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Being a Marine sniper is one of the most dreamed of jobs in the Marines but it doesn't come easy and there are steps just like any other jobs that you will need to follow in order to become a sniper. Movies and other forms of media have hyped up the position of sniper to the point where anyone would love to become a sniper in any branch of the military, this article will explain the steps necessary to become a sniper in the United States Marines.

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    First off you will need to contact a recruiter to get you started on your way to becoming a Marine
    You will need to take the ASVAB test in order to qualify to join but understand that you must join the Marines as Infantry, your recruiter will let you k
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now of you MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and guide you in the right direction. Also understand that if you can

not join the Marines as a sniper it doesn't mean your dream is over but just means that you will need to complete you contract out doing your given MOS and then you can request to be changed to Infantry. So if you do

not get it the first time understand you will get it in due time and during the process you will learn other skills that will better you in the Marines,

no job is pointless or

not important so you will have a bit of an edge on the others by completing a

nother MOS then joining the Infantry Marines.

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    To be a sniper you will need to have physical capabilities such as 20/20 vision (even with glasses) and you can
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not be color blind. If you meet these standard requirements then you are good to go to become a sniper. A


note is that

now in the Marine Corps you can

not join unless you have 20/20 vision and are

not color blind so if you can join then you are fully qualified to becoming a sniper.

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    After boot camp you will be faced with the option to go to School of Infantry or you can volunteer to go to force recon
    If you decide to go to School of Infantry you can volunteer to join under a Sniper platoon for your duration where you will learn the basic skills on becoming a sniper or a scout. If you choose to go to force recon school and pass then you will be able to go to Sniper School but you will need to at least complete the force recon school in order to have this option to continue to sniper school.
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    In order to become a sniper you will need to have a rank of E3 (lance Corporal) or higher
    If you are
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not one of those ranks then you will

not be able to continue on to become a sniper, the battalion will push you towards your rank if you want but you will need to complete all the requirements in order to do so.

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nother thing to look out for is the ASVAB again where you will take a

nother test to qualify you to become a sniper. You will need to score at least a 100 on the Technical part of the ASVAB in order to qualify for becoming a sniper any score lower will

not be accepted.

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    You will need to pass a psych evaluation in order to become a sniper
    So if you have a history of mental illness then you will be disqualified from becoming a sniper also you will need to
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not have any punishments against you in the Marines for up to 6 months as this can disqualify you also in becoming a sniper.

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    A recommendation from your battalion will be needed in order for you to be eligible to join the sniper school
    So if you do
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not have a recommendation it will hurt your chances, even though you volunteer your battalion will need to agree with your decision in order for you to proceed. Your battalion will consider you based on your physical fitness score, pros and cons, MCI's and time in service (depending on your battalion). So if you are a hard headed Marine and are always getting into trouble you will

not be eligible by your battalion to take on the training.

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    Must to have will be the taking of particular MCI courses which will include land navigation, recon and patrol
    You will need to have these courses completed for consideration so if you do
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not have them done it is imperative that you get these courses submitted.

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    When your battalion decides to send you to sniper school you will need to attend and pass all requirements
    Just like any other school that trains in MOS related activities you will need to pass all tests and procedures, if you do
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not pass then you will be sent back to your battalion but you can always try again as much as you want but it will be up to your battalion to send you as they will get tired of sending you out for failure.

Becoming a sniper in the Marines is a hard and long drawn out process, as other MOS's are easier to get into and start up becoming a sniper takes a lot of patience and time in order to complete the process. Being a sniper is

not only about having a good physical condition but also a good sense of k

nowledge, comprehension, mental stability and mental fortitude. If you are

not cut out to be a sniper it is okay because all jobs in the military work as one together, snipers are

not the only MOS that is important and they do

not act solely by themselves. Following these instructions will give you k

nowledge on the steps and requirements in order to become a sniper for the United States Marines.


Can someone become a marine sniper with a history of mental illness?

One of the basic requirements to qualify for a marine sniper is that one should have

no history of mental illness. It concludes there that a person, whatever type of mental illness he may have, whether treated or untreated, is still

not qualified to become a marine sniper. The reason is due to the fact that killing other people can seriously affect a person's mentality and emotions. Other than that, there are some other reasons why a person who has a history of mental illness is

not permitted to be a marine sniper, because a marine sniper must have the following:

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    Deep concentration
    This is very important for being a marine sniper. He or she should k
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now how to concentrate well and wait for the right time to target. A person who has a mental illness is likely to become unfocused. For example, if he is permitted to be a marine sniper, he wouldn't be able to shoot the target well due to impaired concentration and cognitive malfunctions, which are the consequences of having a history of mental illness. A disorder that greatly affects the concentration of a person is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is a common mental issue in both adults and children. If you have this disorder, you are absolutely disqualified from being a marine sniper.

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    A person who has a history of mental illness may be more likely to be over-enthusiastic to head a start on firing the target. Patience is also very important of being a sniper. He must be willing to wait for his opponent at a right time and place before firing. If
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not, he will give his opponent away. If one has mental illnesses, he may have problems in waiting patiently.

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    A good range, or distance estimation skills
    A person who may want to become a marine sniper must be proficient in calculation or estimation, as he will be expected to be able to fire and shoot the target from a distance. In other words, math skills of a person are highly recommended and required. Together with patience and concentration, he will be able to shoot his target. If one has mental disability or even a history of mental illness, he may
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not be as able to deeply concentrate well, which will probably result in target failure.

