Get Rich Fast in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Money Makes the World Go Round

Even in Thedas, money is important. You need it to buy armor and weapon schematics so that you can equip better stuff. Unlike the real world, though, gold in Thedas is easy to come by.

A Bit of Lore Regarding the Currency of Thedas

Coin inq 88321.jpg

Dwarves were the first race develop and use coin as currency. In fact, you can thank the Dwarven Merchant's Guild for the currency standard all of Thedas holds to, which establishes coinage based on the relative values of gold, silver, and bronze. While each nation-state has its own currency, its value remains the same across Thedas. In other words, a Fereldan sovereign is worth the same as an Orlesian royal. Among the races, Human and Dwarven societies are the most ubiquitous users of coin. Among other cultures, such as the Dailish Elves, barter is used more frequently than coin. Qunari don't have much use for coin, either.

Coins and their Values

  • 1 gold = 100 silver or 10,000 copper
  • 1 silver=100 copper

Fereldan Coins

  • Gold= Sovereign
  • Silver=Silver
  • Copper=Bits

Orlesian Coins

  • Gold=Royal
  • Silver=Crown
  • Copper=Pennies


  • King's Guilder= Gold coin of Nevara
  • Double Griffon =Gold coin of Anderfels
  • Andris=Gold coin of Antiva

Making Money in Dragon Age: Inquisition

At the very start of the game, money will be pretty scarce, but as you level up and get access to other areas or the map, earning gold becomes easier. You'll be hunting creatures that drop better loot and rarer resources, which you can sell for more gold.

