cannot uncheck the "safe-mode" option because I cannot tab to it.. I have tried: I have MSConfig open - but only have access to OK, cancel & help via tabbing - need to get to the "startup" tab in order to uncheck safe mode and attempt to get the computer into a normal startup vs selective

You will need to go purchase a mouse. They are under $8 at most stores now if your touchpad is not working. You could see if you can hit Tab to move about choices and then Enter for selection but a mouse would be easier. Lenovo Support has created a page for how to get out of Safe Mode on a Yoga 3 which would be the same for your Yoga.

It asks me password for opening safe mode and I don't know it?

I want to open safe mode in my Lenovo tab 3 7 and when I opens safe mode it asks me for a password and I don't know it what can I do now. I don't want to lose any of my phone data and please tell me another method to enter safe mode

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My language is in Chinese n I am not sure we're to go?

I had forgotten my pattern n not sure which Google account to use. I am not sure what to do it's in Chinese how can I change it or what can I do. I have tried: I tried to wipe the cache but not sure which one it is it is in Chinese. I think it was caused by: I had forgotten my pattern lock I had put a pattern lock on I n forgotten it

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