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I came up with 7 rules that can help make the first date not be your last with your lady of interest, I have learned from a lot of mistakes we as men have made and wish to share them with your all.

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    When taking a girl on the first date it is important to know where it is that you wish to take her, trying to come up with a plan while you both are together can tend to give off the impression that you didn't take the time out to plan for the day making her feel as if she wasn't important enough and that you are a horrible planner. After this mistake she may not take you up on the next date you ask her out on because she will be expecting yet again a day or last minute running around which can result in either a good date or a horrible one.
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    If you do not have the necessary funds to take a lady out on a date do not go and also do not make her pay for your meal or events that are to be done during the day of the date. The best way to go is to reschedule the date for another time also try to use real life events (such as work, being tired or even your bills) if needed for an excuse but the best option is to not tell her your situation of being broke. Also if you have already gone past the point of no return by already being at a location with your lady then do your best to keep all purchases within the budget that you have, if your budget is $5 dollars tell her you already ate or something of that nature but do not allow her to pay for anything that you may need unless an emergency and can be paid back in ample time even if she doesn't ask for it back.
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    While on your date refrain from boasting about your accomplishments too much, being that your accomplishments may make her feel belittled or get the impression that your "That Guy" who can't stop talking about themselves which can tend to be a turn off to some women. Small dosages is the key in this situation, don't get me wrong nothing is wrong with being proud about your accomplishments but tend to give it out to her in small dosages instead of dumping the bucket of your accomplishments on her head repeatedly.
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    A lot of men believe that being a gentlemen make you soft or a punk but that is totally incorrect. A woman wants to feel like she is in good hands and being taken care of and being a gentlemen is the way to make her feel that way, also the whole "jerk" act that some guys thinks works may only have a temporary positive effect on a woman at times as excitement or a laugh but the "gentlemen's way" lasts forever.
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    Do not bring up your ex girlfriend at all on your date unless asked, some guys try to use their ex girlfriends as a stepping stone to making your date feel better about herself by putting the ex down or by comparing. By talking about your ex some women pick up on the fact that you haven't gotten over her making your date wonder how far this relationship can actually go or by them bringing up your exes for discussion later on during the relationship.
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    Us as guys tend to exaggerate about a lot to impress a girl on the first date but that is a huge mistake being that no matter what it is that you have made seem so much bigger will come out to light even if you make excuse after excuse and lie after lie to cover up what you have exaggerated about so being honest is the best policy.
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    Understand that during the course of you date mostly everything you have said is already in the memory bank of your lady and it is important that you do the same, because most things that are told on this first date will be asked or discussed by your lady with you so listening is very important.
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    The thing us guys think about all the time unless we are asleep (sometimes)is sex. You do not want to over project to your lady that you want sex constantly on the date. Do your best to keep your hands off restricted areas unless she engages with you first. But you will need to pace yourself with her actions to ensure that you do not go to far with her so the key is to always match her actions with yours but if you feel uncomfortable let her know there is nothing wrong with that, it also may be a plus in your corner making her feel as if it is more than just her body you want.
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Questions and Answers

How to reschedule a date last minute without being rude?

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It can really be an awkward experience when your date prepares for the special occasion and then at the last minute you cancel or reschedule. Of course, her reaction will all depend on the sincerity of your reason and how politely you say it

  • You should be ready with the most understandable reason for cancelling dates. Emergency cases could be sickness, death of an immediate family or a close relative or friend. It can be an unavoidable professional call to duty in the case of the doctors who needed to attend to emergency situation with patients, a fireman, a police officer, or business professional's urgent meeting with the client or boss, etc.
  • It is best to personally say you're cancelling your date rather than send impersonal text messages or emails. You have to show your date that she is very important, but because of unavoidable circumstances beyond your control you need to reschedule the date.
  • Immediately reschedule the date to show that you really give importance to your date. You can make immediate re-booking of reservations, or even meet the girl at her house to ask for her suggestion of venue to set your make-up date.
  • Give her a surprise like flowers, chocolate with a thank you note on your rescheduled date.
    This is a sweet gesture that any woman will really like. This can be your way of showing that you really appreciate her understanding of your situation.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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