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Write a Letter of Pleading

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How to write a letter asking for reconsidering the acceptance to assist to a summer course for my child?

I'm a single mother and my son applied for attending to a leadership summer course in Japan. But he was rejected, he was excited about attending. I have tried: Nope. I think it was caused by: I ask for economical support, but they said there are many students in the same situation.

There really is nothing you can do if you could not pay for it in the first place. What you can do is start a GoFundMe type of fundraiser and ask friends and family to contribute. Or see if your son can do some odd jobs in the neighborhood or a part-time job if he is old enough to raise money for the trip. This is a teaching lesson for your son that everything comes with a price and those that can't pay, can also not be accepted to attend. So, if you do write a letter, state that you are doing everything you can to raise the money.

If someone wanted to write a letter of pleading to a much higher seat of government due to a conflict of interest in the appellate process, are there procedures or example letters to follow that show the appropriate measures to follow?

I do not at this moment wish to share my dilemma but would appreciate any/all assistance you may provide. I do not feel I have the leisure of appealing my case through the given appellate process made available to me thus I am asking for any experience one may give towards appealing to a much higher seat. I have tried: I have put together all the information necessary one might need to understand my side of the story, which was not presented on my behalf by my attorney with respect to the charge against me. I think it was caused by: Corruption at many levels and the collusion by many to save many by sacrificing one

If you suspect corruption, hire an attorney that has experience in appellate cases. My guess is you had a public defender? You also in order to get an appeal need to prove that you were not legally represented properly or that evidence that is new has been discovered. Also, if your attorney did not present evidence, did they ever give you a valid reason why they did not? Does this evidence implicate you in further crimes? Is the evidence hearsay or just your word?

Need help writing a general letter to the judge of missing the 1st appearance in California due to living in Seattle and currently a residency in Seattle

I am currently in California for the Holidays, and I'll be flying back to Seattle tomorrow and I need help writing a letter to the judge requesting to lower my 9 due not appearing the first appearance.

By making that current trip to California, you just showed the court that you have the means to travel. You can send a letter and ask to appear by phone but it may be denied. To get an approval of that nature, there needs to be proof that you physically or financially can't attend the court hearing in California. If you can't take time off work, then get a letter from your employer.

How do I write the evidence when I can't find evidence to write about?

My lawyer didn't help with anything. I got arrested for underage drinking in October 2015. I have tried: Nothing much, I got a lawyer. I think it was caused by: I invited a 23-year-old friend into my house, asking her to buy alcohol. We got a little tipsy, and as we were driving to the movies, the police pulled us over cause he said my friend was swearing

Pulled over for swearing? Do you mean swerving? Is your friend charged with providing alcohol to a minor? Just tell the truth in the evidence report. You were drinking and your friend should not have been driving. We got a little tipsy is not the way to phrase your consumption in the report. Alcohol offenses stay on your record even as a minor and can prohibit you from attending a University or from getting a job. Plead on the court to take classes on alcohol safety as well as community service for a reduced charge on your record.

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How to write a defendant statement for a disabled parking violation?

I had a disabled parking violation ticket of 0. I did commit the infraction but I kind of not noticed the laws. I'm an international student with a clean record and have been in the US for not a long time.

Although you are new to the US, you still need to know the basic law. Did you not notice that the parking spot was wider than most, had signage and possibly even painted concrete with this disabled parking symbol? If you can't pay the fine, you can write a letter that you are new to the country with no source of income and wish to do community service instead.

What can you do when you missed your court date for a ticket you were given?

When you have been issued a ticket for driving an, unregistered vehicle and you missed your court date and cannot afford to pay a fine because of your disabilities..and your scared..What can you do?

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