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Use the My Spy Cell Phone Spy App

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I need to spy on an Android cellphone to check Facebook messages, Skype, Viber and call log for free?

I suspect that my girlfriend is still cheating on me after I found out when I borrowed her phone and checked her Facebook, Skype, and Viber, we had an argument, now she's saying that she is not cheating anymore, but I can't believe it because she won't let me check her phone ever and she's using a code I can never check it even if I get the chance to. I just want to find out whether I still can trust her or not.

You're in a tight spot. If she was already cheating, and now she won't let you check her messages, then she's probably still doing things that will hurt you. She knows this, so she, of course, will not let you check her messages. The thing is, was she actually cheating on you before, or did you assume she was cheating based on her messages? It's normal for people to flirt, and especially so for people who are just dating and finding out what they do and don't like about other people.

You can use the My Spy app we linked earlier in this Q&A, which will let you have a free 7-day trial if you chat with them before setting up your account. OwnSpy also offers a one week free trial period to test the software out. Once you set up an account, just follow the steps listed earlier. However, bear in mind that cellphone spying can get you in trouble with the law, depending on where you live. Visit our article on how to Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone for more details on the things you need to consider before installing a spy phone app.

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Well I want to know if I can find out an IP address location?

With an IP address can I find out the exact location ?

Without specialized tools, it's not possible to find the exact location of an IP address. Even then, it's still difficult to determine. This is because your IP address is provided by the data network you are on. Therefore, if your data center is in the middle of your town, and you are on the edge of town, your IP address will show that you are in the middle of town, even though you could be quite far away. However, you can tell if someone says, for example, that they are in Manhattan, but the IP address shows up as Chicago. Visit this link to find IP location to test, and you will see your own IP date. Just past in data from the other IP you want to track, and you will see that location information.

Note that the spy phone apps we linked in earlier provide detailed and real time information on locations, based on GPS, rather than IP. If you really need to track someone's location, then use one of those apps.

Is there a software that that will recover our chat which we did from Viber messenger?

Technically it is possible but there does not seem to be any software to do it at the time of this writing. Viber stores it's data on your phone in files, which even after being deleted can be undeleted provided your phone has not been used too much and overwritten the deleted files. Deleted files are not erased from your file system but simply marked as deleted in the files system directory tables. So the best hope would be to install software that can undelete files on your phone, then see if those files can be inspected somehow to get your conversation data back. I know this isn't a full solution but it should set you in the right direction.

Need to know 3 numbers location and original number holders name?

Need to know 3 numbers location and original number holders one number holder (somewhere in UK) has fraud profile on matrimonial website and taken money from people.. His counterparts in India coordinates to get money from people. I did launch a complaint in cyber crime division of Maharashtra, India but they are not able to trace UK person, also he communicates on WhatsApp only. Please help

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Use the My Spy Cell Phone Spy App
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How can I track my wife Skype to know all audio video SMS photo with whom she is in contact and exact location of her?

To track my wife Skype that to whom she is talking and to know every detail of audio video SMS photo and exact location of her. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I didn't tried any software till now

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On last Sunday 08/11/2015 I wrote the exam in Hyderabad ,suddenly I saw the person but I can't meet him again, can I find him?

On last Sunday 08/11/2015 I wrote the exam in Hyderabad ,suddenly I saw the person but I can't meet him again, can I find him again

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What to do if not able to send him anything or get physical control for even a minute over any of his devices?

My husband (soon to be ex) has been abusive for a long time. I finally got courage to leave him last November with my kids. However he has mind bent the oldest one of our daughters so she has the entire time while we have been in secret address been contacting him and telling all the details he wants. I left for my kids safety since I found out they weren't safe from him either. June this year he got the kids through social to come visit him and they haven't returned since. I lost a few weeks ago custody due to claims of my handicap not being able to provide enough care for them. I need to know they are safe. He keeps despite separation and winning in court to harass and mentally torture me regarding the kids. I know he has on his Facebook the chat logs with our oldest daughter which as I knew before (not certain if deleted now) contained the request during the safe place and more.. I have tried: I tried talking to my kids however he has shut them off once they got there and now I don't know why but they won't talk to me openly.. I think it was caused by: He has for a long time had a tendency to lie to get his way, he has past records of abuse a conviction for abuse as early as last year and I don't know what to do.

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Can I catch her with an inactivated i4s?

My girlfriend of 5 years has my I phone4 and went to her home town for the holiday. Last year she cheated on me there. I think she will do it again. Can I catch her?

You can absolutely catch her. Visit the other answers provided in this Q&A for steps on how to install a spy phone app on your old iPhone, and then let her have it. The catch is, OS updates will wipe your spy phone install. So you will only have a limited window of time. You could give her another phone, that you installed the spy app on, and then wipe and restore her phone in front of you, so that she wouldn't think you were spying on her - but that's the sort of thing that, when you do it, might encourage her not to cheat.

Honestly, people who cheat are like people who collect cars, candles, little statues, or anything else. When they do it once, they will eventually do it again. Each time they do it, they lower their mental bar for justifying the next time they cheat. So, consider your options, but also consider a new girlfriend. She doesn't seem too worried about you, or she'd let you access her messages, and not be hiding things.

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