Write an Apology Letter to Your Wife

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So you've made an error, whether small or large, and you need to apologize to your wife. It is important that your relationship with your wife is kept on track, and there are times when apologizing effectively is the best way to make a problem right again. If you are struggling with how to write your own apology letter in the best way, we want to give you a few tips to get you started. Specifically, in this article, we will discuss some of the obstacles you may need to overcome when apologizing, as well as how to write an effective letter to arguably the most important person in your life.

Obstacles to Apologizing

Even if you've done something wrong, chances are that you will find apologizing could be difficult. There are a few things that may be preventing you from apologizing. It doesn't mean that you are a terrible person. It's just that in order to deliver an effective apology, there are some obstacles you may need to overcome. If you can overcome them, you are on your way to a great apology letter, and a much stronger relationship with your wife.

  1. 1
    You are proud
    Many men are proud, which is not necessarily a bad trait. Being proud, however, may mean that you face increased difficulty in admitting that you are at fault. Remember that being able to admit that you have made a mistake isn't a sign of weakness, especially if it's your wife you need to admit a mistake to. She knows you're not perfect, and she still loves you. Respect that, and own up to your mistake.
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    You are embarrassed
    You may feel embarrassed to admit your mistake. It is important to note, however, that embarrassment is a completely natural reaction. Many people, both men and women, often feel a sense of embarrassment when they realize they've made a mistake.
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    You are upset or angry
    Maybe you have already realized that you made a mistake, but you're angry at your wife because she also made a mistake. Can you put your own anger aside and be the person to apologize first? Offering up an apology can also open the conversation up to resolve any larger issues that you two face on a regular basis. It is important not to use this technique as a method of keeping score, but simply as one of many possible techniques that aim to resolve the issue at hand.
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Why an Apology Letter to your Wife Works

If you have determined that you can overcome these obstacles - congratulations! You are on your way to delivering a wonderful apology that will hopefully bring you closer to your wife. The best way to deliver an apology is a face-to-face discussion. Talking through it at first, however, does involve some risks. You may be afraid to leave out important details, or afraid that you will say something wrong or in a tone that creates a whole new argument. In such cases, an apology letter may be appropriate for completely and honestly conveying your feelings. After you've decided on a letter, you're ready to begin writing.

Writing an Apology Letter to your Wife

It's important to note that in contrast to writing an apology letter to your boss or company, you can skip the formalities in your letter to your wife. In this kind of apology letter, you want to be completely honest. It's important that you convey love, tenderness, care and feelings. Below are some tips to get you started.

  1. 1
    Be sincere
    Don't apologize because you feel like you should. An effective apology is given because the person who has done wrong truly understands what they've done and conveys that message. If your words lack feeling, your wife will know.
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    Own your mistake and express regret for your behavior or actions
    Tell your wife you were wrong, that you know you hurt her and that you are sorry. There is no other option if you want to diffuse the situation and avoid a further argument. You need to acknowledge that your actions caused her to be upset and state that you are sorry.
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    State that you will do your best to not repeat your mistake and ask for forgiveness
    For your wife, it's important to her to know that you will make your best effort to avoid repeating the behavior that caused her to be upset. Let her know this, and also ask for her forgiveness. Honestly asking someone to forgive you requires acceptance of the mistake, ownership of the hurt you caused, and enough humility to accept that they might not be willing to forgive you. Don't expect that just asking for forgiveness with have her forgive you. It may take time, especially if you did something really bad.
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    Offer to make things right
    A wrongful act can be followed by an act of compensation. If you have something in mind, note this. If not, you may ask how you can make it up to your wife. Whichever path you choose, make sure you actually complete the action. Don't promise a romantic dinner and then order a pizza. While she might smile and pretend it's OK, your actions are actually showing her that you really don't care about her. Keep up with that behavior, and the next thing you know, you'll be reading our article on how to tell if your wife hates you.
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  • Additional Tips

    • Follow the advice contained in the tips above in order to quickly and carefully craft the perfect apology for your wife.
    • Remember that apologizing is tough sometimes, but it may be absolutely necessary for cases in which you need to make amends and move forward.
    • Have any of these tips worked for you? Let us know!

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