Become a sniper (marines)

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Marine Scout Sniper

Being a Marine Scout Sniper is more than just skilled marksmanship. A Marine Scout Sniper is highly trained and skilled in many areas, including; camouflage, concealment and precision long range marksmanship. Their mission is to support various combat operations, reconnaissance, and collect information for intelligence on the enemy and the surrounding terrain. Approximately 1/3 fail at the Marine Scout Sniper training course, it is one of the toughest schools in the Marine Corps. There are less than 300 Scout snipers within the corps. To qualify for Marine Scout Sniper School, the marine recruit must first earn the rank of Lance Corporal, and have an infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). During the time in basic training, you need to become an expert marksman on the gun range, be at least a second class swimmer and score high on your Physical Fitness Test (PFT). There is a lot of training and schooling; you must go through before even starting or being accepted into Marine Scout Sniper training. This pre-sniper training and schooling all are very difficult both mentally and physically. Once you are accepted into Scout Sniper school you will have basic knowledge about scouting and sniper training and advanced knowledge of an infantry marine. You must have all authorized gear when you show up for the scout-sniper training including your Ghillie suit. [1] [2] [3]

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Minimum requirements for Marine Scout Sniper training

The marines have minimal requirements that you must meet to even be considered for training.

You must be male, have a MOS -0310 Infantry, have a rank between E2 through E7, be an expert rifleman, have a second class or higher swimming qualification, have a first class score on your PFT, eye sight correctable to 20/20, not be color blind, no Non-Judicial Punishments within last 6 months, and posses a GT score of 110 or higher.

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    Talk to your recruiter and get information about what exactly being a Marine Scout Sniper entails. They can tell you what the prerequisites are for being selected for Scout- Sniper School.
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    MOS qualifying test scores
    Before you join the military, you are given the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), it is a multiple choice test. You are required to obtain a minimum qualifying score and this is your AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score. Your AFQT score predicts your potential for selection in military occupations. The test consists of math, reading comprehension, mechanical and technical understandings. Under the General Technical (GT) section, you are required to score a minimum of 100.
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    Basic training
    To increase your chances of being selected for marine scout sniper training, during basic training you should become an expert with the rifle, be at least a second class swimmer and score high on your Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
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    After Basic Training
    When you complete boot camp, you need to enlist in the infantry. The first two digits of your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) should begin with 03 for consideration for Marine Scout Sniper training.When you finish infantry school you will have the chance to become a scout sniper.
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    Minimum rank
    You must obtain at least the rank of Lance Corporal (LCPL) (pay grade E-3).
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    Psychological evaluation
    The army sniper school requires you to pass a psychological evaluation. The marines require you to be without any history of mental illnesses. You also must have no history of alcohol, or drug abuse.
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    Your battalion will consider you based on your maturity, physical fitness score, MCI's and time in service (depending on your battalion) for recommendation. All prerequisites must be met or you will be sent back to your unit and disqualified.
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    MCI courses
    The more courses you have completed the better chances you have of being accepted into Scout Sniper training. Completing as many of the following courses as possible is highly recommended; Land Navigation, Patrolling, Calling and Adjusting Supporting Arms, and Reconnaissance Marine. Also recommended that you have proven basic Scout Sniper field skills: stalks, concealment, field sketches, range cards, range estimations, and firing of the M-40A1 prior to attending the course.
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The Marine Scout Sniper Training is an elite military school, and one of the toughest special operations courses in the U.S. Military. The course is extremely grueling both physically and mentally. You must perform your tasks with sleep deprivation and no mistakes. You are required to hold yourself higher than your peers, show maturity, be in optimal physical condition, have knowledge and comprehension of assignments, have mental stability and mental fortitude. It has an approximately 30% failure rate. Being a Marine Scout Sniper is not for everyone.


Marine Sniper Medical Disqualifications

A Marine Scout Sniper must be able to perform rigorous duties without fail, so they're expected to be in top physical and mental shape. The qualification process is very strict, and several medical conditions can lead to disqualification.

History of Mental Illness

One of the basic requirements to qualify for becoming a Marine Scout Sniper is that you have no history of mental illness. Any type of mental illness is an automatic disqualification and removal.

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Being colorblind is discouraged, but not completely disallowed. You must be able to distinguish between different colors to successfully perform your duties as a Marine Scout Sniper.

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Poor Vision

Your vision must be correctable to 20/20 vision. If your vision changes, you will be re-evaluated. If you are not a candidate for surgical correction, you may be disqualified.

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Physical Health

You must not have any health issues that can impair you from performing your duties. If you become ill or injured, you can become a liability to your unit or risk further harm to yourself. A Scout Sniper must also receive a First Class score on the Marine Corps' Physical Fitness Test (PFT), and have a Class 2 or higher swim qualification in order to be considered for training.

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Questions and Answers

Why do you need 20/20 vision to become a sniper?

You need 20/20 vision to become a sniper because you have to be able to see your target without your vision being impaired. For example; during training, you will be asked to shoot a certain target, e.g. on the top of the tower in the left side corner, etc. If you wear contact lenses or eye glasses, your vision has the potential of becoming impaired from previously rolling in the mud, running, sweating, etc.

