Become a lance corporal (Marines - E3)

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The U.S. Marine Corps has nine ladders of enlisted ranks, and the third of these is the rank of lance corporal (LCpl). Lance corporal, coded E-3, is a rank higher than private first class and lower than corporal. The lance corporal is a commissioned officer rank.

The lance corporal symbol


Decentralized promotion

The meaning of decentralized promotion is that the military unit itself is responsible for the promotion of its ranking officers. Ideally, it is the commander who has the authority and responsibility to choose who gets to move a rank higher and who does not. However, as there are no rigid requirements to be promoted to E-3, pretty much everyone gets promoted, given the fact that they have done substantially well in their current position, meaning no bad conduct, and that they pass the promotion criteria.

Promotion criteria

The promotion criteria is established by the Marine Corps to prevent chaos in the promotion of ranks. This makes sure that all officers have equal possibilities of being a rank higher and that they get promoted at the same approximate time, as soon as the criteria is fulfilled.

The promotion criteria are as follows:

  1. 1
    Time-in-Service (TIS)
    This is the amount of time you have been enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, be it active or reserved. The time required to get promoted to lance corporal is nine months.
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    Time-in-Grade (TIG)
    This is the combination of time between the number of months in your present position and the time-in-grade in a previous enlistment of equal or higher rank, if any, provided that the service was satisfactory. The time required to get promoted to lance corporal is eight months.
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Qualifications for Becoming a Lance Corporal (Marines E3)

In order to become a non-commissioned officer, one needs to be promoted as an E3 or lance corporal in the US Marine Corps. Actually, this is the final stage before finally reaching the non-commissioned officer state. In a majority of cases, being promoted as a lance corporal is somewhat automatic. However, those who want to be an E3 still need to meet some criteria, in order to become elgible for the promotion.

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    The General Requirements
    Generally, becoming a lance corporal is a form of automatic promotion being awarded to Marines once they reached the basic experience requisites. However, there is still a possibility that the promotion will be revoked, depending on some circumstances. The Marine Corps won't push through the promotions of those individuals who are not able to get recommendations for reenlistment, or those whose performance are deemed to meet only the substandard level.
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    The Marine Corps will not give promotions to those who don't agree to take role in the mandatory PCS or Permanent Change of Station deployment or move either
    Therefore, as long as a Marine doesn't get himself/herself in trouble, and does his tasks excellently or at a higher than satisfactory level, then he or she will be eligible for the promotion to E3 or lance corporal.
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    The Experience Requisite
    For the majority of those who are in the Marines, especially those who want to reach the lance corporal level, it is crucial for them to meet some experience prerequisites. If they have been in service for a total of nine months, as well as in private first class or E2 for a total of eight months, then they can pursue the lance corporal promotion.
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    Understanding the College Enlistment Program
    Those who are signing up in the Marine Corps with 60 college semester hours or an associate's degree from any accredited university have the possibility to attain the lance corporal rank quickly, and this is under the administration of the College Enlistment Program. The enlistees who met the needed amount of college hours, who acquired a score of 50 or more than that on the AFQT or Armed Forces Qualification test (part of the ASVAB or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) could be signed up under the scheme. This would grant them the E2 level or the Private First Class level, instead of being an E1 or Private, after graduating from the basic training. After that, those who are signed up under the College Enlistment Program could be eligible for promotion in order to become a Lance Corporal, and that is after six months of servicing the Marine Corps.
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Questions and Answers

Are a Marine lance corporal and corporal E3 the same thing?

Yes, a lance corporal and corporal E3 are the same thing. The former is the rank, while the latter is the pay grade, as determined by the Department of Defense. A lance corporal has a monthly basic salary beginning at $1,730 a month, which increases to $1,950 a month after rendering three years of service. Aside from that, there are also additional housing and food allowances and special incentives for hostile fire and dangerous duties.

Members of the U.S. military who have similar years of service and have the same pay grade receive a similar basic pay. The amount is allotted by Congress and subject to a periodic adjustment. A lance corporal who has been in the service for less than two years received a monthly salary of $1,757.40, as of 2012. Lance corporals who have been in service for two to three years will receive $1,868.10 per month, while those who have been in service for over three years get $1,981.20.

Aside from getting a monthly salary, lance corporals will receive the same subsistence allowance as all other Marine personnel. The amount is determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, based on their food-cost index. Their housing allowance will depend on the station where they are based.

Please understand that a Lance Corporal and an E3 is the same but the rank of Corporal is the rank of E4 which is higher than a Lance Corporal and is the first rank when a person becomes a NCO or Non Commissioned Officer

What is the basic criteria to reach lance corpral in the marines?

Basically you will reach Lance Corporal after you have remained the Rank of E2 for Nine Months, after you have been an E2 for Nine Months you will automatically become an E3.

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