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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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How can I turn on my wife's cellphone camera and speaker while she's busy with her lover?

I love my wife a lot, but she's not being honest and faithful. I want to know who is her lover. I want her to stop cheating on me. I have tried: We have talked about having an open-relationship, in return for her honesty, but she's not being honest and only telling me lots of lies. I think it was caused by: Probably fear to lose her lover.

Spyera will remotely turn on her cell mic so that you can listen in real time. An open relationship only works with honesty and both parties agreeing not to snoop on the other. Trust has to be established, and you both need to view the open relationship as not cheating. You convey that you only agree to this so that you did not lose her yet still feel the pain if she is with another person so an open relationship will not work for you. It is entirely understandable that you are trying to hold onto her and sacrificing your needs for fidelity in a relationship yet still your wife is lying to you and hiding things even though you are trying to keep the relationship together.

Love cannot keep a marriage together. With love, there has to be trust and honesty, and you do not have those in your marriage. For your marriage to work, she will need to at least give you a period with no other partners so you can together regain trust in your marriage. If she is not willing to do these things for you, then she has left your marriage already, and nothing you can do will stop her selfish behavior.

How can I secretly spy on a cellphone?

If I know a person who I want to spy on, and they are aware of these apps, how is it possible to spy on their cellphone. I have tried: I have not tried spy apps but the person I want to spy on is using spy apps so how is it possible for me to spy on their cellphone?

Spyera and OwnSpy both claim that they can not be detected while running on a device. This does not mean that they are completely undetectable, but they will be your best option to try. If the person is tech savvy, they still may be able to find the spy app if they take the time to look.

There is a war between antispy and spyware to see who can best play hide and seek so your app may be undetectable and then suddenly detectable if the person has an anti-spyware app that has figured out the way to detect before the spy app can update to hide again.

How can I detect whether or not I have spyware on my cellphone?

My husband knows everything about me: my whereabouts, with whom I have been talking, what was being said, and the messages received and sent. I have tried: nothing. I think it was caused by: jealousy

Before you begin, you have to know that this may be a court case. If you have spyware on your smartphone, you may choose to contact law enforcement and press charges against the one who has installed the program on your smartphone without your consent. Maybe you are being watched more than one person too: everything is possible.

Now, if you discover any evidence that you have a spy program, quickly turn off the Internet (or "Mobile Data") and WiFi on the smartphone, change your lock-screen password afterward; and use the smartphone in court. Do not connect to WiFi or use Mobile Data. Better yet, turn the smartphone entirely off and use another one while the case is running.

The smartphones that can be affected are Android, iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry devices. If you have an old smartphone or a Windows phone, for example, your smartphone probably is not affected.

For the named phones, spy applications can stay resident without letting you know about them. The most evident signs of an installed spy application are faster battery drainage and the device heating up, but this cannot be told in your case as your smartphone was bugged a long time ago, most likely. On your iPhone, you may have Cydia application, which can be circumstantial evidence of an installed spy application. To look for Cydia, press the home button. Tap on "Settings" > "Spotlight Search" and enable everything. Then, press the home button and swipe left. Type "Cydia" and see if something comes up. If you see Cydia, then the spy program might be installed.

For Android smartphones, you can install IP Tools: Network utilities or Network Connections to see what IP addresses or Web sites were contacted. Through these numbers and names, you can find out whether a spy Web site was reached. This may be useful in court.

Other signs of being monitored can be background noise when calling or weird SMS messages received (control commands).

How can I turn on my wife's camera and Mic on her cell phone and her not know it and it not cost any money?

Just wanting to make sure she is not cheating. . Cause she has meet up with one of her ex's before. I just need to know what is going on so I want to see for myself and she always has her phone. I have tried: Her not answering me when I try to text her so I think she is cheating. I think it was caused by: I don't really know what did maybe she started talking to him again

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I want to spydownload.cnet.com/Spy-Phone.../3000-2162_4-7599958... Download.com Rating: 3 - 6 reviews - Android May 12, 2015 - From PhoneTracker: Spy Phone App - Mobile tracker is a complete .... great for free, but to call it "spy" is a bit of a stretch.

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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone
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We are in separation and I would like to see where my wife travels see her contacts list see emails / texts / iMessages and listen in on calls and control camera?

I need an app that can be hidden in my wife's iPhone I have no access to it. But would like to listen to all conversation / see contacts list and be able to control camera and speaker well basically everything that's being done on her iPhone with tracking

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