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Adult Board Games for the Right Occasion

This holiday season a lot of people around the world are going to be getting together and spending plenty of time with friends or family, and one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to get people interacting is to get them playing an adult board game. These days there are many communities focused on helping others learn about board games and how to find the right type of board game for any occasion.

This VisiHow guide will show you where you can find some of these great communities and what type of board games there are out there that are more adult themed. Most board games are on average 2-7 players, but if you are looking for some to accommodate a larger group of people then there are a few that can handle 10 or more players. In the following section you can see examples of what types of party based games are out there and then the section after that will be all about board game communities.

Types of Party Based Board Games

Competitive and Silly Party Games

  • Cash N' Guns Second Edition[1]
Cash N Guns.jpg

Have you ever wanted to point foam guns at your friends and steal precious loot from them, while also acting like a criminal? Well, Cash N' Guns is your game. This cheap board game has players pretending to all be part of a crew that just got done robbing somewhere and it's now time to divide up the loot, but everyone isn't so keen on doing it fairly. It is an amusing game that has friends laughing, pointing guns at each other, engaging in a small degree of subterfuge and trying to collect the most loot they can while also stopping others from doing so. Easy to learn, quick to play and great for most situations.

Price: Around $30

Difficulty: Easy (how hard it is to learn)

Speed: 20-30 minutes per game

Players: 4-8

Gloom 1.jpg

If you have friends who love acting or being absurd, then Gloom is perfect for them. Each player controls a twisted family that would fit perfectly into a Tim Burton movie and each family is trying to do the nicest things they can for other families before killing them. The goal of the game is to use get the most negative event cards (like harassed by piranhas or beaten by a mob) on your characters before killing them, while using positive event cards (like got married or threw a fabulous feast) to counteract other player's negative event cards on their characters. Whoever gets the most negative event points on their dead characters wins. Sounds simple enough, but it becomes really interesting and unique when you realize that every single event card requires the player to explain, as a simple or intricate story, the event and how it took place. By the end of any game you have some fabulous stories floating around and it makes it very fun even if you don't win the game. Only recommended for small groups and with people who aren't afraid to put in the extra effort to explain their characters and their stories.

Price: Around $20

Difficulty: Medium

Speed: 60 minutes

Players: 2-4 (expansions add more players)

  • King of Tokyo[3]
King of Tokyo.jpg

This colorful and charming board game is banking on you loving old cheesy monster movies filled with gigantic robot bunnies, sea monsters, apes or lizards. It is completely competitive with each player controlling one monster in a fight to be the king of Tokyo. This is a quick board game that is designed to be easy to pick up and play, but it has plenty of abilities and options to make it have that depth that makes it appealing to strategy minded players too. There is only one spot in Tokyo and each player tries to get in there, wreck havoc and stay in the city as long as possible so they can rake up some juicy victory points. Thankfully, it isn't nearly that simple as players can cede their ownership of the city to any player attacking them, forcing players to be careful about who they are attacking if they cannot withstand the brutality that comes with being the king of Tokyo. The game can be modified to make it more or less complex, and if you are looking for a slightly different (and newer) variation then you can also check on King of New York[4]. However, King of Tokyo has the most expansions and at the moment the most depth thanks to those expansions.

Price: Around $30

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Speed: 30 minutes

Players: 3-6

Subterfuge Focused Party Games

  • The Resistance[5]
The Resistance.jpg

Subterfuge focused games, like sci-fi themed The Resistance, are board games that mostly rely on wit, bluffing, memory, some degree of acting and arguing. The Resistance is specifically designed to be a social board game that has two teams trying to outwit each other. There are the spies and the resistance. Player's cannot be wiped out and no one except for the spies knows the identities of other players, so the resistance players are constantly trying to figure out who they can trust as they go on missions that require anywhere from 2-5 players (depending on how many players are in the game). The games are short since there are only five missions, and spies only need to make three fail (or resistance only need to win three), but expect a fair bit of arguing as players are always trying to convince others that people are, or aren't spies. Fantastic game that is pretty simple, but has plenty of depth once you add in an expansion or two.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little different and medieval based then you can go with the Resistance: Avalon[6]. It takes the base games premise of spies versus the resistance, but throws in Merlin and several other characters with unique abilities. For instance, Merlin knows the roles of all players, but has to subtly try to help his resistance allies without letting the spies know he is Merlin, or else they can kill him and win the game.

