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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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Your in a group of friends and he's the only male and started to get confused. Good friends?

So at first we weren't really that close. Before my friends used to tease him with my other friend in the group, my friend who is a girl rides the teasing and puts her arm in his shoulder and jokes but she isn't into him.... I just noticed that he only smiles but doesn't really say things... He also sometimes jokes about having a relationship with our teacher but only to joke around because maybe we were all single at that time.. . A few months ago me and my friends sit together in class ( by the way I was sitting near him only a chair away, I don't know why he didn't sit beside me ( so me and my other friends are tight seatmates and he's a chair away so it's awkward to me or maybe it's just normal don't know but it's all beside each other)) I arrived a bit late so I was the one who sat last but my seat was occupied by my other friends' things and food.. . When I asked her to move it she said to sit in the next empty sit for a while because she's eating. So I sat on that empty chair and chat to him for awhile then we were laughing and they started teasing us both and they decided to pursue it for us to somehow develop with each other ( like being a bridge). My friends started teasing us he rides but doesn't say much but at chats in our group when we were being teased he replies yeah really, we'll get married tom, you won't be invited in our wedding, your just jealous, etc. . . I didn't replied to the chats only seen or read it. I ones chatted him and ends in thanks but he still messages so I need to respond then he chats again but he doesn't really asks questions just adding what to say to my or his previous chats then I saw that he adds on his social media a picture quote with highlight about if he were to go somewhere he will go but will be back to take me with him then a heart in the bottom.. . I'm confused if he were telling it to someone or just a coincidence. We never went out alone ( except for when we saw each other and needed to wait for the others) always with our group and always go because we all decide to eat together our friends make us sit together but maybe to tease us again. Or go out for academic purpose only. He had a crush before maybe 2 years ago and when I asked about it he said he doesn't want to talk about it ( not good past). So I don't know if I'm just imagining it or what. I can't say if his personality or behavior changes when talking to me. He's a gentleman. Because he lives far he always go home early so me and my other friends always have a girl talk... I didn't found a similar situation... I need answers. I am confuse if should I pursue it or stop

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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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