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Utilize Playing to Help in Child's Holistic Development

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Bay window curtain ideas for a cafe look?

When it comes to a café look it is important that the curtains are of a dark color but not too dark as to project a calm mood. In a café people visit to drink their beverage as well as relax to read a paper a book or anything of this sort. Just ensure that the curtains give off a calming mood in the room.

Cafes usually have a dim interior to make it more cozy and to provide a lot of privacy to the guests. Therefore, for your bay window, utilize warm colors such as brown, beige, cream, or other earth colors. You may want to accentuate it by using wood for the beams.

Some cafes, on the other hand, are more on the quirky or creative side. They would utilize some really unique materials that you would not find elsewhere. If this is the kind of cafe look that you are trying to achieve, avoid buying curtains that are already ready-made as that won`t look unique. Choose very interesting fabrics and make designs that you won`t find elsewhere.

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Utilize Playing to Help in Child's Holistic Development

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