Price: Around $10-20

Difficulty: Easy

Speed: 20-30 minutes per game

Players: 5-10

Coup 1.jpg

Somewhat similar to The Resistance, Coup is all about politics, bluffing and deceiving other players for your own gain. This quick and easy to pick up board game has each player representing a head of a family in a corrupt city-state that uses political influence to rise to power. Influence is basically just what characters you have control, like the duke or the assassin. Each player starts with two characters and that's all they ever get. It is brilliant in the way that anyone can lie about anything. You may start the game with the assassin and the ambassador, but you can easily claim to use the powers the duke, captain or contessa have. You lose your influence, your characters, by getting called out by other players, by getting coup'd (an action that requires a player to accumulate nearly the max amount of money) or by getting assassinated. The rules are simple, but it is a game where distrust is common and accusing someone of not being who they say they are is a huge risk. Coup and The Resistance are generally at top of the list for party games.

Price: Around $10-15

Difficulty: Easy

Speed: 15-25 minutes per game

Players: 2-6

Communication and Empathy Focused Party Games


This peculiar game needs a category all for itself, because it not only relies on bluffing and subterfuge like some of the others previously mentioned, but it also relies on players being able to figure out what other people are thinking and what type of card they are likely to play. In Dixit players take turns being the storyteller, who picks a card in their hand, says one thing about it (like a phrase or a single descriptive sentence), and then places it facedown on the table. The other players try to pick a card from their own hand in hopes that it will trick other players into picking their card based on the one thing the storyteller said. The storyteller wants players to pick his or her card over everyone else's, while other players don't want anyone to pick the storytellers card so that they can get the most points.

Dixit sounds weird, and it is weird, but it is also one of the most played and liked party based board games there is. It has several expansions and the standalone new-ish version of called Dixit Odyssey[9]. Definitely worth a look if you want something simple, easy, but still challenging and focused on people more than game mechanics.

Price: Around $20-30

Difficulty: Easy

Speed: 30 minutes per game

Players: 3-6 (more players with expansions)

Board Game Communities

Now that you've seen some examples of many of the most popular party based board games out there, you can now take a look at the following board game communities for any additional help, recommendations or information. Here are three of the best ones out there:

BoardGameGeek (BGG) is one of the most useful and popular board game sites there is. They have pretty much every board game in their database with ratings from the massive community, with basic information and the games' price, availability, expansions, different versions, and several different classifications to show what type of game it is. All the previous board games mentioned in this guide are linked to BGG because it is the best place to spring board off of. BGG even has a section specifically for party based games.

  • Reddit's r/boardgames[11]

If you are looking for suggestions, discussion and information then Reddit's subreddit r/boardgames is a great place to go. The community is filled with eighty-thousand people who have their own rating system for board games and they usually have a few things going on to help stimulate discussion of newer, or popular, games. If you find BGG's community based discussions and information a bit too non-user friendly then jump on over to r/boardgames, it's worth a shot for anyone who is getting into board games or even just looking for help finding a specific type of board game.

  • Shut Up & Sit Down[12]

This well respected board game review website generally provides the most complete, informative and useful reviews for any board games. Their review videos are always a bit lengthy, but if you really need to know about a board game before spending some money on it then you can trust Shut Up & Sit Down to show you everything you need to know about it. Between this review website and the previous two community based websites you should be able to find everything you could possibly want to know about a board game.

Final Notes

For many people board games are a hobby, but they don't have to be. This guide is focused on party based games and hopefully you can see that you may easily do board games specifically for social occasions with adults, whether it is friends, strangers or family. Oddly enough, competing with, cooperating with or arguing with other people through board games tends to do a great job breaking some barriers down and getting everyone to have a great time. The list above is hardly exhaustive and just covers a few select board games, and types, but through the community based board game websites you can see the massive variety of board games that are available.

Honorable mention: You most likely already know this game, but Cards Against Humanity is an excellent game to play in an adult social gathering and it can accommodate a large group of people, but it isn't mentioned specifically in this guide because it doesn't quite qualify as a board game. However, it is still excellent if you are looking for something raunchy, offensive and absolutely not suited for anyone under 18.

As always, if you need any help or have any questions about anything in this guide then feel free to ask. You don't have to know it all, or to be nerdy, to get into board games and I hope you get out there and give it a chance for your next social gathering.



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