Get Promoted Fast in the Marines

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This is a guide to ensure that you get promoted successfully in a timely manner in The Marines.

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    Physical Fitness Test -- This will be the biggest determining factor in your advancement to the next rank in the military so it will be in your best interest to ensure that you not only meet the physical fitness requirements but also to surpass them to the best of your abilities
    1. Running will be a big part of the physical fitness test which will have the biggest impact on your score so it is imperative that you not only pass the time required but surpass it being that the other people whom you are battling for the promotion will be also surpassing the required time to pass so basically ensure you do not get the bare minimum always go for about 5 minutes earlier of the requirement.
    2. Pull Ups -- You will be required to perform at least 3 pull ups to pass the test (but that is the bare minimum) but 20 is the max that can give you a full score of 100 on your test for your pull up portion. So if you cannot perform 20 do your best to get to that number which will increase your chances over others for your promotion.
    3. Sit Ups -- This is the easiest portion for most but for some can be the most difficult. Ensure that you can hit the 100 mark in 2 minutes to get a good score in this portion of the test.
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    MCI's -- These are courses you can take in order to get promoted to the next rank but every rank has a different set of courses to be promoted also if you meet the above requirements (Physical Fitness Test) it will not matter if you do not complete your MCI courses
    Also understand that the MCI courses are not required until you reach the rank of LCPL to be promoted to the Rank of Corporal and from there every rank after will have their own based MCIs required to be promoted.
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    MCI's Required -- LCPL to Corporal - One MOS related MCI, Math for Marines, Personal Finance and Leading Marines
    Corporal to Sergeant- SGTs Program, Basic Grammar, Leadership, Military Studies, War Fighting, War fighting Tactics, War Fighting Techs and Weapons.
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  • Pros and Cons- These are marks that you receive based on your Productiveness (Pros) at your MOS (Job) and your Conduct (CONS) you display at all times. The highest in each is 5.0 anything below 3.2 is considered to be poor. The higher your marks the better your chances at getting promoted over the next person.

Questions and Answers

How to increase your chance of becoming a lance corporal?

Any member of the U.S. Marines can increase their chances of becoming a lance corporal by building up their composite scores. The scores have several components that are computed every three months. However, each score must be inputted into the system before the date of computation for an aspiring lance corporal to be included in the promotions list. The training must be completed by the 20th day of the second month of every quarter to be eligible for promotion in the next quarter.

The first component of the composite score consists of a Marine's rifle qualification score, physical fitness, and combat fitness. These scores are translated to a point system with the maximum perfect score of five points. They are added together, divided by 3 and then multiplied by 100 to get the complete General Military Performance Score.

A Marine's work performance also plays a crucial role in his or her promotion chances. Their NCOs and superiors give them a periodic scoring for their average duty proficiency marks and average conduct marks. They will then be averaged and multiplied by 100.

Finally, their years of service and their time in grade in months will also contribute to their promotion. Their time in service and time in grade is multiplied by two and five, and then added to the composite score. Their off-duty hours will also contribute to the composite score. For this reason, many Marines take Marine Corps Institute courses, as well as college and vocational classes, which contribute to their Marine Self-Education Bonus Points.

How to obtain MCI course personal finances?

In order to take up the MCI course Personal Finances you will simply need to visit your Operations Chief in the Admin Department. They will from there sign you up for your free MCI and give you the information packet which will include the work books for this course. Once you have read up enough on the course you will be able to obtain your test from your Operations Chief.

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