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Determine if Your Motherboard Is Dead

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CPU is not booting, CPU & SMPS FAN is working, but CPU power light is not working please help?

Few days I used my PC, it was working fine then I properly shut it down, but today I am trying to switch it ON, it's not working. Following is the present state of PC...

As a switch ON the power, Both the SMPS and the CPU fan are working at their regular speed, but the POWER light is not ON (remains OFF) and obviously the system doesn't boot that is BLANK screen on the MONITOR. (No Signal)

MSI G31TM-P21 Motherboard 2 GB RAM 1 HDD Core2Duo Processor

Please Help ASAP .!!

It appears you have a Power situation in that the CPU and Fan work, but not enough Power to boot up. Check your monitor. Can you test your monitor on another PC? I doubt it is your monitor still, it is worth checking. Then open your PC housing case and remove all the PSU connections from your motherboard. Reconnect them, blow any dust or debris out of the unit and boot up. If you hear no Beep then the motherboard is not getting enough power. You can replace the PSU to the motherboard for a low cost.

SMPS is not working but remove directly connect motherboard and short black and green wire after SMPS is working?

In case after Short SMPS Move Run, but after I Reconnect Motherboard, SMPS is not Moving what happen SMPS is work In the Short. I have tried: I Try new SMPS to Connect Motherboard but Problem is not solved, and now beep is heard. I think it was caused by: Voltage Flexible but there use on UPS

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PC won't start up. Only the fans are working?

PC won't start at all, when I turn the power button on, only the fan works on CPU and graphic endlessly, there is not a single sound from the computer as beep, I tried changing RAM to different slots, unplug and plug in cables and so on, not sure what is wrong. I have tried: Well I checked the cables they seem fine, tried to turn on PC without graphic, memory or hard drive just to hear a beep sound but nothing, swapped RAM memory in different slot's , got the battery out of motherboard trying to reset BIOS, tried to connect on a different hard drive, got two of them. I think it was caused by: Well I brought this PC from Europe even if does write on power supply that supports 220v-50hz 3a and 115v-60hz 6a, I'm not sure does it work in Canada

Read the link posted above about BIOS Beep Codes from Indiana University. The fact that the PC is beeping tends to mean that you are receiving power to the PC.

When I am turning on my PC only HDD LED blinks for a second, after that no response (not blinking both LED's)?

When I am turning on my PC only HDD LED blinks for a second, after that no response (not blinking both LED's)

What are the specs of your PC so that we can assist you further? There are several reasons as to why your PC is not fully booting up.

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Determine if Your Motherboard Is Dead
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Follow the suggestions in the article and the answers to see if you can determine what the cause is.

After changing the smps is it required to change BIOS setting?

I have changed my existing low power smps with high power smps. smps & CPU fan is working but CPU is not starting on & hdd led is not glowing also. I checked both smps & it is OK. and again I changed my existing low power CPU then machine is going on. also high power smps is working on my another CPU. I did not understand the problem. as I my self is a technician in Dept. of CSE, IIT Kharagpur, India, I am very upset because of unable to solve the problem. I did every voltage point of both SMPS ATX & BTX. but nothing found wrong. please. help.

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Newly assembled PC not booting?

Hi sir, my desktop configuration is:

GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2PT rev 4.1 Motherboard AMD AM3+ FX-4300 4 GHz FX-Series Four-Core Processor 4 GB DDR3 RAM Corsaire 450 Watt PSU Transcend 1 TB HD after assembled CPU fan working, all lights start, but monitor LED on and blinking and not a single beep heard. The beep is not heard after RAM is removed as well, please help me I invested a lot in that, thanks. I have tried: I tried everything you mentioned on your website

Start removing one thing at a time until you get a beep. If you do not get a beep when everything is removed from the motherboard, then you may have installed it improperly or it is corrupted. Your power source seems fine but you may need to step up to a 500W PSU. The motherboard will not boot up if it does not get enough power, and also you should check to make sure that the speaker is attached correctly on the motherboard.

What happened to my PC? It will not display video?

I was on it early in the morning. I put the computer into sleep mode when I went to bed. I woke up and hit the power button on the PC but no display. I waited 10 minutes. I powered it down. I went through this "determine if your motherboard is dead" guide but I don't have another PC to put this in or friends considering I moved here. I do hear a post beep upon turning on the PC but I still get not visual. I need to find an inexpensive way of finding out if my PSU, motherboard, or GPU is dead... How can I do that without the necessary resources?

Can you plug your Monitor into your TV to see if it is working properly? Then Press F7 to check your BIOS. It sounds like this may be your video card which can possibly be fixed by updating drivers. Check the link from Indiana University to diagnose what your beep means. This is the best way for you to begin with very little resources.

How to find out which component is damaged?

My son built a gaming system from scratch then spilled water on it. He knows the motherboard took a hit but he doesn't know about any of the other components (though he thinks the CPU and GPU were also in the line of fire). My questions are: 1) Will he fry his new motherboard by attaching damaged items and 2) is there any way of finding out which individual items are damaged?


A surge in power to the motherboard would really damage it. What you can do is attach each piece one at a time and try to turn on the PC. If the PC refuses to beep after a certain item is plugged in to the motherboard then that is most likely damaged and needs replacement.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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