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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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OnePlus 1 phone is accidentally asking for unlock pattern but had disabled it. Now I don't remember the password. Please help?

I am using a OnePlus 1 phone. I had set pattern lock for the phone, but since it was painful as it used to get locked every time, I removed it. It was fine for a few months. Now recently, I removed the cover as was on a vacation and the flip cover was creating problems for me using the camera and thus removed the cover. It was fine for a few days. Later suddenly it started asking me for the unlock pattern. Now I tried some patterns but did not work. Also after a couple of days, the phone connection is also not there. Not sure how to fix it.

First, open the back of the phone and check your SIM card. Sounds like there might be an issue with your SIM card. If it appears that the SIM card is inserted facing down properly, then check with your cell phone provider to double check your APN settings. Second, if these do not fix your phone then perform a hard reset. Backup all your important files and information, as the process may erase all data. Hold Power and the Volume Down buttons to enter the Recovery Menu. Select Wipe Data. You will use the Volume keys to navigate the menu and Power to select. Third, the hard reset should fix any firmware issues but if it is still acting strange then your phone has a hardware issue like the motherboard or your SIM needs to be replaced because of damage.

Hello, my Hisense H6 is locked after too many incorrect pattern attempts, please help?

Hello, my Hisense H6 is locked after too many incorrect pattern attempts, please help

Reboot the Hisense H6. Attempt the pattern until you see the Forgot Password option and login using your Google Account. Otherwise, you will have to hard reset the device:

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    Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.
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    Once you see the Android symbol, press the Power again to enter the Recovery Menu.
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    Use the Volume Down button to navigate to the Wipe Data option and hit Power to confirm.
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    Go through the confirmation process and your phone will reset.
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My unit is Huawei mate 8, just purchased the other day. I encounter 'Your unlock password is required' after a restart?

I did not set up a password yet, only fingerprints but my fingerprint will not be accepted or do not match anymore. Can you help me fix this?

Clean your screen with rubbing alcohol then try again. You may have to hard reset the phone, and there have been several people that reported the fingerprint lock on the Huawei Mate 8 is faulty with glitches. Try the last 4 digits of your phone number, 0000 or 1234 to use as the backup password. Because you did not set up any password, one of these codes may work.

Can you explain how can an unlocking code be changed without me changing it?

Last night, my cellphone unlocking code was not working, and I hadn't changed it. I eventually tried several times with the correct code, but the phone said it was incorrect, and then reset and erased all of my photos, but kept my contacts and most of my apps. Can you explain this? Was my phone hacked?

Not necessarily was your phone hacked. If the screen was dirty this could have also prevented the code from being recognized. Also, sometimes updates to the OS will do this. One thing to investigate is if you have 2 step verification enabled on your Google Account. You can find this on the PC in Google. Accounts>Security>Applications.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone
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Could someone help me with unlocking my son's tablet PC?

The Cousin of my son has changed my son's tablet code pattern. I've tried several steps without result, except on a computer cause I do not have computer. My son got the tablet PC as a gift from my uncle.

What Google Account were you using to install apps from Google's Play Store? You did not list what type of tablet your son is using but most give you the option of using Forgot My Password to login with the Google Account. If this is not working for you or you do not have a Google Account on that tablet then you will have to hard reset it. Usually, most tablets have a tiny hole in the back of the tablet or near the jacks to push a pin in and hard reset the tablet. Or use a combination of keys with the Power button to enter into the Recovery Menu.

Sir, how can I block my Lenovo A316i. It was snatched last night. Please help me?

Sir how can I block my Lenovo A316i. It was snatched last night. Please help me. I want to block my cellphone so that they cannot access my personal info. I changed all my password account there, but I want to block it also so that they can't use it ! Thanks in advance.

You can use Google's Android Device Manager to lock your phone remotely as long as it is still turned on. This will lock the phone and you can wipe all the data off the phone as well.

I pressed and held it for ten seconds and it won't work?

What should I do, and it's popping up but still not working

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