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Disable Incoming Calls (Call Barring) on Samsung Galaxy s4

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Hello, I can make calls but when I use calling card to make calls in the UK.

By using any calling card to make calls in other country I can't make call by using calling card. I don't know why is that?

Your phone is not set up on their APN network. Also using a calling card will still use minutes on your phone plan. If you can connect to WiFi then ask where you purchased the phone card to help you with APN settings for the UK. Also some phones only work on one frequency that the UK may not have currently so your SIM will not recognize any available towers.

Why can't I make an outgoing call in my Samsung S5?

One time I turned ON my blocking mode, but when I had it turned OFF, I couldn't make any outgoing calls anymore. I'm not sure though if it happened the same time cause when I turned ON the blocking mode I didn't make any outgoing calls. I don't know what's is wrong with my phone. Please help. Thank you

This problem is not that common and requires some troubleshooting measures to fix the glitch, which is that your phone is unable to fully disable its own barring feature for some reason. Here are some steps you can try to fix the issue.

  1. 1
    Shut your phone off and restart
    Try to make a card. If it does not work then move to the next step.
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    Shut the phone off and remove the SIM card
    Put it back in and then power up the phone again. Try to make a call. If you still have problems then try to backup the data on your phone onto your computer using Samsung Kies3 and then perform a Factory reset on the phone. Power the phone up. Your call barring should be completely disabled, and the phone should work.
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If you are still experiencing problems with making phone calls after trying these three steps, then you need to contact Samsung Customer Repair service and tell they you have a hardware issue with their phone and they will instruct you on how to proceed with fixing or replacing the device.

Why am I asked to enter a password to disable calls barring when I never had one?

I am trying to make overseas calls and I am getting calls barred. To enable it I need to enter pin or password

The password would be 0000. For international calls you may need to change the Call settings to receive them which is within the rest of the call barring menu.

Why can't I phone anyone on my LG-p705 phone while I can receive incoming calls?

My phone isn't able to phone any one, and I tried to disable fixed dialing number and changed my pin number and restarted my phone, but it doesn't work

Go into your Phone app settings to make sure that you did not select call barring or another option that blocks outgoing calls. If you have not made a payment on your phone plan, this is one of the first ways they restrict before they disable your phone entirely so see if there is an issue with your carrier if nothing is set in your phone to restrict outgoing calls.

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Disable Incoming Calls (Call Barring) on Samsung Galaxy s4
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I can't hear what people say when they call me and I check with the answering mode, it was disabled and I changed it to enable, it's still do the same, what can I do again?

I can't hear what people say when they call me and I check with the answering mode, it was disabled and I changed it to enable, it's still do the same, what can I do again?. I have tried: I tried the answering mode and it's was at disabled mode and I change it to enable. I think it was caused by: I thought it was caused by answering mode

Reboot the phone and have someone call you to see if you can hear them. If you can't then factory reset your device after you have gone into settings to see if call barring is also disabled. This should restore your factory settings to as they were before.

How to get rid of emergency calls only?

My data wouldn't work so I turned my phone off, turned it back on, the data worked but a circle with the line popped up, turned it off again, now data and calling isn't working just says emergency calls only and when I ring a number it says unregistered I've tried all the Google tricks to no avail

Manually go into your Network Settings and choose your carrier. You may have to select for a search to be run first to bring up the carrier. If this does not solve your problem then change the Network Mode to GSM. This can also be found in Network Settings. If still you are getting Emergency Calls only, hard reset your phone while you are at one of your Carriers flagship stores with them.

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