  1. 1
    Loot everything
    The first rule for making cash is to have a lot of junk to sell. Pay specific attention to blue or purple items because these are rare and worth more gold.
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  2. 2
    Organize your loot for quick selling
    The game's inventory screen has a section for "Valuables," which is a category for items that you intend to sell. You can move any item into that category, and when you're at a shop, all you need to do is click "sell all" to sell the items in that section in one go.
    Valuables inventory 46382.jpg
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  3. 3
    Sell items that you can't use
    Sell whatever you and your party aren't using, and do so frequently. Your inventory space is quite limited, and until you get to Skyhold, you won't have anywhere to store anything.
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  4. 4
    Take advantage of the Gather Coin War Room missions
    While they doesn't net you that much gold at a time, they are infinitely repeatable.
    Gather coin inq 92255.jpg
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  5. 5
    Hunt High Dragons
    High Dragons drop awesome loot, including blue and purple items that sell for a pretty penny. Of course, you'll want to keep some of these items if you or your friends can use them!  
    1. Fereldan Frostback (Hinterlands)  
      1. Superior Belt of Focus (purple)
      2. Grand Enchanter's Staff (purple)
      3. Superb Amulet of Constitution (purple)
      4. Garnet (valuable to sell)
      5. Intense Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
      6. Dragon's Tooth (crafting resource)
    2. Northern Hunter (Crestwood)  
      1. In Death, Sacrifice(purple)
      2. Enhanced Guard Belt (blue)
      3. Inquisitor Hat Schematic
      4. Amulet of Power (Blue)
      5. Superb Ring of Life-Drain (purple)
      6. Intense Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
    3. Abyssal High Dragon (Western Approach)  
      1. 195 gold
      2. Nameless Blade (purple)
      3. Amulet of Power (blue)
      4. Jade (valuable to sell)
      5. Superb Ring of Armor Penetration (purple)
      6. Ivory Halla Figurine (valuable to sell)
    4. Gamordan Stormrider (The Exalted Plains)  
      1. Enhanced Grenades Belt (blue)
      2. Bianca Aiming II (Enhanced) Schematic
      3. Lady Jocasta's Revenge (purple)
      4. Superb Amulet of Dexterity (purple)
      5. Intense Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
      6. Dragon's Tooth (crafting resource)
    5. Sandy Howler (The Hissing Wastes)  
      1. Robes of the High Keeper (purple)
      2. Superb Stamina Amulet (purple)
      3. Armor of the Knights-Devine (purple)
      4. Amulet of Power (blue)
      5. Frost Rune (crafting resource)
      6. Dragon Gland (research material)
    6. Greater Mistral (Emerald Graves)  
      1. In War, Victory (purple)
      2. Gift of the Talons (purple)
      3. Helm of the Inquisitor (purple)
      4. Amulet of Power (blue)
      5. Dragon Gland (research item)
      6. Pure Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
    7. Vinsomer (Storm Coast)  
      1. In Peace, Vigilance (purple)
      2. Wyvern Tooth (purple)
      3. Master Dragon-Slaying Rune Schematic
      4. Superb Ring of Flanking (purple)
      5. Pure Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
      6. Dragon's Tooth (crafting resource)
    8. Hivernal (Emprise Du Lion)  
      1. Superior Grenades Belt (purple)
      2. Amulet of Power (blue)
      3. Staff of the Void (purple)
      4. Emerald (valuable to sell)
      5. Masterwork Battlemaster Armor(purple)
      6. Pure Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
    9. Kaltenzhan (Emprise Du Lion)  
      1. Caliban (purple)
      2. Superior Potions Belt (purple)
      3. Amulet of Power (blue)
      4. Pearl (valuable to sell)
      5. Masterwork Prowler Armor (purple)
      6. Pure Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
    10. Highland Ravager (Emprise Du Lion)  
      1. Dukes Mane (purple)
      2. Keeper Robe Schematic
      3. Superior Guard Belt (purple)
      4. Walking Death (purple)
      5. Masterwork Battlemage Armor(purple)
      6. Pure Dragon Blood (crafting resource)
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  6. 6
    Invest in the Perks for diplomacy
    The diplomatic Perks will boost the price that shops buy Inquisition merchandise and reduce the price at which the Inquisition can buy merchandise.
    Inquisition perks 30302.jpg
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  7. 7
    Use the loot bug
    If you leave a single item behind in any chest in the game and then travel to another part of the map, it will respawn its contents. One good place to use this bug is in the Emerald Graves; there's a treasure chest which you'll find after you come upon the Map to Watcher's Pass during your explorations. Inside the chest is a valuable belt that sells for 2,100 gold.
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  8. 8
    Use the Skyhold Storage Duplication Bug
    I can't get this one to work for me, but I'm including it in here for completeness. If you can get it to work, then awesome sauce for you! When you reach Skyhold, you get access to a storage chest, which is located in the Undercroft. Here, you can store your stuff, and also take advantage of an item dupe bug.
    Skyhold storage 28696.jpg
    1. Visit the shop in the Undercroft to determine your most valuable armor or weapon.
    2. Deposit the item in the storage chest.
    3. Hit the Withdraw button at the same time as the Esc key to exit the inventory screen. Open the storage container again and check your inventory: you should have two of the item now, one inside the storage chest, and one in your inventory. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need, then sell the duped items for mad profits. Pro-tip: Hover your mouse pointer over the Withdraw button and hit Enter and Esc on your keyboard at the same time. This seems easier than trying to use your mouse button and hitting the Esc key at the same time.
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  9. 9
    Hunt Snoufleurs in Emprise Du Lion
    Snoufleurs look similar to tapirs and are plentiful in that snowy bastion of Red Templar delight, Emprise Du Lion. An awesome spot to hunt them is Northwest of the Sahrnia Camp. They respawn pretty quickly, and they drop anywhere from two to ten snoufleur skins, which you can sell for a nice amount of gold each. Snoufleur skins are also good for removing class restrictions from armor so that a mage can wear medium armors and a warrior can wear light armors.
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  10. 10
    Cheat your way rich with mods
    Yeah, it's not the most honorable way to game, but, hey, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a single player game, so you aren't harming anyone else if you cheat a little, right? Here are a few great mods for making you the richest Inquisitor in all Thedas:  
    1. War Table: No Waiting. This mod reduces the wait time for War Table missions to zero so that you can immediately send your Advisors on another mission, such as the Gather Coin mission I mentioned earlier.
    2. Ardent Blossom Misc Store. Not only does this store modify the contents of Barnabas, one of the shopkeepers in Val Royeaux will cool cheat-y items that you can use or re-sell for a massive profit, it also allows you to sell your junk at exorbitant prices. It comes in many flavors that add different items, from rare crafting materials to items you can use to gain more power points instantly.
    3. New Game Plus. This little modification changes the blacksmith shop at Haven to sell cool stuff like unlimited-use Amulets of Power and some other nice things. Like the Ardent Blossom Misc Store, it increases the price at which the shop will buy your items, so you can easily sell all the junk you collect early in the game for a tidy profit.
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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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