Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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WhatsApp messenger is presently one of the leading messenger apps in the world, competing with other leading messengers such as LINE, KakaoTalk and WeChat, which are available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Series 40, Symbian (S60), and Windows Phone operating systems. For a Windows Phone, WhatsApp has a minimum requirement of Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. Earlier versions of the Windows Phone will not be supported. WhatsApp uses 3g, 4g or Wi-Fi, when available, to be able to send and receive messages with your friends, companions, groups, family members, etc. Also, WhatsApp is capable of sending and receiving pictures, audio notes, and video messages. WhatsApp is totally free to download and there are no hidden charges that will pop up later, however you will need to pay about 99 cents a year, after the first free year.

Install WhatsApp on Your Windows Phone

  1. 1
    Download from the apps store
    This method of downloading and installing WhatsApp is available through the Windows Marketplace
    1. From the Windows Phone menu, tap the Marketplace apps store.
    2. Search for the keyword "WhatsApp."
    3. Select the searched application.
    4. Tap the "Install" button, then follow the prompted instructions on your screen.
    5. After installation of the application is done, you can then move on to activating the WhatsApp application.
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    Download directly from the WhatsApp website
    In this method you can download directly the app, using a computer or your phone, directly from the WhatsApp website.
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    Download from an SD card
    1. First, using your PC or laptop, you should be able to connect to and browse the internet.
    2. Using any browser that is available or installed on your PC or laptop, head to this website: and click on the Download button.
    3. Scroll way down to the bottom left of the page until you find "Download and Install Manually" and click it. Alternatively at the time of this writing the file is located for download directly from here:
    4. After downloading the WhatsApp application, which has the .XAP file extension, transfer the file to your SD card.
    5. Insert the SD card in your Windows phone.
    6. Tap on "Marketplace."
    7. Tap on "SD card."
    8. Wait for a couple of seconds until the app store search for available .XAP files stored on your SD card.
    9. Verify the application that you want to install, which is WhatsApp.
    10. After confirming and following instructions in your phone, you can then move on to activating the WhatsApp application.
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Activate WhatsApp

After installing the WhatsApp application, you may now proceed to the stage of activating WhatsApp. Use your mobile number on which you will receive the phone verification number. This is the number that you need to verify your WhatsApp application.

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    Tap to open the WhatsApp application.
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    Agree to the "Terms and Conditions" of WhatsApp that will pop on your screen.
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    A message will prompt you to put in your country code, and then your mobile number
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    You will probably receive a voicemail or an SMS which includes the verification code for your WhatsApp.
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    Enter this code that was sent via voicemail or SMS.
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    After entering the verification code, your Windows Phone now has a verified WhatsApp.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Using data connection when using WhatsApp will drain your battery faster, and may add to data charges if you don't have an unlimited plan.
  • If possible, always use a Wi-Fi connection to save data usage when using WhatsApp.

Questions and Answers

What's app tips and tricks for Windows Phone?

