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The Inquisition

Like other role-playing games, Dragon Age: Inquisition grants you experience points for doing certain tasks, such as destroying enemies and completing quests. When you amass a certain number of experience points, your character advances a level and is granted an ability point to spend in gaining new abilities, as well as enhancing the abilities your character already has. A table listing the amount of experience points required per level is here.

As well as experience levels, you also accrue power points and Inquisition-perk points as you expand the Inquisition's influence across Thedas. You use power points to unlock quests and additional areas to explore, while perk points go to increasing the Inquisition's effectiveness, including boosting the number of experience points earned, enabling rogue characters to pick higher level locks, and much more.

Completing Easy Quests

The areas that you have access to early in the game are chock-full of fetch-and-gather quests. Some require some fighting, but most of the battles are easy for beginners.

  1. 1
    Do the Haven sidequests.
    There are a couple of quests that you can do for easy experience without leaving the initial starting zone
    1. Haven's Best and Brightest: You get this quest automatically after your first conversation with Sister Leliana, Commander Cullen, and Ambassador Josephine. To complete the quest, just find and speak to the Apothecary, Quartermaster, and Blacksmith. Their locations are marked for you on the map.
    2. Fill the Haven Requisition: Obtain this quest from Quartermaster Threnn when you speak to her for the above quest. It requires you to have five iron ore and to have found the logging stand.
    3. Passing Notes: Get this from Apothecary Adan when you speak to him. There's a cabin a little outside of the gates past where Cullen is shouting at his recruits. Go there and use your search function on the table inside the cabin to reveal the note.
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    Explore the Hinterlands
    In the Hinterlands
    The Hinterlands is the first area you get access to after Haven, and it is huge. There is so much to do there that you can spend many game hours there and still never run out of things do to. Some of the side quests available there include:  
    1. Horses for the Inquisition/The Master of Horses: Horsemaster Dennett will only help you if you help out his wife, Elaina, and his man, Bron with some tasks. As a bonus, once you complete this quest, you get your first mount.
    2. Farmland Security: Bron asks you to scout out locations for watch towers to keep a look-out for bandits. There are three locations that you need to "mark" for the construction of the towers. Just follow the quest markers and activate the gold Inquisition pole at each of them. Once you have them marked, travel back to Haven and ask Cullen to have his soldiers build them.
    3. The Trouble with Wolves: Dennett sends you to speak with his wife, Elaina, who tells you that her people are having trouble with a local wolf pack that is acting very strange. Follow the quest markers on your map, and you'll find yourself in a winding canyon. Among the twists and turns, you'll find a Fear Demon. Return to Elaina once you have dispatched the demon and taken care of the blighted wolves.
    4. Where the Druffalo Roam: I suggest doing this quest while you're doing the Trouble with Wolves because the object of the quest, a lost Druffalo, is located in the same area. To get this quest, simply wander around the farms around Horsemaster Dennett's place and read "a Heartfelt Request," a note asking you to locate and bring home the owner's lost druffalo.
    5. Hunger Pangs: At the Crossroads, there's a surly hunter who tells you about people starving because of all the fighting going on. He asks you to bring back 10 pieces of RAM meat. You can do this quest while doing other quests in the region. There are rams all over the area to hunt, and the drop rate for meat is pretty good, too.
    6. Shallow Breaths: While you are at the Crossroads, you'll hear a man asking for help in getting a potion to save another refugee who is ill. He asks you to find his son, Hyndel, who is hiding with the Rebel Mages in the hills, as he is the only one who can brew the curative potion. Hyndel is located in a region called Dwarfson's Pass. Go to Wintermarch Tower and speak to Anais to be allowed inside. Go up the left ramp and then up the ladder, where you'll find Hyndel. He'll give you the potion which you can then take back to the refugee at the Crossroads to complete the quest.
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Closing Fade Rifts

Close Fade Rifts for Experience

The Herald/Inquisitor is the only one capable of sealing the Fade Rifts that have popped up all across Thedas. Sealing them nets you not only experience points (for dispatching the demons and sealing the rifts themselves) but also grants you power points.

  1. 1
    Close the Fade Rifts in the Hinterlands
    The Hinterlands has five regions with a total of 11 Fade Rifts to close. Not only do you get experience points from closing the rifts, but you also get points from taking care of the demons that they spawn.  
    1. Rifts at the Foothold: 2
    2. Rifts in the Woods: 2
    3. Rifts on the Farm: 2
    4. Rifts on the Outskirts: 2
    5. Rifts in Dwarfson's Pass: 3
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  2. 2
    Close the Fade Rifts in the Fallow Mire
    There are just two Fade Rifts in the Fallow Mire, one near the Old Thoroughfare Camp, and one inside this stone ring that's faintly reminiscent of Stonehenge.
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Level Up During Normal Game play

Unlike some role-playing games, BioWare designed Dragon Age: Inquisition to be rewarding to play rather than requiring players to spend hours grinding for experience points. You can grind, of course, but it isn't required to advance at a good pace.

  1. 1
    Explore the world
    Inquisition's world is huge, with large maps to journey through. There are hidden quests with rewarding loot and experience points that you won't find unless you take the time to check out every nook and cranny of the world. Here are just a few examples:  
    1. Letter from a Lover (Hinterlands): You find a letter in a random camp asking you to bring a sprig of Felandaris to a particular spot.
    2. Sketch of Calenhad's Foothold (Hinterlands): You find this treasure map on a body. The quest starts when you pick it up.
    3. Love Waits (Hinterlands): There are two ways you can acquire this quest: one of them is by speaking to a young nobleman at Wintermarch Tower, and the second is by coming across the body of a young woman and reading her note. Either way, you'll return the letter to the poor fellow to complete the quest.
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  2. 2
    Read everything
    Thedas is a land rich in lore, which BioWare writers carefully inserted into Codex entries for you to uncover in your explorations. They come in the form of random scrolls, books, and even signs. One good place to get a nice experience boost merely from reading stuff is Val Royeaux, which you have access to early in the game.
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    Gather resources as you come across them
    Requisitions, another great source of experience points, require resources from the world; you can often fill them instantly if you already have the items they call for.
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Okay, Let's Talk About Grinding

While it isn't necessary, if you're impatient with your leveling speed, and don't want to cheat, there are some spots where monsters spawn instantly for your endless grinding pleasure.

  1. 1
    Grind on the undead in the Fallow Mire
    The Fallow Mire is your one-stop-shop for endless zombie-hunting action. Just step into the water pretty much anywhere in the Mire, and you're instant-zombie-bait for hours.
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  2. 2
    Head into the dwarven ruins in the Hissing Wastes
    There is a puzzle here where you have to light the lamps in a certain order. Do it wrong, and you've instantly got four Rage Demons wanting a piece of your hide. Simply get the puzzle wrong over and over again for an insta-demon-party every time.
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Cheat Your Way Up

If you're really impatient and want to get to the maximum level the fastest, then there are some mods that can meet your needs for instant gratification. Here are three that I know about:

  • Unlimited Use Amulet of Power mod: This amulet gives you an ability point once equipped. Just equip and un-equip it to gain as many points as you want.
  • Cheap Levels and Ability Points mod: It boosts you to the maximum level with all requisite ability points on your next level-up after installation. The author suggests uninstalling it after you gain your desired level because it may cause problems with your game.
  • New Experience Table mod: This one is only slightly cheat-y, in that it grants you just a 30 percent faster leveling rate. I use this one, myself, and I find it suits my needs for faster leveling while playing the game normally.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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