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Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

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How do I get rid of chicken box scars completely? or even lighten them to blend and not be seen?

I had experienced chickenpox at the age of 10-11 and I developed scars (2 scars) on my face after the incident and they are really bothering me even after it has been years since I've had them (about 5 years) but still there and seen.. I have tried: I have tried using bio-oil and Vitamin E face creams - I used them on a regular basis at first but then later on a couple of years slowed down but, I still use Aloe-Vera face wash and some creams. I think it was caused by: The scratching of chickenpox blisters, which I really badly regret

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How to remove spots caused by peeling chickenpox on my face?

It is not advised to peel chickenpox spots off your face, especially when the wounds have not fully healed. That will only cause more marks on your skin and the holes will become deeper and harder to resolve.

It is ideal if you will just wait for the scabs to fall off on their own. After that, you can apply your regular scar ointment such as Contractubex to help the skin recover. Taking in food that is rich in Vitamin C will be very helpful as well because that will help in the faster repair of your skin and it helps in the formation of new and healthier skin cells.

Is vitamin e or Aloe Vera best for chickenpox crater?

The combination of Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera especially for the treatment of chickenpox scars is proven to be very effective to speed up the healing process of chickenpox and also to reduce the chances of having dark craters or scars. Vitamin E in itself improves overall elasticity and health of the skin. This also prevents and minimizes extreme skin dryness and irritation. More so, vitamin E reverses skin aging as it rejuvenates the skin giving one that youthful glow.

Vitamin E and Aloe Vera indeed improves cell regeneration which helps combat scarring brought about by chickenpox and other skin diseases as it helps to gently slough off or remove dead skin cells. This also helps reduce pain and inflammation on the affected site.

You can only apply the Aloe Vera and vitamin E oil on the dried or scarred skin to avoid infection. You can prepare the mixture by simply peeling off Aloe Vera skin to reveal the sap and then scrape it off with a spoon. Mix Aloe Vera with vitamin E oil and then massage it on your face in gentle circular motion. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with mild soap and warm water.

How to avoid craters after chickenpox?

Craters or pits are unsightly chickenpox marks that are mostly caused by the infected fluid-filled blisters on the skin. The severity of the craters depends on the infections on the skin which makes skin regeneration more slower. In regards to your query, preventing or minimizing chickenpox crater marks after the viral infection can be properly manage by taking your medicines to lessen the infections, topical ointments to aid in skin regeneration and reduce itchiness, water therapy and fruits that have antibacterial and antioxidant properties like papaya to promote faster wound healing, strengthen immune system and promote nourishment on the cells of the body. After chickenpox infection (usually about 10 days after the first chickenpox symptoms), the fluid-filled blisters will eventually dries out and crusts over. Below are some factors to properly minimize or avoid crates after chickenpox infection:

  • Avoid scratching or removing the dried and crusted blisters. The rationale behind it is not to disrupt the skin regeneration that's currently taking place in the crusted blisters. If you scratch the affected dried blister, craters will likely to develop.
  • Use topical ointment or lotion containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The vitamin E and Aloe Vera are good in promoting skin tissue repair and nourishes the skin.
  • Increase water intake to 10 to 12 glasses of water. The rationale behind it is to efficiently hydrate your skin and body with fluid and to avoid dehydration. Dehydrated tissues and cells makes skin regeneration more slower resulting to craters.

The stated tips above are some of the factors to properly reduce or prevent craters on the skin after chickenpox infection.

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Hey! Can I ask you if a chickenpox could be Okay last for a week? If so, how can I make it last for only a week?

I have chickenpox for about a week now. I am tired of waiting for it to dry off. I am wondering if there are ways to make it dry for just days. I have these tiny blisters on my face, trunk, and my back. I haven't got any blisters on legs and arms. I am putting on this acyclovir cream to help ease itch but I guess it isn't helping. I also have this wound that has a crater on my forehead and I know this can be a scar on my forehead. How can I make my chickenpox last for just a week and how can I cure scars using natural remedies?

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