  • When using Whatsapp, your username will be your mobile number. But if you don't want this to display to prevent calls or messages from strangers you may use your verification code instead.
    • Download Spoof text message app to your mobile. Reserve this app for later use.
    • If your Whatsapp is already installed in your phone, you have to reinstall it to execute the cheat procedure. This cheat procedure is done by as the Whatsapp sends a verification code to your phone, you have to switch your phone into flight mode. This is to block the verification code be sent to you on your windows phone.
    • Another option in handling verification of your code is to select "Verify Through SMS". Here you give your email address. Choose send and next click the cancel button. And Whatsapp cannot call you because of this.
    • Next is to spoof the message sent by Whatsapp. You do this by using the previously mention Spoof text message app. Locate your message and paste it to the spoofed verification.
  • Since Whatsapp uses your mobile number as your username you still can use Whatsapp on your phone, tablet, or device even without your SIM but with the use of WLAN connection to your windows phone.
  • Restoring deleted message. Your messages are stored in the SDcard. So even if you delete it on Whatsapp, it is still saved in the SDcard. The messages saved are from the past 7 days or from the present day. To recover the message go to Sdcard, then to Whatsapp, then database.
  • The Whatsapp is not a single app but there are also other apps linked to it to function for it, like Magiapp tricks for Whatsapp. This enables you to send and hide pictures located in another photo.
  • If you want to send the same message in bulk, you use broadcast message. To check the box beside the contacts you want to send, types your message and send. With one created message, it will be sent to lots of contacts.
  • You can make backups of the Whatsapp conversations. If the message is so important, so many, and you want a copy of it, you make backups. Whatsapp make backups everyday at 4 AM. Go to the Settings menu, select 'Chat preferences' and click on Chat history backup option.
    Conversation backup.png
  • To hide timestamp on your message, you data connection. Type in your message in Whatsapp. Return data connection and send your message. This will hide the timestamp of your message. Or other method is install WhatsappHide. Choose 'Block last seen'. While you are on Whatsapp you cannot send the message but if you go out of it, your message will be sent.
  • You can register several accounts in Whatsapp using SwitchMe multiple accounts app.
  • To send APK, PDF, DOC, and ZIP files to other users of Whatsapp, you use Cloud Send.
  • You can change the Whatsapp chat wallpaper. You may use picture from the gallery of your phone or through the use of Whatsapp wallpaper app.
  • You can send Whatsapp conversation history to the other people through email.
  • Usually in chat apps, users have public profile and picture to get an idea about who you are talking to. And others attempt to download it. Not even satisfied of viewing the profile picture. They become a fan, so much interested. They want to use the picture as their homescreen wallpaper or print it for their personal interest and use. But to Whatsapp, you cannot download profile pictures, this is for security purposes. Extending your personal interest to the picture. Although you cannot download the profile picture when you click it the picture will be saved in SDcard, that means Whatsapp downloaded it at the first place without your instructions. Like the pictures taken by the camera of your phone, it is saved in the SDcard. To get the photo, you go to SDcard, Whatsapp, then click on profile picture. But if you want to stop automatic download of your profile picture, you use Whatsapp plus app.
  • To make a trick to your friend you may joke him by changing his profile picture. Making him shock, surprised or whatever emotions he will express. You change his profile picture by selecting a profile picture for him and do some edit in paint if necessary, resize it into a profile picture size which is 561 by 561. And save with a file name of the phone number of your friend. Save it in SDcard, Whatsapp then to profile picture. That will appear that the photo was so naturally manipulated inside Whatsapp. SDcard is involved in many tricks on Whatsapp.
  • If you want to do some naughty hacking, you hack conversations by using Whatsapp Sniffer.
  • The images sent to you in Whatsapp by other users will be stored in WhatsApp > media > WhatsApp images folder. You can view the files you receive by going to chat menu and click Media button.
  • To not let the voicemail be heard in loudspeaker, you press play and hold it near your ear.
  • If you have not set up your profile picture in Whatsapp, there will be an automatic avatar that will be displayed. You may change this whenever you want.
  • You can change your Whatsapp status. You may use the made messages or you customize your own status. This still indicate that you are not available for chat or whatever your condition is, if you want to chat or not.
  • When you don't receive notifications the reasons are your battery saver is enabled, the battery is conserving energy. Another reason is you may have a poor internet connection. And your ringer is not on.
  • You can set a profile picture without cropping it. You this by downloading Square app. Here you can resize or change the color of the borders.
  • If you want more about Whatsapp tricks you can download WhatsApp Tips & Tricks. It is free to install. You can get ideas on how to broadcast messages, add contacts to your Whatsapp, how to use group chat, etc. So you can extend your use of the Whatsapp facilities.

How to download Whatsapp on my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 520)?

It is easy to download Whatsapp on your Nokia Lumia 520. Just go to the Windows store and search for Whatsapp. You will find the application for free. Click on it and download it. Register your mobile number and verify it once you get the code as an SMS. The Windows 8 OS is a bit slow on these Lumia phones, so unless you have a good internet pack, be patient.

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I am unable to view videos sent by my friends on whatsapp?

I am unable to view videos sent by my friends on whatsapp

This will happen for two reason which will be if you do not have adequate signal or if you do not have the necessary update for your Whatsapp messenger application. You can check this in your google playstore.

How do i download whats app for windows phone on my pc then upload it through memory card?

How to do an image whatsapp download

While in your Whatsapp messenger application you will be able to send a file by clicking on the paperclip on the message pane so that you will be able to send the image successfully.

How to install whatsapp in windows phone?

I have downloaded whatsapp from market place in my nokia lumia but it fails to install and keeps replying "attention required. press here". When I press it replies "there has been a problem completing your request. try again later. error code: 80070490". Kindly assist on how to go about

This means that the application is available but not for your device and its capabilities so this is the reason it is having an error on your device because the device does not support the application.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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