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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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Yes, my pointer on my chrombook started moving by itself last week?

I have a chrombook to and my Android has all kinds of certificates on it and my phone makes noises when I am on it and people always know where I am what I am doing and my husband is using my email address for receipts that I never told him he could when I need codes sent to my email address the emails never come through my Facebook account that I had on a different phone had that I live in earth LA and that I graduated from earth high school and that I was born in laffeyette LA. I live in Texas fort worth and I graduated from southwest high school. My dads shares for sonic corp. Were stolen and it was my inheritance he had 4000 shares at 48.63 a share in January he died in 2016 and I know who stole them but I don't know how to get her arrested she lives in earth LA and my mom who lives here said the she called her and said the. FBI called her number asking for me. Why would they even think that is my number. It is my x step mom of over 30 years ago. She stole all my jewelry when I was 18 when I lived with my dad for a while I am so upset she illegally usi g my email address my name my social security number. My dad was a preacher and we talked every day and he left me a little bit of mineral resources in OK but this woman is a career criminal and now the fbi probably thinks I am doing illegal shut for her to know my passwords my email address my everything she also took out6 credit cards in my name when I was 18 and a loan for 3000.00 for a lawn mower and now 30 years later she is stealing my inherited shares of stock my name via email from hacking all my phones my chrombook I need documents to provide it is her because I called the chief of police in earth and she said that she knew her and that her parents were suing her for stealing thousands of dollars from the sonic my dad owned at onetime and he just gave it to her parents but anyway they dropped the lawsuit she stole my inheritance and paid them off and that is a bribe. I need help bad I can't have a bank account and I never do anything online as far as banking since 2013 when $21.000.00 was stolen from my wells Fargo accounts that I was saving for my sons college but they didn't believe me. I had those accounts for over 6 years and over $38.000.00 was gone in 6 months. From march 2013 to Nov2013 . I have lost everything because of this woman and I need help please.

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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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