The meaning of 20/20 vision is that you see things clearly at 20 feet away and with similar visual clarity to the average normal-sighted person. It is the normal visual acuity without any problems at all.

Will poor eyesight get you fired from your job as a sniper?

One of the initial requirements to become a sniper is having 20/20 vision. This is normal visual acuity.

If you are currently a Scout Sniper and your vision changes and is not correctable, then you may be re-assigned to other than Scout Sniper within the Marines, you would have a change in MOS.

What kind of physical capability should a qualified sniper have?

As a sniper, you should have good physical health and great capabilities, because you will be required to stay still for long hours, maybe even days, and to roll in the field or mud without being detected by enemies. If you move, you may die. If you can not do all these things, then you can't be admitted to become a marine sniper. You should have the capability to endure various environments and adverse conditions.

A qualified sniper should also have steady hands and normal breathing. If you tremble and get nervous, you can not be admitted to become a Marine sniper. These physical abilities are very important for shooting a target right on the spot successfully.

You are also required to attend a screening usually for two days, before you can attend a formal school for qualified snipers. During the training, you will have to undergo physical exercises, such as swimming (which is required for formal sniper school), rock running, and some exercises for night observation. That is why you have to have 20/20 vision and normal color vision. If you fail to do or have all these, you will not be qualified to be a marine sniper.

The physical capabilities of a sniper Marine is that they need to be able to pass their PFT in a first class matter depending on their age it differentiates but according to the PFT chart for their age they must maintain the first class passing of their 3 mile run, pull ups and also sit ups. They also must finish through their swim qualification tests to class 1.

Can you become a marine sniper while wearing glasses?

No, in order to become a sniper you will need to have 20/20 vision in order for you to be able to become a sniper. If you have to wear glasses this will be a downfall for it can be a liability if you lose your glasses on a mission thus making you useless as a sniper.

No, it is stated that if you wear corrective lenses whether it be contacts or glasses you will not be able to become a Marine Sniper for those two items can be damaged causing you to fail your mission in the process without your corrective lenses being in a good state.

Can people with illnesses become snipers?

A sniper must be healthy and with no illness. If the Marines health was impaired, they may not be able to perform their duties and could be a hazard to themselves or others in their unit.

Does having glasses prevent you from joining the marines?

No, a lot of Marines wear glasses. While you are joining at the MEPS center they will give you a vision test in order to fit you for the proper glasses to train in during boot camp.

Important skills for being a US marine sniper?

Maturity and self discipline are very important in being a US marine sniper. Also, ability to anticipate enemies` move would prove to be very useful. A lot of stamina is also required. Being a Scout Sniper is an individual and team effort. You are evaluated on how your perform on your own and with a group. You will be patrolling is with a full combat load and the weight is over 70 pounds. you must stay in shape physically and mentally

How can I prepare myself for ASVAB to score at least 100?

I need a minimum score 100 to qualify for the scout marine corps program.

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What is the physical training like, and what can I do before I join?

What do I do to train before the physical tests

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How can I increase the chances of me becoming an Scout Sniper?

Hi, I'm 15 years old and want to become a scout sniper in the marine corps, how should I go through high school of becoming a scout sniper. I have tried: I've been doing PT for a while and my Marksmanship skills are on point shooting 800 yards no problem

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What would be my income as a recruit rank?

I want to be a sniper and want to know how much I'll make. I have tried: Looking for information online. I think it was caused by: I don't know what to look up exactly

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What exercises should I really work on to become the best possible shape to make it into scout sniper school?

Push ups, pull ups, running, so how long should I do the exercises a day?

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How many tests are there with gun maintenance?

Are there different training camps for snipers

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What steps should I take in order to become a sniper finishing my first term?

The chance to become a sniper is probably the only way I would reenlist.

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How can Indian boys join the US military sniper?

How can Indian gays join US military, please give me an answer?

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Hey I was wondering if you have to pay for a sniper gun to become a sniper?

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What age should you start studying about the marines?

Would it be best to start studying at a young age or not. The article does not talk about what age you should study.

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What do you have to do to become a marine and go over to Iraq?

Do you have to be in Community or State College? And what skill's do you have to have? Do you have to be something else to become a marine first? And how would you be able to go over and fight the Isis, with the other soldiers who are over there? And what hobbies, and what you did before so you would become a marine. And did you have to have good grades from when you were young through to College? And if you do become a marine how long would you sleep for, and if you don't follow the rules will you get kicked out of boot camp or will they put you in something little. Okay, I do want to become a marine sniper, but I want to become the heavy gunner out in the Iraq. I have tried: Nothing I didn't know what to do first. I thought if they needed people who always needed good grades. I think it was caused by: I just dreamed of becoming a marine or US army soldier.

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I have glasses but it does not really affect my eyesight?

As the questions said I have glasses but they are strictly for reading and due to the fact that one eye works slightly harder than the other so my eyes get confused in the page other than that I have 0 problems with my eyes but would that disqualify. The article did not specify if such a minor problem that has to with close up reading would disqualify me. I have tried: I don't really know what I should try to being with so I'm having trouble answering this question. I think it was caused by: Well I think it is a bit obvious isn't it my eyes are the problem here

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