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Pancake make up is the kind professionals use. It is a complete coverage type of foundation used to cover and hide skin discolorations, blemishes scars, even tattoos, scars and facial hair. It is used to give skin the extra glamor for the bright lighting used for film, theater, television and photography set ups. The mastermind behind this was Max Factor cosmetics in the early 1990s in attempt to replace grease paint. For applying the make up it is first essential to buy a pancake shade most accurate according to your skin. If you are buying for regular wear to hide mild to moderate discoloration you will only need one shade of pancake make up. The shade should be as close to your skin color as well as possible. For a more professional social setting such as the television or theater where bright lights are high and that extra effort is needed or if you have severe discoloration, tattoos then it is recommended to also buy a s one shade lighter than your skin tone to achieve accurate results.


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    Pancake makeup is water-activated
    This indicates that it must be dampened before use. A light squirt of water on the cake will help prepare the makeup.
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    The cosmetic sponges should also be dampened by dipping in water and squeezing out the excess water to keep is subtly wet
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    The skin should be well hydrated and thus the face should be washed prior to applying pancake and lightly dried with Kleenex or tissues
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    The pancake makeup needs to be applied I layers
    To cover a severe discoloration or a tattoo begin with the lighter shade of foundation and then build it up to coverage.
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    The pancake needs to be applied in upward stokes fast and swift.
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    Use another clean, damp, cosmetic wedge and apply the skin-tone matching makeup
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    It is good to begin in the center of the forehead, then the cheeks and the lower chin area
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    It is good to blend the hair and jaw lines together as if these are not blended well then the effect of these two areas will tamper the effect
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    Pancake makeup needs to be applied in layers
    It is the right way to apply several thin light layers of pancake instead of applying a dab of thick pancake on to the skin.
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    The skin is needed to be left to dry for a little while and once it is dry it will give a flawless matte finish
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    Apply loose powder once its set and dry as this will hold it in place against perspiration and humidity.
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Where can I buy pancake makeup?

Pancake makeups are sold at your local makeup stores, drugstores and online shops like Amazon, eBay, and on the official websites of the pancake makeup manufacturers.

If you cannot find them at your local shops, just go online, and you can be sure to find one at Dermablend or Max Factor.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Always test foundation makeup especially on the face itself.
  • The arm and hand will not provide accurate results.
  • Also apply a light moisturizer and allow streak and line free coverage.

Questions and Answers

What kind of pancake makeup should be used for dry skin?

Pancake makeup can be a bit heavy on dry and sensitive skin. The correct type of this product must be picked for dry skin to avoid further damage. Before making a purchase, make sure that you read the product's label and check whether it has some of these ingredients that work well with dry skin.

  • Shea Butter – It helps relieves dry skin and maintains the skin's natural moisture. It also helps bring back the skin's elasticity and has natural sun protection properties. When you use a pancake make up with this ingredient, you can lessen the need for use of a separate sun block cream.
  • Glycerin – This is one of the most popular skin hydrating ingredients. It has the ability to trap moisture in the environment and lock it in your skin when it's applied. Most cosmetic products have this ingredient.
  • Urea – Just like glycerin, urea is an active ingredient that heals dry and flaky skin. It also absorbs water and locks it in the skin to keep it moisturized. This product can be found in pancake make ups and other cosmetics too.
  • Grape Seed Oil – Makeups with grape seed oil in them will not leave your skin with an oily finish because it is easily absorbed by the skin. It will make your skin hydrated and can also heal flaky or damaged skin due to sensitivity.
  • Dimethicone – This active ingredient is commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products because of its hydrating properties for the skin. It can also be used for healing the itching and flaking of the skin due to dryness.

How pancake is used to hide blemishes?

Pancake is thick, heavy makeup that is mainly used in TV, film, and entertainment industry. At present, pancake is an out-of-date makeup. There are still some people, particularly the stars and models, who use this kind of makeup because of its amazing coverage. It can conceal freckles, facial hair, pimples, acne scars or other blemishes, and even tattoos. The lights used in movies and films can lighten the blemishes, making these become obvious. This is not good for stars and models to be on TV with obvious blemishes. In order to avoid this situation, professional makeup artists use pancake makeups for these stars and models. This is why they look flawless and beautiful on TV. In person, you will notice that their appearances are not the same as you see them on TV. You will see there are blemishes on their skin because they are not using pancake makeup.

If you wear this makeup during the day, it does not look good. The thick, powdery substance looks obvious during the day, so never wear it in the daylight.

When using pancake makeup, use a wet sponge and apply it to your face and neck to get a flawless and even skin tone when on TV. Never use pancake makeup for daily use, as the powdery substance looks obvious on skin. Instead, use an ordinary foundation to look natural.

Can I use pancake face powder to hide scars instantly?

Yes, but it will need to be toned to your skin color for the pancake mix is rather light in color. Also it can be used to hide pimples and other marks according to your skin color.

How does pancake makeup work when used to hide blemishes?

You will simply need to apply a certain amount to your blemishes so that you can in fact hide them on your face but ensure that you use the proper amount as to not make it totally necessary that you are trying to hide your blemishes.

Can i use pancake and foundation together?

No, it is one or the other for using both may not result in a proper looking foundation with both different textures mixing on your face causing it to look noticeable.

Which pan cake do tv models and film stars use?

It has been stated that some use Aunt Jemimas but this is because of its popularity and has nothing to do with the mix itself, stars tend to use brand named products so it will be fine if you were to use another type of pancake mix on your face.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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