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Reasons why you can get disqualified to become a sniper

Being Colorblind

Being colorblind is discouraged,

not disallowed. This is very tragic news for an aspiring marine sniper, but being colorblind significantly reduces your chance at getting admitted to a sniper school. Sniper schools are hard e

nough as it is, but even more difficult if you are colorblind.

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    There are exceptions
    You may have a chance if you can prove that you are indeed capable of handling the sniper position. The first question would be if you are totally colorblind, or only unable to distinguish green, red, or blue.
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    Some people adapt better than others. If you have a problem differentiating color and leading a
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normal life, imagine how hard it will be if you became a scout sniper. Your life, the lives of your team and the people you're fighting for are in your hands. Think ahead and imagine, if you were on a field of mission, what potential problems you may have.

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    Rare Advantage
    In some varied and rare cases, colorblind people can develop an S-cone defect which allows them to clearly identify artificial camouflage suits. Less than one-tenth of one percent has this though.
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    Many colorblind people can adapt by better discrimination in the texture, motion, and reflective qualities of things, like lumi
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nosity, which gives them an advantage in certain situations.

Poor Vision

How could you possibly be a sniper and hit a person in the head half a league away if you can

not even see a person's face right in front of you. In order to become a sniper in the US Marines, you definitely have to possess 20/20 vision.

Other Health Issues

This is

not only a concern for the sniper unit in the US Army, but for other branches as well - poor health can significantly reduce your chances at being a sniper. Mental health is strictly monitored in aspiring snipers as well.

Questions and Answers

Why do you need 20/20 vision to become a sniper?


You need 20/20 vision to become a sniper because you have to be able to see your target without the aid of contacts or glasses. During sniper training, you will be asked to shoot a certain target by following instructions, e.g. on the top of the tower in the left side corner, etc. If you wear contact lenses or a pair of eyeglasses, then it can be a hassle because you may be rolling in the mud, running, sweating, etc., and could lose or break your seeing aids. This is a big


no in the training field. That is why 20/20 vision is required, but what does this mean?

20/20 vision does

not mean perfect vision. The meaning of 20/20 vision is that you see things clearly at 20 feet away and with similar visual clarity to the average

normal-sighted person. It is the

normal visual acuity without any problems at all.

So, as a sniper, you have to be a from 20 feet away, or a lot farther, if necessary. As a matter of fact, it is awkward if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses while shooting a target. This would definitely

not be feasible for a perfect sharp-shooter.

Yes this is true that you will need to atleast have 20/20 vision in regards to becoming a sniper. The only way that you will be able to become a sniper with bad vision will be for you to have eye surgery to correct your vision.

Will poor eyesight get you fired from your job as a sniper?

Of course you will get fired from your job as a sniper if you have poor eyesight. One of the initial requirements to become a sniper is having 20/20 vision. This is

normal visual acuity. As long as you can see objects clearly at 20 feet away, then you are good. If you are already a sniper and are gradually experiencing poor eyesight, then you should voluntarily resign as a sniper as soon as possible. You do

not want to have to fire multiple times to shoot the target successfully, or to experience a headache while targeting someone or something. Furthermore, you could unintentionally shoot a civilian if you have poor eyesight, which is a worst-case scenario. This is why you will be fired from your job as a sniper if you have poor vision.

Yes, if your eye sight becomes bad after a certain period of time you will be taken down as a Marine Sniper. You will not be kicked out of the Marines but you will be re assigned an MOS in order for you to continue serving as a Marine.

What kind of physical capability should a qualified sniper have?

As a sniper, you should have good physical health and great capabilities, because you will be required to stay still for long hours, maybe even days, and to roll in the field or mud without being detected by enemies. If you move, you may die. If you can

not do all these things, then you can't be admitted to become a marine sniper. You should have the capability to endure various environments and adverse conditions.

A qualified sniper should also have steady hands and

normal breathing. If you tremble and get nervous, you can

not be admitted to become a Marine sniper. These physical abilities are very important for shooting a target right on the spot successfully.

You are also required to attend a screening usually for two days, before you can attend a formal school for qualified snipers. During the training, you will have to undergo physical exercises, such as swimming (which is required for formal sniper school), rock running, and some exercises for night observation. That is why you have to have 20/20 vision and

normal color vision. If you fail to do or have all these, you will

not be qualified to be a marine sniper.

Can you become a marine sniper while wearing glasses?

No, in order to become a sniper you will need to have 20/20 vision in order for you to be able to become a sniper. If you have to wear glasses this will be a downfall for it can be a liability if you lose your glasses on a mission thus making you useless as a sniper.

Can people with illnesses become snipers?

No, because a sniper must be healthy and can stay still during a battle. A sniper must be healthy and with no illness so that he can do his job properly and so that the other member or his team mates can trust him. A sniper must have a 20/20 vision and not color blind and being a sniper is not easy so you must train hard and correctly aim the target. Remember that to be a sniper or to become a sniper, a sniper must be strong in mind to be able to concentrate, strong in heart to know which is good and right and a sniper must have strong body to be able to stay still during a battle.

Does having glasses prevent you from joining the marines?

No, a lot of Marines wear glasses so understand that by having to wear glasses you will be able to serve in the Marines. While you are joining at the MEPS center they will give you a vision test in order to fit you for the proper glasses to train in during boot camp.

Important skills for being a us marine sniper?

Accuracy and discipline are very important in being a US marine sniper. Also, ability to anticipate enemies` move would prove to be very useful. A lot of stamina is also required. The training for this role is usually very tough.

The same skills that are required in order to be a Marine will be required when you are going out to become a Marine Sniper. In order to become a Marine sniper you will in fact need to have the abilities listed above which are required by all Marines.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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