Write an Apology Letter to Your Husband

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At some point in your marriage, you will have to apologize to your husband for something you said or did. Apologizing is a universal experience that helps heal wounds and bring us closer to the people we love. If you are having trouble getting started with an apology letter to your husband, this article will help you. We have created a list of tips to assist you in writing an honest and sincere apology letter to the most important man in your life. Part of what we will discuss includes some issues women might face when trying to apologize. Of course, we'll also be focusing on how you can create the perfect apology letter for your husband.

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Obstacles Women Face When Apologizing

Most women need to focus a little differently than men when they are thinking of apologizing. Even if you recognize your error and know how much it hurt him, apologizing can still be challenging. The following scenarios may be preventing you from delivering an effective apology. Move past these issues, and you will be on your way to a much more fulfilling relationship with your husband.

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    You say "I'm sorry" too often
    Too many women suffer from saying "I'm sorry" too often, both at work and in personal relationships. Oftentimes, these apologies aren't given as a means of expressing true sorrow, but are instead given to soften the impact of a strong statement. In other words, many women have developed a habit of apologizing for things that they should not be sorry for. A true, heartfelt apology must be coupled with the intent and action taken to correct the wrong behavior. Without solid actions, your words lose weight and your apology seems hollow.
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    You are upset or angry about something your husband did
    You may have messed up and already realized it, but your husband also messed up. Engaging in a blame game and pointing fingers will not help resolve your problem. Be the bigger person and apologize first. You may even be able to begin a larger discussion about your own feelings. In fact, you will probably need to have this larger discussion if you find that you and your spouse often become angry or upset with each other. Whatever you do, remember to stay focused on resolving the problem at hand. This is not the time or the place to bring up something your husband did in the past. Rather, it's time for you to be the bigger woman and apologize.
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Getting Ready to Apologize to Your Husband

If the above scenarios do not describe you at all, you're ready to begin writing. However, if you see yourself in either of the above scenarios, take a few moments to explore them and how they might be undermining your efforts at apologizing. With the goal of bringing you closer to your husband in mind, we do recommend a face-to-face discussion. Of course, a face-to-face apology may not always be possible or optimal. You obviously want to make sure the issue is thoroughly and calmly addressed. Keeping a level head without making accusations will be critical as you engage your husband. If you are unable to do this, an apology letter may be just what you need. When you decide on an apology letter, make sure you do not delay its delivery. You want to be careful to address current issues and not to be misunderstood, as if you are bringing up past wrongs that should have been settled long ago. With timing in mind, start writing.

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Writing an Apology Letter to Your Husband

Unlike some other apology letters, the apology letter you write to your husband does not need to appear like a formal business communication. This type of communication should be personal and very honest. View the list of tips below for some suggestions on how to structure your apology letter to your husband.

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    Be sincere with your words and avoid excuses
    An effective apology conveys understanding of the anger and hurt the offended person feels, the damage done, as well as regret and a desire to make changes. If you attempt to make excuses for your behavior, rather than apologizing and taking ownership of the hurt it caused, you are likely to irritate your husband. Focus on giving a good apology for your behavior as opposed to potentially compounding your problem.
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    Acknowledge that you made a mistake and that you regret it
    Make sure your husband knows that you realize your error. Additionally, you want to make it clear that you know the affects your errors have had on him, and that you feel regret for your behavior or actions. You are truly sorry. If you try to make any excuse, point fingers, or lay blame elsewhere, as mentioned above, you risk making him defensive or even angrier.
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    State that you will do whatever it takes to change your behavior
    Your husband needs to know that you will do whatever it takes to change your behavior. If you mention this, and you should, it's important to act and make an honest effort to make any changes required. Just keep in mind that you're both adults, so your apology and efforts should be honest and sincere, just as his accepting them should be honest and sincere. No one is agreeing to servitude or medieval punishments. You are, however, agreeing to right a wrong. Expect it to take some work -- the same work you'd expect from him if it was him writing you an apology letter.
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  • Final Thoughts

    If you need to apologize to your husband, this article contains all the tips you need to get started. We understand that apologizing can be difficult in some cases -- especially those cases in which you may not believe you were wrong. The most important thing to remember is to keep your apology honest and sincere, short, and clear. Then follow it with a demonstrated willingness to correct the behavior that caused so much hurt feelings.

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    Questions and Answers

    How do I start the letter so it's personal and not from a textbook or professional sounding?

    I have so many things I'm sorry for but don't want to ramble on. We have been separated for a little over a year. I've tried numerous times to make a date with him for coffee so we can talk, and things have never happened the way they should. I want to tell him in person but that seems almost impossible so I need to tell him in a letter. I'm not sure how to keep it short. AND I don't know if I should start the letter with my husband's name or some other way like "My dear husband" etc. I'd like to get to a point so we can talk about us and make me a priority in his life again. I'd really like to reconcile with him. I was so angry and hurt that I said so many things I didn't mean. I wanted him to tell me we could work anything out but he didn't. I was so hurt I told him we should divorce. I said a lot of wrong things I shouldn't have said. It really took its toll.

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