Dress Fashionably While Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting experiences a woman can have in a lifetime. Aside from the growing source of excitement within, the entire 9 months can be hectic as you and your partner get ready for your bundle of joy and a lifetime of parenting. While you have a whole new reason to go shopping, and not just for baby paraphernalia, remember that the bump requires you to update your wardrobe too.


Dressing for pregnant women has greatly changed in recent decades. The shapeless dresses and un-stylish frocks of yesteryear have been replaced with fashionable apparel. Stylish maternity clothing has been made available widely and at affordable prices, making pregnant women want to maintain their style while showing off their baby bump. When you are out shopping for maternity wear, it is always best to take your time and find flattering pieces for your new body. After all that bump will grow for nine whole months. This article will help you get through shopping and staying fashionable while pregnant.

Fashion Tips for Soon-to-be Moms

  1. 1
    Find Fitting and Flattering Underwear
    Every woman must understand that the perfect fitting brassiere and underwear can make one look slimmer and more attractive. When you are pregnant, the breasts become fuller and there are times they go up a cup size. Use bigger breasts to your advantage by presenting them appropriately.  
    1. Go to a lingerie or maternity establishment and check out the selection of maternity underwear. Many women will be surprised at the varieties available.
    2. Keep in mind that if you want to look good, you have to feel good, and this is even more true when you are pregnant.
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    Resist Raiding Hubby's Closet
    A lot of women have the common misconception that by the time their tummies get bigger all they have to do is wear something bigger. A lot of pregnant women find their way to their husband's closets.  
    1. Those sweats and shirts look mighty tempting, but do not give in.
    2. Carrying a child is a gift and you deserve to look fabulous. Wearing clothing that does not flatter you in the slightest does not help build the confidence that women need during this phase in their lives.
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    Steer Clear of Shapeless Tents
    Concealing your growing tummy is one thing, but shapeless tents that take form in smock dresses and over-sized shirts and pants are different stories. Women who wear baggy clothing must understand that they are not concealing anything, because actually baggy clothing can make them look bigger than ever.  
    1. If you are aiming for showing off your pregnant figure the best way possible, then get something form fitting that shows your curves in the right areas.
    2. Wearing figure hugging clothes in flattering cuts will make you look the sexy pregnant momma you are.
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    Check out Figure-Hugging Tops
    As mentioned above, when curves are shown in the right areas, pregnant women look sexier.  
    1. Do this with figure hugging tops.
    2. Check out local maternity stores and even regular fashion stores for tops that make the most out of your figure.
    3. The best designs or cuts from pregnant women include ones with an empire cut or waist, low-cut necklines, ruched tops, gathered hems around the baby bump and side-tie tops.
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    Get Fun with Statement Tees
    Most women today do not really opt for a lot of children and so they only get pregnant a few times in their lives. Why not make the most out of that experience and get fun shirts to wear while you are pregnant.  
    1. A lot of maternity stores carry different colored shirts; however, you can also find ones with sassy and fun statements like "I love my bump" or "Birth control is for losers".
    2. Not all maternity establishments have fun tops like this, so your best bet is online retail shops.
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    Pay Attention to Denim Details
    Jeans are a staple in anyone's closet. When you are pregnant you may have to go a couple of sizes. However, do not just go up a size; make sure to pay attention to the details.  
    1. Check out the cut, design and fit of the jeans.
    2. Comfort is very important but also make sure the jeans are flattering.
    3. The best material for maternity jeans is one that is stretchable; jeans that come with an elastic waistband are best as well.
    4. If you find a good combination of fit and comfort, it is ideal to get ones in different shades or colors if possible.
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    Go Feminine with Skirts
    Aside from jeans, you can also opt for denim skirts that have elastic waistbands. Again, pay attention to the cut and design to ensure it flatters your body. Having skirts gives you a nice break from continuous pants wearing.
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    Find Flattering Dresses
    The same rule of thumb can be followed when choosing dresses: Do not choose baggy or tent-like designs.  
    1. Loose and baggy designs will make you look bigger, not to mention less fashionable.
    2. Experts recommend that pregnant women opt for empire cut dresses, ones with ties in the back, figure hugging ones with the right ruching, etc,: As much as you love wearing sky high heels to add to your fashionable persona, it simply is not ideal when you are pregnant. This is because your feet will swell more and more as you approach your delivery date making you more unstable on your feet even when normal shoes are worn. However, this absolutely does not mean that you have resort to unflattering maternity shoes.
    3. Find some sturdy and attractive flats that are comfortable.
    4. Neutral colors are ideal to match your maternity wardrobe.
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    Give your Hair, Nails and Feet Some Love
    When a woman is pregnant, she tends to become selfless, thinking about all the preparations needed for the baby. However, it is also important to take care of yourself to make you feel good and self-confident.  
    1. Get a haircut, a manicure and pedicure and you will be amazed with how much better you feel about yourself afterwards.
    2. Some pampering every now and then is advised.
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Pregnancy is a gift and you deserve to look great while carrying this gift, so check out the tips discussed to look and feel better during the next nine months.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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