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The Benefits of Having An Alpha Male As A Boyfriend

An alpha male wants a partner who is an adventurer.

An alpha male is a man that is considered to be "the leader of the pack" in one way or another. Many of them have unique personalities and are seen as pillars of the community, innovators and purveyors of great change. Not all alpha men are well liked, but they are generally very influential and powerful. They are sought-after partners because they usually are successful, protective and make good providers.

There are many benefits of being with an Alpha Male because:

  • They tend to be proud men who are good providers and need to be the best at everything, including being your boyfriend.
  • They are very territorial in nature, creating a profound sense of emotional security and belonging
  • They are very loyal and will not ever leave you and even if they do slip up and cheat, you will always be taken care of
  • They tend to pamper you because they take great pride in having a partner that looks really good standing next to them
  • Your well being is a reflection of his stature as a man, so he will do his best to make sure you have all the things in life you need to make you happy
  • They tend to be very busy, which leaves you a lot of time to pursue your own career, friends and hobbies without much interference from you

How to Attract An Alpha Male

Alpha males like women who are sexy and a bit mysterious.

Alpha males are proud and often finicky individuals who want a girlfriend who is, in their eyes, an absolute 10. Not only do they want a partner who will impress others, they also want somebody that impresses them.

Here are the traits that a woman has to cultivate in her to attract an alpha male:

  1. 1
    You must be well-groomed, fashionable and as trim, fit and beautiful as possible in order to attract the attention of an alpha male
    Alpha males do not generally waste their time with women that do not look their best at all times. They are also not very tolerant of women with health or emotional problems. There is no such thing as being a relaxed or casual dresser when you are trying to attract a man like this, because he expects you to be the 2.0 version of your self at all times.
    Most allpha men are only attracted to alpha females.
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  2. 2
    When you first meet, make sure that he knows that you are his biggest fan
    Ideally, you will have done a little research about him so you know which aspect of his career or other achievements to mention when you first meet him. Many alpha dogs love having a cheerleader in their life, even if they do not show how much it matters to them at first. However, do not flatter him too much, or he might think you are being sarcastic or that you want something from him.
    Alpha males love to be admired.
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  3. 3
    You must be able to demonstrate some level of intellect that goes far beyond high school
    Most alpha males like to marry doctors, lawyers and women with post-graduate degrees because the smarter you are, the smarter he looks. In addition, most alpha males got where they were because they were very intelligent in the first place and they want a partner who understands them. However, most alpha males will want you to measure your intelligence by your ability to agree with him and second-guess his wants and desires.
    Alpha males appreciate brains as well as beauty.
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  4. 4
    Be unique in some way that makes you a one-of-a-kind woman
    Alpha males value a female who stands out from the crowd in some way. Many are attracted to creative women with vision, such as fashion designers, artists or photographers. They are also attracted to women with unique features, such a yellow or violet eyes or hair that is a special color. Wear a signature perfume or adopt a touch of fashion flair that is uniquely you, such as wearing a flower in your lapel every day or carrying a lace hanky instead of a tissue.
    Alpha males prefer women who are beautiful but who also have a unique feature.
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  5. 5
    You must be a willing adventurer and able to navigate the most unpredictable of situations with ease and grace
    It takes great mental and physical fitness to be with an alpha male just simply because they are so unpredictable. Many of them enjoy extreme sports such as mountain climbing and surfing. Even the less athletic males enjoy getting on a jet at the last minute and flying somewhere halfway across the world. If you are going to impress an alpha male, you must always have a bag packed and your passport ready because you never know what might happen.
    Alpha males like to take their partners on strenuous adventures such as rock climbing.
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  6. 6
    Show him that you are loyal to him by sticking by his side and sticking up for him even though he is wrong
    Alpha males value loyalty in a partner because your submissiveness shows the other males that he is dominant over a beautiful, smart woman like you. The fact that he can be with such a great catch as you and have you agree with everything he say is partly how he keeps his status in his peer group as the leader intact. Never contradict him or express your own opinion, as he will see that as a subversion of his position as an alpha male.
    Alpha males value loyalty most of all.
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  7. 7
    You must be the Queen equal to his King and help him govern his pack
    The alpha male does see himself, and often is, the ruler of a community or social group and you willed be expect to act as if you are a regal being. In effect, you are an extension of him and expected to carry out and enforce his wishes. Indecisive, shy or outspoken women don't really work as a Queen, so practice your social graces and conversation skills if you want to find yourself by the side of an alpha male.
    An alpha male wants a woman who can rule his kingdom with him.
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  8. 8
    You must demonstrate that you are self-sufficient financially and emotionally
    It is a myth that alpha males like to support women that they are in a relationship with. They admire women who are independent and that can take care of themselves, because usually they are putting their energy and finances into huge projects. You may not be able to count on him to pay your bills but he will make sure you are pampered and take your shopping. Some alpha males are more nurturing and will completely support the woman they love, especially once you are married, but they do not like to be taken for granted financially or be seen in the company of a woman that everyone thinks is a gold digger.
    Alpha males like women who are financially independent.
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  9. 9
    Be unpredictable, fascinating and willing to play different roles for him in life
    The alpha male prefers a woman who is a bit mysterious and who he cannot quite figure out. One way to maintain this is to take him out on offbeat romantic dates throughout your relationship. Go the drive-in in an antique car, sleep under the stars together during a lunar eclipse or have a picnic in your living room. The idea is to constantly keep him wondering what you might do next.
    Take him on an interesting dates, such as to an old-fashioned drive in.
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  10. 10
    Show him that you are very patient and forgiving when it comes to his distractibility, risk-taking and moodiness
    Most alpha males are geniuses, in one way or another, and have the uneven temperaments and eccentricities that are typical of innovators, inventors and artists. Your payoff for being patient with an alpha male is a very grateful and loyal male partner for life.
    A proposal is often the reward for being loyal to an alpha male.
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  11. 11
    Do not be afraid of putting your foot down with him or making decisions
    Alpha males cannot bear people who are hesitant or too intimidated by his big personality to tell him directly what they want. It is especially important to an alpha male that you do not take a long time deciding what restaurant to go to, or mull too long over a menu or take too long getting ready to go out. They do not have much patience for people who are unable to make up their mind quickly because they see that as a sign that you might be weak in a crisis. They also take it as an indication that you do not know your own mind very well.
    Alpha men are annoyed by indecisive indiividuals.
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  12. 12
    Keep your texts and phone calls to a minimum
    The sparser your contact is with him, the more he is going to appreciate you. Do not take him through every minute of your day by sending him endless texts. Most alpha males also hate to chat on the phone unless it is strictly business. Do not anguish over the fact that he rarely calls you.
    Don't annoy him with too many texts.
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  13. 13
    Never show jealousy or feel threatened by other women who are hanging around an alpha male
    Even though he is territorial and possessive, he does not want you to be. He likes the idea that you have enough trust in him not to be threatened when flirtatious sycophants surround him.
    Never let your alpha male know you are jealous.
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Tips and Tricks

Alpha males do not like clingy women.

  • Alpha males are not big fans of emotional dramas and many of the psychologically shut down if you have a big issue because they feel they don't have time to deal with it
  • Alpha males like their physical space and do not appreciate women who are too clingy or needy physically
  • The negative side of the territorial nature of the alpha male is that they can be jealous or possessive and also very possessive if they catch you cheating, so be mindful of this trait

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