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All year long we wait for Christmas so we can forget all the stress, and just get in the spirit, and feel the joy, while getting dressed up and showing off our Christmas fashion sense. We all know it is a really spiritual holiday, but the little things makes it even better, like exchanging gifts that show love and appreciation, and also wearing our Christmas clothes. And let's not forget how dressing up for an occasion makes us get deeper in the mood. And having the right shoes for the occasion is always important, so we are here to help. If you follow the directions below, you can have Christmas shoes, so you can celebrate Christmas from head to toe. No matter how old you are, you can make your own Christmas shoes that are inspired by the beauty of Christmas lights; they will be a fashion statement. You will have two different ideas explained in the steps below, and they are so easy to do that you can have your kids help you as well.


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    The Christmas Lights Sneakers
    This is a funky casual pair of sneakers, embellished with colorful dots that were inspired by Christmas lights. You'll find that this pair is really cool, and that you can wear it anytime of the year and enjoy its different style. To make this pair, here are the items you will need:  
    1. Permanent markers in different colors of the same tone, so they will harmonize like the colors of Christmas lights.
    2. Canvas sneakers in white, as white will be better as a background for the colors, so they will stand out.
      Christmas light sneakers.jpg
      For making your Christmas lights sneakers:  
      1. Pick the collection of colors you want to use (try to limit the number of colors you are using to five to seven colors, because you don't want to end up with a festival of colors that makes no sense), and don't forget to add Christmas colors like red, green, blue, and gold (or a dark warm shade of yellow to replace the gold). After you pick the colors you want to use, it is better that you try them out on a white piece of paper first, so you can see if you like how they blend and harmonize together. Also, note that the color of the marker's caps is not always exactly the actual color of the ink.
      2. You should now pick the color you want to start with. It may be better to pick the lightest color and leave the darkest color till the end, so you don't overuse it; the darkest color will stand out more, and you don't want to end up with one dominant color that you can't cover up with another color.
      3. After you pick the color you want to start with, you will start making little dots, or you can draw little circles that you fill in with the color. Just draw them in a random pattern, while leaving enough space to fit other colors between each dot. You also want to have approximately an equal number of dots of each color, so that all the colors stand out.
      4. For the fading effect that is surrounding the little dots, it comes from the color bleeding on its own, but if it fails to bleed while you are drawing (the circles or dots), then you will need to hold the marker's tip down in the middle of the circle you drew, until you see the ink starting to bleed.
      5. You will keep doing this until you finish all the colors and fill 90 percent (because you want the white canvas to show as a background) of the space.
      6. Now, put the lace back on your sneakers, or you can go for the slip on sneakers style by sewing in some elastic.
      7. Now, enjoy your Christmas lights sneakers.
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    The Christmas Lights Flats
    A Christmas twist to your normal flats - taking pointy flats, and turning them into a Christmas tree decorated with lights. The items required:  
    1. The pair of shoes you will work on (preferably green for the whole Christmas tree effect).
    2. Black permanent marker (or grey, or any dark color you would prefer).
    3. Bindis (in different colors that look like Christmas lights)
    4. (Optional Items) Permanent glue and a couple of little gold star beads.
      Xmas flats.jpg
      Now that you got your things ready, you will do the following:  
      1. You will use the black marker to start drawing the light's wire. To do so, you will start (from the top tip of your shoes) drawing horizontal zigzag lines in the size you want (whether wide and short, or tall and narrow), just draw what you like. Don't forget to start drawing each line from one side to the other.
      2. After you have finished drawing the wires of the lights, you will start sticking the little rounded bindis to the bottom tip of each V in the zigzag line you drew, in random order of colors.
      3. (Optional step) You can add a little drop of glue to the bindis before sticking them, in case you feel like the adhesive of the bindis is not strong enough to make it stick well to the shoes. So you will add a little drop of glue to the bindis before sticking them to the shoes, and then firmly press it down as you place it on the line's bottom tip.
      4. (Optional step) Get the gold stars, and add a drop of glue to the part of the star that you will attach to the tip of your shoes (it is OK if the star is sticking out a little bit of the shoes, just make sure you glue it well), then press it down firmly to place it on top of your tree style shoes. After gluing down all the bindis and stars, you must let them dry before wearing them.
      5. Done! Now your Christmas tree is lit.
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  • You can replace bindis with little rounded rhinestones or jeweled bindis in different colors to add some sparkle, which will make them look like actual Christmas lights.
  • While using permanent markers, be careful not to stain your shoes, and close the cap when you are not using the markers, so you won't stain your clothes or workspace.
  • If you do stain something with the permanent marker and you need to get the stain out, you can use a bleach pen on white material. For colored materials, you can use a cotton ball with acetone or rubbing alcohol, and pat it on the stained area until you get rid of it.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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